People Share Their Funniest 'This Is Why I Can't Have Nice Things' Experiences
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Many folks suffer the consequences of someone else ruining things for everybody.

The phrase, "this is why we can't have nice things," has come into parlance because all too often, we can't seem to hold onto the little things that make us content or make our lives easier because of a selfish or inconsiderate scumbag.

Even Taylor Swift said good relationships are hard to come by because inevitably, somebody comes along and "breaks them."

"Did you think I wouldn't hear all the things you said about me?/This is why we can't have nice things."

Oof. We've been there, girl.

Curious to hear about the things we can't seem to keep, Redditor ekk399 asked:
"What is a great example of 'This is why we can't have nice things?'"

Schools are notorious for pranksters. That doesn't make it okay to keep the unwanted reputation going.

Vandalism In Schools

"Students destroying school property as part of a social media trend. Now there are no soap dispensers and I have to time and document my 10th graders bathroom trips."


Tighter Surveillance After A Theft

"On the first day of school, some 9th graders took a computer monitor and left it on a city bus. We got it back, but now we have to watch every single kid like a hawk at all times."


Missing The Target

"lower class-men in high school. We literally can't use the bathroom become the second week of school some freshmen wanted to sh*t and piss all over the bathrooms. My bus driver also quit the second week of school because of disrespectful kids. i'm too broke to have a car."


Exploiting methods of transportation resulted in some very frustrated civilians.

When The TSA Cracked Down

"The nincompoop who tried to shoe bomb an airplane shortly after 9/11. Passengers have all had to take their shoes off for security ever since."


Scooters On-The-Go

"We've had those pay as you go scooters in my city for the past 2 years. As soon as they were released I knew some idiot would do something that would get them banned. Somebody tied one to some rope and left if dangling off a bridge, so the next fool had to retrieve it but pulling it up by rope. They weren't banned but it came close."

"Also, I know someone who grew up in Liverpool and the local government doesn't put any money into public parks because they're vandalised all the time."


On The Mend

"We have had them for 2 or 3 years now and I thought for sure the vandalism in the first year would make them never come back."

"But here we are and things are going ok. Not great - this year there was an adjustment to bylaws to not allow them on most sidewalks and people have for the most part followed through."


Parents Explain Which Things Surprised Them Most When Their Child Moved Out | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Waterbourne Rental Bikes

"Sh*t, we got some rental bikes a couple years ago. Within a month I saw one in a river. People abused the hell out of them and they weren't around very long."


Going On Autopilot

"Drivers abusing Tesla autopilot privileges."


People had to go and ruin things that benefit others.

Prescription Drugs

"A lot of the most effective prescription drugs, such as benzodiazepines, amphetamines and opiates are hardly ever prescribed in my country due to the small number of people who abuse the crap out of them. Now doctors completely ignore their therapeutic benefit and treat the people who need them like drug addicts. I told a doctor I'd gotten prescribed Valium once and he interrogated me to find out who prescribed it and why the hell I needed it. Meanwhile I'd had relentless anxiety for months that made it impossible to eat or sleep."


Bad Assumptions

"YES! I have sickle cell a chronic pain disorder and mention to drs 'hey i take oxycodone and norcos but im highly allergic to dilaudid' and they get so heated over it, ive even heard nurses outside of my hospital room jokingly mention that im 'back again for more' when im genuinely just in pain! It makes me not want to be seen when im hurting but then waiting puts me in MORE pain and it's just an endless cycle. Then to make the matter worse my illness is most common in black people who are already looked at as drug seeking."


Benefit Programs

"People voting against programs that would help low income households because they think some people will take advantage of it and they would rather everyone suffer than help some people who they feel dont deserve it."


A Result From The Lack Of Consideration

"We still have a pandemic going because somebody refused to follow proper quarantine protocol because it made them uncomfortable."



"For anyone in the UK, Brexit."

"Experts predicted all of this before the vote. It was widely reported upon. People still voted 'Leave'."


All it took for my fifth grade class to be without Oreo Cookie Fridays once was due to Bradley not keeping his mouth shut during reading time.

Our teacher Mrs. Lichtenstein would make us quietly read and forbid us from talking to each other so we could concentrate. If we managed to stay quiet for 30 minutes, she'd pass around four Double-Stuff Oreos each to everyone in the classroom.

Not sure if teachers are allowed to give students junk food now, but back then, it was a luxury item.

When Bradley whispered wisecracks trying to make us laugh during reading time, Mrs. Linchtenstein revoked our reward. We were so pissed at Bradley. He was why we couldn't have "nice things."

Thanks a lot, Bradley.

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