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In some of our favorite films, literature, and TV shows, we always cheered for the underdog.

A protagonist overcoming the odds and conquering evil is a triumph, and we, as the audience, are always satisfied with the ending.
But have you ever secretly wanted the villain to still get their way and become the sole victor in your favorite bedtime story?
Apparently, many Redditors did too.

We discovered some of the insufferable deviants Redditors wanted to come out on top when Redditor UnwantedJason asked:

"What villain deserved to win?"

Yo-Ho Yo-Ho, This Villain's It For Me

"Captain Barbossa. He was vilified for being a better pirate than anyone else, and he only wanted to escape eternal damnation and a hell on earth. I'd be pretty ruthless in that situation too."

"Yes, he mutinied Jack, but he's a pirate! And even then, he has much more class and honor than most of the other pirates."


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