People Share The Real Reason Behind Their Last Breakup

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When love is on the rocks and there's no salvaging a relationship, it's better for a couple to call it splits.

Sometimes the reason for a breakup is obvious.

Other times, it's more complicated.

But the people involved going their separate ways is better than staying in an unhealthy relationship.

Curious to hear from ex-lovers who've been there, Redditor Lishasquarepant asked:

"What caused your last break-up?"

These Redditors found they and their significant other were no longer on the same page.

"Simply, we grew apart."

– catetheway

"Same, I feel like Michael Scott everytime I try to start another relationship. 'No question about it, I am ready to get hurt again.'"

– Gthew

Happier Apart

"Same. We loved each other like siblings, not spouses... Ugh! Lovely man though who now has a fab girlfriend. We are good friends and much happier apart."

– MoxieHasKnottyBits

No Regrets

"Same. And it f'king sucks, but that’s life. It’s been a year and I still hate every second that she’s not in my life, but at the same time I know she’s happier now than she would’ve been if we stayed together."

– throway35885328

Having no communication is the worst part.

Silent Partner

"He slowly got distant. I believe he lost interest and didn't dare be honest with me about that."

– GaiaNatur77

The Late Blame Game

"I had that happen as well, but then he pinned it on me being distant and not affectionate enough."

"My guy, if you pull your hand away every time I try to hold it, I'm gonna stop trying to hold it. And if I ask if something's up and you repeatedly tell me everything is fine, I'm going to believe you. Don't wait till I'm at my worst moment and then reveal you had issues with me for 3 months and break up with me for it being 'my fault.'"

– Billielolly

"Everything Is Fine"

"Oh man, the asking repeatedly and getting a 'nothing' reminds me of a story."

"My friend used to ask her ex this every time he was unusually quiet. He’d always say he was fine, then at one point, told her to stop asking because it was making him feel weird."

"So she did."

"Six months later he initiated a divorce because she didn’t care about his feelings anymore."

"Like…don’t ask for sh*t then get pissy when you get what you want."

– TheRealJackReynolds

And then there are those who were not invested in the relationship for a long time.

The Struggle Is Real

"He seemed to struggle with the concept of not f'king random people."

– spanglesandbambi

Leaving The Problem

"He moved to his country because he missed his family. So he only sent a WhatsApp message saying he was going to stay there. I would have preferred a call at least to break up a marriage."

– kattia12

New Life

"Something similar happened to my cousin. He married her in the US, they had a baby together.. a few years go by, he misses home, goes back to visit.. His family had an arranged marriage ready for him 🤦🏻♀️ He ended up with a new wife and new baby. Hasn’t came back."

– MysticalMom7

A Foreign Custom

"It just seems so surreal that a grown a** adult with a wife and baby would leave his family behind for an arranged marriage. I'll never fathom the mentality."

– ro0ibos2


"I wasn't having sex near as often as she was."

– YourWordsMatter

Breaking up is hard to do.

But a good thing to remember is that love can be found again and the new relationship can be even better than the previous one.

And that's something that can't be recognized until you look back in retrospect.

We all have to kiss a few toads.

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