It's a rich man's world.

Hell, it's going to take millions just to grab gas.

So at this point... what wouldn't we give away everything for it?

Free money is one of the most potent allures in life.

RedditorElixir_Jxwanted to hear about all the things we'd be willing to deal and dish out for a massive payday. They asked:

"What are you willing to give up in exchange for 10 million dollars?"

There is precious little I won't trade for a hot buck. You?

Organ Donation...

Doctor Nurse GIF by nerdbugsGiphy

"Only 10 mil? Eh I'm pretty poor, take my kidneys."


New Plan

"My job."


"THIS IS MY NEW LOTTERY PLAN! But first, I’m quitting my current job in style. I would never give them the satisfaction of an upper hand by firing me."


"I'm make base of 70k a year, multiple that my 30 years and you get 2.1 million. Can I live off almost 5 times my lifetime salary? Yes."


Stay Dressed

"Quite literally everything I currently own, save for the clothes on my back. Actually, scratch that. I'd walk to the bank in the nude for 10 million."


"Exposing yourself on the way to the bank will surely have the cops asking you questions and now you have to explain a 10million dollar check? Or was it wired to you? Still gonna throw red flags, irs will want to talk so really we are talking 5 million at that point. If you aren't in jail."


From the hands

"A finger."


"You don’t get to specify which finger"


"I can get you a finger in two hours."


For Real

Make It Rain Money GIF by SpongeBob SquarePantsGiphy

"My dignity."


"I think that's the real answer."


All good responses. I'm onboard.


Bugs Bunny Money GIF by Looney TunesGiphy

"10 years of my life. With that kind of money it will be exponentially better."


"I'd give up 10 last years of my life. I wouldn't give up the next 10 years and wake up 10 years older with 10 million."


Big Coin

"9 million dollars."


"That was my first thought."


"9 million pennies?"


I'm Out!

"Take my whole identity. I'll move to Europe and change my name to baron von Maximilian."



Rob Mama Said GIF by OriginalsGiphy

"The real question is what am I not willing to give up: my health, my youth, my creativity. Anything else? Fair game."


New Question

"The much harder to answer question is what wouldn't I give up for 10 million dollars. As long as I'm alive and relatively unhandicapped by the experience, I think just about anything."


The Legacy

"Not having my own children. There's enough out there that need proper homing."


"I’d give up my uterus for sure. Who needs it. Not me when I can have 10 million $ instead."


The Stompers

"All of my neighbors. It’s fine, just take em. I’ll manage somehow without the stomping and so forth. I’ll move after anyway, so I’ll barely notice they’re gone."


10,000,000 dollars is a lot of funds. Give away everything!!

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