People Share Which Two Jobs Sound Suspicious If A Person Does Both
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Suppose you're out at your next dinner party and you find yourself enjoying some small talk with one of the guests. You tell them you're in sales. They tell you they're a doctor.

Oh, and they also moonlight as a funeral home director.

Hmmm... sounds like a conflict of interest, no? At least enough of one to give that person the side-eye.

People shared their thoughts with us after Redditor CrustPad asked the online community:

"What two jobs are fine on their own but suspicious if you work both of them?"

"My grandpa and dad used to be their rural city’s ambulance drivers as well as the mortician service…until it was ruled a conflict of interest."



One wonders how long they ran it!

"I once knew a guy..."

"I once knew a guy who worked in a porn store (90s small town dirty-ass porn store) at night, and drove an ice cream truck by day. Same customers sometimes…"


I mean, many of us like porn as much as we like ice cream so is this really a problem?

"I bet..."

"Wedding planner and divorce lawyer. I bet they'd make a fortune in Las Vegas."


Curses, you're right!

Why didn't I think of this?

"Work for..."

"Work for a liposuction clinic by day, sell homemade soap by night."


Oh, dear.

Not a thought I thought I'd have in my head this late at night.

"Head of..."

"Head of the FDA and a board member of a pharmaceutical or food company."


You know, given the state of American politics, it's truly only a matter of time.


"Congressman and investor."


Could the corruption be any more obvious than that?


"Spider-Man and someone who makes their living selling pictures of Spider-Man."


Something tells me we've seen this before.

I wonder where...

"My old partner..."

"My old partner on the ambulance’s family owned a funeral parlor. We used to joke that you know we’re not getting a cardiac arrest back when Kyle starts handing out business cards."


Kyle knew exactly what he was doing.

Did you keep an eye on Kyle, by the way?

"A friend of mine..."

"Bartender and substance abuse counselor. A friend of mine held both at the same time."


Bartenders are practically budget therapists, anyway, so this tracks.

"A chemistry teacher..."

"A chemistry teacher and a car wash owner."


Another one I think we've seen before... somewhere out there works a chemistry teacher who happens to own a car wash and who constantly has to prove that it's legit.

"Day trader..."

"Day trader and being a member of Congress... oh wait."


I mean... you say this like it's something out of the ordinary!

Honestly, the next time you're on a date with someone who has more than one line of work, you might want to check what they are... especially if they happen to run a funeral home.

Have some more job combinations to offer up? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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