People Divulge The Most Wholesome Secrets About Themselves


Secrets are usually left unsaid because the keeper of the information fears the negative ramifications of that info becoming public knowledge.

Inevitably, we assume that's juicy, incriminating information. We're conditioned to imagine scandals, corruption, or regrettable offenses.

But what if something is left unsaid for different reasons? Those were the secrets that a recent Reddit thread has exposed. It's a laundry list of wonderful good deeds that rekindles hope in human beings when we need that most.

Involved and unprompted favors, childhood myths obeyed, and beautiful expressions of love all made the list. The shared stories leave one wondering what it is about humans that make us enjoyed hiding things.

Yes, the bad secrets primarily stem from self-preserving motivations. But if all of these good deeds are being hidden, maybe there's something alluring about the hiding itself.

sittingonapinecone asked, "What's a wholesome secret you have?"

Serving Self While Serving Others

"In high school, I started a Compliments page for my school on Facebook. People would write in compliments about each other and I'd post them anonymously."

"I was deeply depressed and wanted to make a positive impact in my community when I felt really powerless."

"I never told anyone who was behind it, but knowing the kindness people showed their friends and classmates was really special and solidified my faith in humanity when I was at a real low point in my life."

-- miguellaguitarra

"Just You and Me, Dogs"

"When I was very young, I was told all dogs had very good hearing so whenever I saw one in public, I would whisper how good they are." -- OmegaVoodoo

"Same!! Except I'd whisper 'Here boy.... come here... good boy... here...' and then get pissed they were ignoring me." -- omaca

"I'm a grown a** woman and I still whisper "I love you" to every dog I see" -- stephope

The Most Valuable Possession

"In our house we have a safe. In the safe there is a envelope of our online accounts and PW in case one of us dies. One of the notes is instructions to an email account my wife doesn't know."

"If she access the account, she'll find hundreds of love letters (or love emails) to her."

-- shaka_sulu

Love: an Effective Tactic

"My boyfriend tends to grind his teeth at night during his deepest sleep cycles or when he's having a stressful dream."

"To help lull him out of the dream and get him to relax so he doesn't wake up with a sore jaw, I start rubbing his arm, gently call out his name, and in an overly loving whisper say things like 'I love you. You're the best. Im right here. You're my guy.' And then I ask him very politely to please stop grinding his teeth."

"He always responds with happy murmurs even though he's dead asleep and then calms down enough where he stops grinding and drifts back off without ever actually waking up."

"He generally has no idea I do this and I just smile to myself when he wakes the following day remarking how great he slept."

-- Bma1500

Philanthropic Since Day One

"When I was little I used to secretly put my money in my parents' wallets so they could have it without knowing." -- elite_berries

"When I was little, I actually did the opposite of this." -- krishh19

"My brother heard me saying I was sad I didn't make enough money to get people Christmas presents when I was like 11 (I had a paper route so I did have money just not a lot). Well the next day I found $50 in my closet."

"At the time 11yo me I ran out and said omg I found $50 in my closet I'm so excited to Christmas shop for everyone! He never told me. He was 13 at the time. And it was only when I was 18yo and he was in afghan that my mom told me it was him." -- Bajingosisters

Caught in the Act

"I live in a village that is like 80% old people meaning they can't walk up to the church and see their loved ones graves very often. Once a month I go into the graveyard and clean all the graves and make sure they have fresh flowers on them and they look nice."

"I got caught once by an elderly lady who has since died - I take extra time on hers because she was just so sweet."

-- areyouproudmama

A Positive Place on the Internet

"Due to a complicated inside joke among my friends, I run a meme account on Instagram called great_blue_heron. It's literally just an account my friends follow where I post low-effort memes about herons, complete with a heron profile picture."

"For some reason though, every few days random wildlife photographers will tag the account in pictures they take of great blue herons. I've never told anyone this, but after I while I started liking and commenting on all the posts, usually complimenting them on their photography skills."

"It's nice to think that my obscure sh**posting account can brighten someone's day with a little chaotic energy."

-- RouxPirate

Best Big Sibling Ever

"I'm about 14 years older than my sister, who's going to be a junior in high school in the fall. She's extremely smart, and has been taking classes for college credit since 8th grade. She's already being scouted by recruiters from some of the best schools in the country, including MIT and Cornell."

"She doesn't know it yet, but wherever she chooses to go to school, it's already paid for. I set up a trust fund to give her a full college education with no debt."

-- AnalProlapseForYou

What Turned It All Around

"My mom divorced my abusive father when I was 10. She was going through a hard time, sleep walking and doing weird stuff. I would wake up and bring her back to bed."

