Window Washers Reveal The Most Bizarre Thing They've Seen


Oh the things one can't unsee!

Window Washing? Who knew it could be such a soap opera? You know window washers make a TON of money?! And clearly they never have a dull moment on the clock.

Redditor u/tomyboy-973211 reached out to all the window washers of the world to discuss.... What's the stupidest thing you've heard a person say aloud in public?

Naked Always....


Can answer this as hotel guest. Me naked rubbing a towel between the legs. Both of us were very shocked but just acted like we were looking at blank sides. Billiamohoughie

Get it Together! 

Last season I had one old lady in her underwear franticly running around her house trying to cover her self with her hands. She just kept dashing about even though it would have been simple to leave the room and get a robe or something. I just averted my gaze and skipped her apartment and went back after she got her crap together. DangerousKitchen

I'm Confused... 

Pornography on a laptop sitting in a coffee table, the whole floor covered in newspaper and nobody about. It was a fancy apartment building by the beach. A bizarre sight, i wanted to stay longer to see how it all unfolded. nowaynotever

Pick my nose... 

It wasn't necessarily MY job, but at a volunteer pet shelter SOMEONE had to, so I go to wash windows, looking out to the street of Chicago, I see a kid and his mom walking by. The kid picks his nose and just puts whatever be found in his mom's long hair. PuriDizzle

Foreplay is trouble.... 


As a hotel guest, had one catch me getting slapped by my boyfriend. (it was foreplay) StraightAsABanana

3 AM?

I'm 18 and wash windows around my neighborhood occasionally. One day I saw a cute girl from my school going at it with her boyfriend from outside. I was shook at first and then she saw my face and freaked the hell out. Said some crap like "what are you doing here?" and "it's 3:00 AM" franjace

Come on Rob! 

When i was about 9 or 10, my mom dated a maintenance guy for awhile, Jack. He and another guy took care of the whole building, which was not that big. Mom was not working in a place suitable for kids so she asked him to take me to work with him for some career day bs.

Anyway, he wasn't really supposed to take me up there to clean the windows but, but his work buddy didn't care so he did anyway. Jack had warned me before hand that his boss had owned the whole building and was "a freak a** nut job, but the fun kind." He told me that if i see something weird to look away.

Sure enough we get to the 3rd floor window of a huge office, and i see a dude right by the window but with his side to us so he doesn't notice us, he's in a suit with headphones on, incoherently singing "we are champions," as he's peeing into his trashcan. There's a woman on the couch adjusting her boobs in the mirrored wall art, before turning on the tv. Jack shouts "what the f**k Rob?! I just f**kin' cleaned that!!"

Based on Jacks reaction i could only imagine his was not the weirdest thing he saw there. He apologized that i saw that guys penis, and asked me not to tell my mom or teacher about that. But i was pretty stuck on those boobs. Harvester-of-soups

Shuffle Along.... 

Washing the shop windows on the street at work tends to bring out a good handful of men giving it the very original 'You can come round and do mine next hur hur hur'

I've started agreeing and asking for their addresses, so far so good, they all look flustered and shuffle away. thecatwhisker

It's HIS story.... 

Not my story:

I guy I knew who used to wash windows saw a fully grown man lay on a bed trying to get a pair on knickers on, he was waring a bra and basically dressing as a woman for some reason. milkypotato513



One time I was looking window I seen 18 naked cowboys. GLITCHEDMATRIX


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