People Explain Why They Put Down Carpeting In Their Bathrooms


There are few things as horrifying to me, after taking the time to create a home that feels warm, inviting, and––most of us all––like it's ours, than seeing a carpeted bathroom.


Just why?

It's a classic case of people spending so much time thinking about whether they could that they didn't stop to ask themselves if they should. (It also seems unsanitary.)

Thanks to Redditor TheSophie, who asked the online community, "People who have a carpeted bathroom, why?" we finally have an answer. And believe it or not... there are some valid reasons. Food for thought!

"She couldn't handle..."

My grandmother was in her late 90s. She couldn't handle the cold tiles and even small slip mats/rugs were a trip hazard. So for her comfort and safety, we carpeted the bathroom for the last few years of her life.


"We carpeted everywhere..."

We carpeted everywhere, including bathrooms, in our house because my husband has grand mal seizures. Landing on a cold tile floor is not good for the head. BTW, we are super clean and had all carpets shampooed regularly.


"My mother..."

My mother had wall to wall carpet installed in every room of both her homes, including the bathrooms. She thought it was classy and demonstrated her wealth and taste. Probably because she grew up in a farmhouse with wooden floors and outhouses. My brother purchased her first home from her when she sold it. She was horrified when he tore out the carpets to expose the hardwood floors in the living room, kitchen and bedrooms. He was horrified when he tore out the bathroom carpets and saw the disgusting mess the floors were around the toilets.


"When I was a kid..."

When I was a kid my grandmother had a carpeted bathroom. I accidentally jammed the toilet up and it went all over the carpet. She wasn't happy but all my aunts, uncles, and cousins thought I was a hero. Carpet came out that night and I helped my uncle lay tile the next day.


"I lived with a friend..."

I lived with a friend that had one and it was very comfortable on drunken nights when I had to stay close to the toilet.


"I hate..."


I hate my guests and want them to know that.


"My friend's grandmother's house..."

My friend's grandmother's house is COMPLETELY carpeted and I asked why, she simply said that she doesn't like hard floors making her feet cold.


"The room also doesn't have..."

My grandparents added carpet to their bathroom. The room is huge. There is both carpet and linoleum in it dividing the room into two areas. The linoleum is where the sink, toilet, and bath are. The carpet occupies an equally large area where the two closets and vanity are. It's super plush.

Even with this set up and it feeling damn nice underfoot, it squicks me out. A flood from the toilet or bath or sink would still reach it. The spray from the toilet flushing still reaches it. Ick.

The room also doesn't have great ventilation, so they constantly have a box fan running.


"We bought a house..."

We bought a house that had carpet in the bathroom. Almost passed but it was a great deal. Needed some updates, whatever. Anyway, when we got around to ripping the carpet out, we realized why they had put carpet in there. The existing tile floor had huge cracks in it all over.


"When we ripped up the carpet..."

It was that way when I bought the place. They did it, I'm assuming, because there's asbestos tile underneath it that they didn't want to deal with.

Last Sunday our unused, ignored basement toilet overflowed, flooding half of our carpeted basement in sewage. We had to tear everything down and clean it up ourselves, because the asbestos abatement would have more than doubled the cost of cleanup.

When we ripped up the carpet, the whole back and the inside of the walls were just covered in black mold. If you have carpet anywhere in your house near a bathroom, and you didn't put it there, don't trust it. Get rid of that carpet while it's dry.


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