People Describe The Wildest Things They Found From Previous Tenants When Moving Into A New Place


Ah, the thrill of moving into a new place.

So much opportunity! You can redecorate, you can repaint, and you can arrange your life (and your furniture) however you wish.

Oh, and you can stumble upon things the previous tenants left behind, as we were so kindly reminded after Redditor bunnooo asked the online community, "People that have moved into a house/apartment, what's the most interesting thing you've found from the previous occupants?"

"They left a good amount..."

My uncle bought a house from people whose mother had passed away. They left a good amount of stuff in the house, mostly worthless. Christmas decorations, cutlery, etc. In the back of one closet we found a trash bag full of lottery scratch offs. We started going through them and they were all winners. Turned out to be about 12k in winning tickets. We took a few to the convenience store to check them and they were all past the cash by date amd the state lottery would no longer pay them out.


"When I was eight..."

When i was eight, we rented a victorian house for a while and found a love letter from 1912 in the banister of the stairs.


"My cat hid there a lot..."

Found out that there's a spot where you can get under the cabinets in the kitchen. My cat hid there a lot the first couple of days, and after that I noticed a mysterious increase in dusty cat toys. Eventually he dragged all of the previous tenants' cats' toys out from under there.


"After closing..."


Dishes still in the dishwasher. After closing we were at the house celebrating and they showed up asking for them.


"I live near a college..."

Mini vials of very tiny fish in the backyard. I live near a college, so I'm hoping it was some biology project leftovers, and not anything crazier. It was weird though, they were completely intact even though being in some sort of liquid, half buried in the dirt for an obviously long time.


"As soon as I saw it..."

My husband and I found a Crown Royal bag in the rafters of the basement that previous tenants had left behind. As soon as I saw it I yelled "Open it! Open it! It's money or drugs!" It was not money or drugs. It was a purple sex toy and some lube.


"While we were cleaning..."

Way back on January 1, 1976, my family moved into an apartment. I was 10 years old at the time. We had just come to Canada in June.

While we were cleaning my room before painting it, we took off the radiator cover to clean the inside. Under the radiator cover was a complete, hand-made game of Monopoly. I didn't really know English at the time and didn't know what Monopoly was. Later I found out that the two boys living in that room had been a couple of years older than me. Their parents had been very strict old-world traditional and had refused to let them buy a Monopoly game, so they had handcrafted their own and kept it hidden in the radiator.


"A 1950s..."

A 1950/60s nuclear bomb survival kit. Complete with rice in a can and a pamphlet that instructed mothers not to let their radiated children inside if the were playing outside when the bomb went off. So amazing.


"My wife and I..."

My wife and I bought a house almost a year ago and we did multiple inspections and walk throughs with the realtor and home inspectors and nobody noticed the big bong in the garage until the day we were moving stuff in. I still have it in there, I spray painted it and have a fake flower in it lol.


"I renovated the basement..."

I renovated the basement and tore down the drop ceiling. An envelope fell out in the process. I was hoping for money but I got something better. In the envelope was a bunch of evidence collected by the ex husband that she was cheating on him. Credit card receipts, hotel receipts, lewd emails, and peen pics. It was gross but awesome at the same time.


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