People Debate Who Would Be Worthy Of Wielding Thor's Hammer If It Were Real
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Betty White could have done it.

According to Norse mythology ONLY Thor could lift it because ONLY he was strong enough—and he needed a magical belt and magic gauntlets on top of his already-god-level-super strength.

Marvel went a different route and decided that an ability to lift Thor's hammer would be based on worth instead.

Reddit user gageames17 asked:

"If Thor’s hammer (mjolnir) was a real weapon, who do you think would be worthy enough to wield the hammer?"

The problem is that "worthy" is such a vague and nebulous term, ya know?

It really depends on how you look at it—and we're going to be doing a lot of looking at some "interesting" candidates.

Buckle up, buttercup, because we're going in.

Starting With The Obvious


- saello

"I'm always disappointed when anyone else wields it. I feel like it weakens the value of Thor; it feels like a cheap comic book move."

"In my mind I like to think Thor is the only one worthy and it gives him that special allure."

- TheRavenSayeth

"You only have to be 'worthy' or pure of heart or whatever if you're going by the Marvel comics interpretation of Thor. Worthiness and being pure of heart have nothing to do with wielding the hammer in Norse mythology."

"Thor was able to wield the hammer because he had an incredible amount of strength and a magic belt that made him even stronger."

- Jaycoht


Some Rando

"It would be some random dude. To be known requires you have to do some sh*tty things every now and then."

- Esoteriss


"In Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the only qualified person to rule the universe is the person who doesn’t want to, and ends up being a dude in a shack. Probably the same thing here."

- Bobski72


Betty - Obviously

"Betty White would have been able to."

- [Reddit]

"Truly this is the answer I came for."

- dracona

"Me too."

- the_storm_eye

"You have to be willing to kill in order to lift it. I'm just sayin, we all saw that Snickers commercial right?"

- [Reddit]



"Steve Irwin, no question."

- ThereCastle

"Yes. Correct."

"Protector of innocent animals but also, unlike most of the other good hearted but non-badass candidates presented, arguably had the biggest balls in human history."

- devilthedankdawg

"Steve Irwin was scary strong and athletic."

"I remember a clip where he just…. runs up a tree. The show doesn’t make a big deal of it, but Steve just runs up this tree and is suddenly up there like it’s no big deal!"

"Most people can’t do that."

- Deradius

"I advocate not for Steve Irwin himself, but for this one Cassowary Steve was running from in a clip I saw."

"Any animal that Steve won't f*ck with is an instant god lmao."

- Draclin



"My papa for sure ❤️"

"Just for some context as to how amazing and pure my Papa is, when he was 17 he got hit by a semi and broke every bone in his body. Like totally shattered his cranium to his pinky toe."

"He died multiple times, and somehow they brought him back. And despite that he went on to graduate high school at the age of 21, after re-learning everything. And I don’t just mean school stuff, I mean how to walk, how to talk, how to feed himself, how to go to the bathroom, everything."

"He met my grandma, and they have been married for over 50 years."

"Even though he has had multiple strokes, he’s supposed to be in a wheelchair that he absolutely refuses to use, refuses to use a walker, has to wear a leg brace, despite all of that he still sings at his church, mows the church yard for free, helps everybody he possibly can, and is just the most giving, humble, kind man in the world."

"While I am not a Christian, his faith to me is totally beautiful and inspiring. He never has a bad thing to say about anybody. And I’m pretty sure he would be worthy of Thor's hammer, 100%."

- potatoesgonna-potate


The Other Rogers

"Mr. Rogers and Betty White... oh sh*t."

"Guys I just realized Loki is killing off the worthy."

- Magnus_40

"Funnily enough, Mr. Rogers lifted mjolnir in a comic once. I choose to believe it's canon."

- kotran1989

"Well, that’s wholesome."

- Roguewind

"I was sifting through the thread looking for this comic."

- rusnug


The Villain Variant

"At least in the comics, Mjolnir’s definition of 'worthy' varies a good bit."

"As long as you’ve got decently good intentions and a fighting spirit, you are worthy for the most part. So there’s the obvious ones like Cap and Thor, but also some villains."

"One of the more well known examples is Dr. Doom, whose entire personality hinges on him wanting the best for the world and thinking the only way is through a maniacal dictatorship."

- lunaticboot

"Spider-Man can't wield it, and we see Spider-Man repeatedly seen as Marvels' most moral compass. Supposedly the reason is because Spidey won't kill."

"Cap and Thor have fought through wars, willing to kill to defend their ideals. Dr.Doom as well."

- tigerslices

"' 'The heart unwilling to swing the sword when needed will never have the strength to raise it in the first place' -Mjolnir"

- blexmer1

"That’s why they were surprised that Thanos could wield it, too."

"He believes he’s doing it for the survival of all species in the universe, i.e. a just cause."

- TheUncleverestDev


A Unifying Force

"Dolly Parton"

"She fought and continues to fight for equality in country music for women. She uses her money to support good causes."

"For example, when the Gaitlinburg fires displaced a bunch of families about 5 years ago, she immediately pledged an extra $1000/month to each family for as long as they were out of their homes and delivered. And when people donated to her charity, she upped the donation."