"One night, I got up out of bed to check on her. She was sleeping peacefully. So I just stood there and watched her. Then I kissed her on the cheek and went back to bed."

"Years later, I overheard her telling a friend about that rough time in her life. And how one night, she felt like she was kissed by an angel and finally found peace."

"I guess I was her angel"

-- IJustDontGetIt5

Just Let Him Go...

"My dad always retells stories and a few sentences in he'll ask 'have I told you this before?' I always say no because I love hearing him tell stories, and he loves telling them."

"Even when I've heard it so much that I have it memorized."

-- purple-kz

Playing the Ghost

"My step dad died in January. June 23rd would have been their 20th wedding anniversary. She has been so down since his passing. Also knowing the things he did to 'prep' before he became bed bound. (Taking her car and having it serviced and brand new tires, filling the cabinet with the hard to find sort of expensive dog treats, etc)."

"I had a big BIG floral arrangement sent to her on their anniversary day. Signing the card 'I'm always with you.' And threatened the floral shop with life and limb to NOT tell who came in and paid for it."

"She was so happy.. she thinks he thought of if and really it was me. I'll never tell."

-- TeenieRee2032

A Good Ploy for Yelp Reviews Too...

"A few years ago I was out with a friend at a restaurant celebrating and he feels super awkward about having stuff paid for for him, so he asked us all not to pay for his dinner. I gave the waiter my card and told her to tell him that his dinner was on the house because it was his birthday."

"He believed it and keeps raving about how that restaurant has great service now. He still doesn't know it was me but it makes me smile every time he talks about how much he likes the restaurant."

-- AccountForAmoebae

A Consistent Regiment of Good Deeds

"I'm the person secretly sending the flowers the elderly ladies at the nursing home once a month. They deserve it and are the sweetest things." -- RinaFrost

"This guy/girl getting VIP when he/she goes to heaven" -- zombiemuss106

"Thank you I work in a senior living facility and it's tough this means the world to me" -- meme-lord-Mrperfect

Some Kind Sleuthing

"Maybe it was very dumb and slightly creepy of me but back in 7th grade I would follow a lot of ppl from school on Instagram and often I would see that some classmates and friends were depressed or just going through a rough time..."

" I would write them a letter with some encouraging words, and put in like $10 from the money I had saved up through the years and tell them to buy something nice with it."

"I would watch them during school to see what their locker was and sneak out during class to go to the 'restroom' and put the letter in their locker."

-- idkxxyz

Salt of the Earth

"Every time i go out I pull 10 dollars out and buy a 5 dollar fruit cup from the fruit stand vendors and give them the other 5 as a tip. I don't make a lot of money so it may not be much but it's been a routine thing for a while now and I never really mention it to anyone except this thread."

"I wish I was rich so I could give them a lot more. They make their living in the hot sun and now with the pandemic are still out there risking their health in the heat to make a decent living. They deserve a lot more."

-- mukkou

Rising to the Occasion

"I know somebody who gave ten anonymous $10,000 grants to small business owners in our town during the shut-down. He asked somebody else to decide on the recipients, based on their contributions to our community and culture. He didn't even pick them."

"He just wanted to do what he could to ensure that we were still us on the other side. To my knowledge, only three people know his name. (my wife made the selections and distributed the funds.)"

-- JuliusVrooder

Family First

"I send my aunt $50 in the mail every month. She doesn't know who it's from, and it's all I can afford, but she's a single mum of two teenage boys who eat her out of house and home and don't contribute sh**."

"I've berated them many times but they see a free home and play video games 24/7 and don't care that their mum works 14 hour days at her own business just because she can't afford to pay for staff."

"No one knows it's me, and she'll never find out, but I know it helps her buy groceries so I'll keep on doing for as long as I can."

-- tahsii

Suppressing the Icky Face

"My long-term partner thinks he is the champion of making coffee. Absolutely, the best, his coffee delivers a nirvana experience every morning. He's a coffee artist. When we started dating almost 10 years ago, he wooed me with his amazing coffee, freshly made each morning. With cinnamon sprinkles on top."

"His coffee suuuuucks. It's bad. So bad, I sip on it for a few minutes, let it get cold, and dump it down the sink. My partner used to smoke a lot (about 3 years free of it now) and he's always had a massive sweet tooth."

"He puts so much sugar in the coffee that the bottom of it is a clear, melted, grainy crust. He adds so much spices on top that it literally feels like drinking sand. Sometimes the layer of spice is so thick, you can barely see the liquid surface underneath it."

"And it's so overwhelmingly sweet, you can't taste the coffee at all. But it's so heart warming when he delivers it to my desk, specially made just for me."

"This is the first time I've admitted this to anyone. I hate his coffee. I will take this secret to my grave."

-- erratic5677

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