The Absolute Wildest Things People Have Heard A Teacher Say In Class

Teacher standing in front of a classroom
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It's a teacher's job to leave a lasting impression and set a good example for their students.

With this in mind, particularly in this age of viral videos and social media, teachers have to be very careful of what they say during class hours.

Even so, there are very few teachers who haven't said something they've regretted when teaching a class.

Sometimes to control unruly students, other times when they've simply had enough.

Then too, sometimes teachers leave their students baffled and perplexed by what they say in their classroom, well aware of what they were saying.

Always making for a memorable story.

Redditor Sudden-Somewhere-368 was eager to hear the wildest things people ever heard their teacher say in their classrooms, leading them to ask:
"What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever heard teacher say in class?"

And Anyone With Such Closed Minded Views Shouldn't Be Teaching...

"Had the Head of the Department in college claim in class that anyone who actually needs accommodations for mental health issues should not be in college to begin with."

"This was while we were discussing 'Death of a Salesman' and the discussion had veered over to unhealthy pressure and social standards for success."- RavensQueen502

Wait what?!

"My very well-respected Biology teacher in college spent almost an entire lecture telling us that Jamie Lee Curtis was a hermaphrodite."

"It seemed oddly personal to him."- Urbane_Cowboy

Sad On So Many Levels

"Not heard but my freshmen year high school teacher once pulled a bottle of Jack out of his desk and took a shot during class."

"He was dying so towards the end I think he just stopped caring."- Mangothefello

Can't Take The Heat, Then Stay Out Of The Classroom...

"High school science teacher told my class that a kilometre was longer than a mile."

"Refused to budge when refuted and kicked out several students for doing so."- SupersonicDebris13

"5th grade teacher: 'Mount Whitney in California is the tallest mountain in the world'."

"5th grade me blurts out: 'No it isn't, Mount Everest is."

"Whitney is not even the tallest mountain in the USA, which is Mount McKinley in Alaska'."

"I got in trouble for 'contradicting the teacher'."- gtmattz

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It's Not Just Students Who Are Bullies...

"I had a teacher ridicule a fat kid about his lunch choices in front of the whole class."

"He ran out crying as she was making fat guy blimp gestures and telling him he was going to be huge as an adult."- SnooOwls5859

Some Dramatic License It Seems...

"I had a literature teacher who told the class that he didn't believe in dinosaurs, because the universe is only a couple thousand years old."

"The bones were put there by Satan."

"Thank f*ck he wasn't a science or history teacher."- AllBadAnswers

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Everyone Deserves Nice Acomodations...

"My English teacher told us that he genuinely believes that the Rothchilds own a hotel for aliens in the Bermuda triangle."- TroyLear77

Well, Then...

"We had this kid in our 6th-grade class."

"Very dark skinned kid from Africa."

"His name was Tajak."

"Every now and then when we'd line up to go to another class or lunch and the lights would go out some of his friends would go 'where Tajak at?'"

"Anyway one day we had a sub and we we're lining up for lunch, the lights went out and there went the 'where Tajak at?' and the SUBSTITUTE TEACHER who was also black went 'Boy you darker than night'."

"6th grade was f*cking wild."- 11221mikew

Sad Premonitions

"Psych teacher in high school told us that 1 in 10 of the people were friends with in high school would be dead within 5 years of graduating."

"At the time I thought it was hyperbole, but it turns out he was being conservative."

"3 of the people in my high school friend group were dead by the time I was 22."- Reddit

Do They Really Need A Reason?

"'Now girls, don't you let them boys touch your breasts'."

"'It'll give you cancer'."- jondru

Maybe Should Have Checked With The Geography Teacher?

"A teacher in Elementary school claimed during history class that the Colosseum was in Greece, as an Italian kid I was very confused, this was in Mexico."- Spascucci

So Much For Instilling Hope...

"Didn't hear this personally, but read in a book about a guy who recalled his teacher skipping chapters in a textbook and saying 'You will not need to know this when you are down in the mines'."- futanari_kaisa

The mark of a good teacher is that students will take everything they hear from them with them for the rest of their lives.

Though, the less-than-wonderful teachers may also say things their students will never forget.

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