"Elvis Presley wanted to record a version of “I Will Always Love You” back in the 70s (in fact, according to Priscilla, he sang it to her as he walked her to her car after signing the divorce papers), but Dolly said no because that would have require her to give up her songwriting rights."

"Because she retained those rights, she was the one who got an insane influx of cash after Whitney Houston’s version blew up in the 90s. What did she do? Invested in the real-estate development of an historically Black neighborhood in Nashville."

"She donates books to kids through her Imagination Library. Hell when Gal Gadot, was 'helping' by organizing a singalong of “Imagine,” Dolly was writing a check to Vanderbilt University Medical School to fund the research that eventually lead to the Moderna vaccine."

"Dolly is a fighter."

- mdsnbelle

"They need to work this cameo into next season’s Loki."

" *Hands Mjolnir to Thor (in front of the Hulk?) and asks 'Is this yours honey?' then casually walks off stage left.* "

- analyticalchem

"Dolly has been a shockingly common answer to this! But then again Dolly's an all around wonderful person and the last person to criticize her got cancelled by the right and left together so... a unifying force to be sure."

- GluttonAsteroth

"She carries a hand gun, and she knows how to use it. She's got a permit for conceal carry."

"She's one person who I'd trust would fight and kill for the right reasons."

- kjbrasda·


"A Happy Little Dent"

"Bob Ross."

" 'We’re going to put a happy little dent right here.' ”

- Eledridan

" 'And here’s our enemy now. Standing beside a happy little tree. Let’s take mjolnir and just beat the devil out of him!' "

- dreagan021

"Is Bob Ross really willing to kill? Because that is one of the requirements, also please don't call me a nerd."

- ThatOnePieceOfPizza

"Bob Ross had a 20 year career in the US Air Force and was a drill sergeant. He wasn’t all quiet voices and gentle smiles his entire life."

- Ryukotaicho


"Dude cheated on his wife and stole the idea of the show. Wasn't all rainbows and happy trees behind the scenes on the Ross show."

"He's not worthy to wield."

- zamfire


Absolute Unit

"When I was a kid, I had a buddy who's aunt was 6'5 and probably 250lb. Absolute unit of a woman."

"I watched her carry an old school refrigerator up the basement stairs without it touching a single step. Only person I can think of."

- jaquariously



"Mjolnir wasn't supposed to be about worth, it was about strength. The only other person I can think of that would have the strength to lift Mjolnir would be someone with the physical prowess of say Superman or The Incredible Hulk— but they’re not real people, so this question is just silly."

- [Reddit]

compete david oliver GIF by AsmodeeGames Giphy


"I say Keanu Reeves"

- thesynthwar

"Keanu Reeves."

"I will not elaborate."

- TheShadomasta

"I'm going to say Keanu Reeves."

"I don't think he's a very good actor (sorry, but I don't), but he's hella rich and famous, and somehow I've never heard a single negative thing about him."

"He has every reason in the world to be a smug, entitled asshole - even angry with what life has dealt him - but instead seems to be a decent and kind person."

- McFeely_Smackup

Sorry Keanu Reeves GIF Giphy

By Voice Alone

"Morgan Freeman. His voice alone can move that hammer!"

- RadiantAcadia

morgan freeman i'm god GIF Giphy

Not Exactly Wielding

"Doesn't matter how heavy it is, my cat would still find some way to nudge it off the f*cking table."

- Cells_Interlinked_77

Bored Cat GIF Giphy


"Harriet Tubman. Straight up 100%."

"And yes I wish she'd had it."

- Terpsichorean_Wombat

harriet tubman drama GIF by Underground Giphy


"It’s not Chuck Norris that’s worthy enough to wield Mjolnir, it’s Mjolnir that’s worthy enough to be wielded by Chuck Norris."

- Knewwhatthiswas

"Ah Chuck Norris jokes, how I’ve missed them!"

- GeneralDouglas1998

"I’m not sure he’s actually worthy, but not even Mjolnir wants to piss off Chuck Norris so it would just let him pick it up."

- TheDangerHeisenberg

Chuck Norris Karate Kick GIF Giphy


"Stan Lee"

- 0DeadlyApple0

"Old man Stan Lee, yes."

"Had to have his character development through his younger years to establish his worthiness."

- iPeterParker

Super Hero Marvel GIF by Box Office Giphy


"Originally, Mjolnir was so heavy that only one person could life if unassisted: Thor's son Magni."

"Even Thor needed gloves and a belt to wield it."

"So no one. Not even Thor, really."

- Captain_Bunny-Rabbit

thor im hilarious GIF Giphy

Worthy Warrior

"Lots of 'people I like and haven't done anything wrong in their life' answers."

"Worthy doesn't necessarily mean pure of heart, there is a warrior aspect to it too. I don't know how y'all are forgetting that the person who wields it must be a warrior."

"Odin wouldn't bless an actor with Mjolnir."

"Anyway, the real answer is Léo Major."

- SmokinDynamite

Bow Down Season 5 GIF by FOX TV Giphy

Moment of honesty, I had forgotten about the whole "willingness to kill" thing when I initially suggested Betty ... but you know what, I'm just going to let it stand.

I can see Betty as a killer for the right reasons... which is pretty much the whole point.

So who do you think could lift it? Sound off in the comments.

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