The Wildest Things People Who Cater To The Super Rich Have Ever Seen

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Who doesn't dream of becoming super wealthy?

Being taken everywhere in a stretch limousine, having a personal chef cook you 5 star dinners every night, owning homes on every continent, and shelling out thousands of dollars as if it were pocket change.

Surprising as it may seem, there are some people who have so much money to burn, that buying out Disney World for a birthday party or taking a flight on a whim might actually be a reality.

Just ask the people who work for them.

Redditor NeighborhoodTrolley couldn't wait to hear first-hand stories from people who, at one point or another, worked for the one percent, leading them to ask:
"People who cater to the super rich; What things have you seen?"

Not Everyone Shows Off Their Wealth

"My grandfather died with a 20 million dollar portfolio."

"He lived in a 1 bedroom condo that was build in the 50s, drove a rusted out honda, and his entire wardrobe came from Walmart and was 10 years old."

"At his will reading, a bunch of distant relatives showed up hoping to get a piece."

"In his will, he made fun of all of them, then spent 10 pages detailing how and where he wanted all of his money donated to specific charities and foundations."

"Some of it was even really surprising, as nobody besides him was aware that he casually owned 160 acres of land in Vermont that was just forest."

"The land was donated to a land trust, and turned into hiking trails."- ndisa44

One Room Isn't Enough

"I briefly worked with one of the top Saudi Arabian crown princes in the 80’s."

"He would buy out the top three floors of the best hotels, Four Seasons etc."

"Two floors were for maids/help/security, top floor was for the Royal family."

"Once it was only the prince and his three wives."

"Crazy sh*t."- Elysian-Visions

A Garage Won't Suffice...

"I used to work for a billionaire Russian family as a tutor for their daughter."

"One day we’re in her room studying and suddenly she yells 'daddy’s home!' and runs to the window."

"She’d heard a helicopter and knew is was about to land on the lawn."- DiscombobulatedBabu

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Free For All!

"My dad used to work for a private air field."

"They had a ton of people fly in but most of the more richer clients always flew in at night."

"I remember one time in high school, I had to do a 'job shadow' thing and went to work with my dad."

"They had the owner of a California air port fly in for the weekend."

"My job was to stand outside with an umbrella."

"So I stood outside with the umbrella."

"His wife tipped me 20 dollars and said 'the sandwich trays are real silver, have at it kid'."

"After they got in their car, I asked my dad what she meant."

"Apparently, when some richer folks fly, they let the people who detail their planes have the platters and other serving items."

"I always wondered how we got so many weird serving trays."

"Another time when I visited him at work I got to hold an albino kangaroo."

"Most adorable and softest animal I've ever touched."- eggtasticness

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And Yet They Probably Still Wan't More Room...

"My dad's client bought a whole block of houses to build theirs."

'It is so wide that they installed a moving walkway like the ones at airports."- atot806

Most Curious As To What Was In The Briefcase And Backpack...

"Worked graveyards as a valet at an ultra luxury boutique hotel."

"It's quite shocking how some of these people live and you'd never have a clue by just looking at them on the street."

"One weekday night I was asked at 2am by a guest to bring around his Bentley."

"Regular looking dude came out with a backpack, got in and left."

"Not 30 min later the same dude pulls up in a Ferrari and now has a briefcase instead of backpack."

"Skip ahead an hour and the same guy orders 5 shot glasses to his room."

"I go up and it's 2 guys in robes and 2 naked ladies on the couch."

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"They tip me 50 for the shot glasses and I leave."

"2 hours later, just as the sun was rising, the two guys come out together in suits looking like they were heading to the office."

"The ladies left shortly after." -mcmill27

It's certainly easy to judge and think all these people should put their money to more practical uses or charitable causes.

Before we pass judgment, however, we must stop and think if we were given a check for millions or billions of dollars, would we really not make lavish purchases?

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