People Explain Which Things Everyone Needs To Stop Getting Offended About

We are living in some interesting and hectic times.

We are in the midst of a culture war. And there seems to be no end in sight.

That is because everybody has stopped looking for common ground to merely start conversations with.

And this leads to everyone being offended by everything, all of the time. And it's become a real issue.

So where do we go from here?

RedditorPowerfulAd5343wanted to chat about the things that people need to calm down and try to be so sensitive about, they asked:

"What is something people absolutely need to stop getting offended over?"

I'll start... I'm wrong a lot. So please don't yell at me when I'm learning.

Mind your business...

Trigger Reaction GIF by MOODMANGiphy

"My friend tweeted about his grandma dying and someone got mad at him for not adding a trigger warning." ~ jack_snaz_lord

It's Ok

"Being wrong! It's okay to be wrong, as long as you’re also willing to learn." ~ TheBostonKremeDonut

"I used to have a friend like this, she could not stand to be corrected and automatically felt as though you were 'attacking her' or diminishing her, even though you were just trying to correct and help her. I burned that bridge and I am thankful for it." ~ TelemachusTheYoung

Get Facts

"Third party people who hear one side of a story, assume that's all the facts and not any bias or perceptive distortion nor a misunderstanding, and then go on to attack the other party who is also hurting from what happened between the first two parties." ~ misunderstood_blob

Not Going

"Declining their offer. Years ago my mom (she's gotten much better now) would offer to help with something and if I said no she'd take it as a personal insult. One time I said I was coming to pick up my things as I was in the process of moving out, she said she can just hold onto them until I find a place."

"It was pretty clear she wanted to slow the moving process down as much as possible but I said no thank you, I'd rather have them with me now. The conversation ended with her telling me to go to hell and threatening to throw my property on the lawn in the middle of the night cause I insisted instead of caved." ~ Homo-Homie

Stay Young

Fake Id GIF by Why Don't WeGiphy

"When I ask for I.D. to sell a product." ~ gumbi01

"This but I work at a bank. It blows my mind how mad people can get that I ask them to verify their identity to access their secured funds." ~ SpaceCase9212

All valid. Why are you bent out of shape about looking young? Be offended when they stop asking.

Back Off


"Setting boundaries with toxic people. It's not 'vindictive' or 'unforgiving,' it's healthy." ~ danthedoozy


"Acknowledging physical characteristics in a non racist way. For example, let’s say you’re at a party and there are 20 white people and one black guy. You’re chatting to him for a bit and then he leaves. Later you’re talking to someone else and you’re like, 'I was chatting to someone earlier, can’t remember his name… he had a yellow shirt on… eerr, he was the tall guy with glasses….' Etc etc. Just say it was the one black guy, people take these things way too far." ~ Bont74205

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Light Shedders

"I know a lot of these are trying to shed light on important issues, but the activism you see on Instagram (or really any social media platform for that matter) are getting pretty annoying and downright patronising. It's like they're not doing it for the activism so much as the likes and comments agreeing with them." ~ MistressGravity


"Cultural appropriation when not done in a mocking manner. Especially with food. The people who get mad because a chef modified a dish someone else’s grandma made in the old country need to just stop. There’s already so much noise in the world, getting mad over food is ridiculous." ~ NKR1978

On behalf of...

Oh No Facepalm GIF by AminéGiphy

"Getting offended on other people's behalf just on the assumption that they'd probably be offended." ~ WarmProfit

Just Text

"Not answering the phone. I am not contractually forced to answer the go**amn phone each time it rings." ~ Kadavez

"I am old enough to remember the phone ringing being an event! Lol there used to be a race to see who could answer it. That was back in the day when people actually called to talk. There was never any bill/debt collections. Sales pitches. Phone scams. 90% of the calls i get now are all scams… was a much simpler time." ~ CircusSizedPeanuts

Hurting No One...

"Offended by things that hurt no one. Tattoos, bad haircuts, men doing feminine things and vice versa. Such pointless things to be offended by, but people still do it." ~ keiome

"I simply don’t get where some people take the energy to care so deeply about what others are doing from. Seriously, why on earth would I spend time bitching about what this dude over there is doing in the bedroom, when I could do any number of things with it? I just can’t really imagine giving a crap about what others are doing with their free time." ~ RussianSead**k

Move On...

"As someone in the trans umbrella, accidental misgendering. Don't get all up in arms with a stranger calling you miss when you go by he/him pronouns. They don't know, they don't care to know. It's not on purpose. Move on." ~ Vashj1995

"Honestly if you politely say to someone 'I'd actually prefer if you'd call me X' they will most commonly be fine with that. There is no need for people to get super confrontational right off the bat with it." ~ gridfilter667


Happy Sacha Baron Cohen GIF by Amazon Prime VideoGiphy

"People not smiling. For some reason it bugs the hell out of some people when someone doesn't smile often, to the point where they feel inclined to embarrass them by loudly telling them to smile more." ~ 14thCluelessbird

Weight Goals

"When I tell people about my weight loss goals, and I get hit with a 'you look fine/don't worry about what people think/you don't need to lose weight' and won't drop it, acting like I'm doing it out of self-hatred or something. Like, no, I do need to lose weight, I was 40lbs over my healthy BMI. I've lose 10 so far, and I tend to lose 30 more. it has nothing to do with self-esteem, I already think I'm attractive."

"I just have to be realistic with myself and admit that I'm putting myself at risk. my family has a bad history of heart disease and diabetes, and I don't wanna end up dead in the dirt at 55 like everyone else has. Some people lose weight for perfectly healthy reasons. it's not always just internalized hatred." ~ ZCLoki

"Who's Pete?"

"Using people's race to describe them. Like 'Who's Pete? My friend from school - asian guy, you met him before.' My mom used to say it was incredibly offensive to use someone's race to describe them. It's honestly just the fastest way to explain who you're talking about." ~ the_saas_guy


"When someone tries to hold them accountable- which is different than attacking someone for their behavior. For example- 'It’s not that you’re an a**hole by default, Kevin; you’re actually a pretty chill guy. But when you get really drunk, and start yelling at everyone, it’s hard to not see your asshole-ish behavior.' It’s not who you are, it’s how you behave- It can be tricky to communicate but it can help maintain your relationships with people." ~ RielGreen


angry road rage GIFGiphy

"Something simple like ringing my bicycle bell. I'm trying to alert you that I'm going so you don't accidentally sidestep and I run into you because of that! I'm not saying 'Get off the road, you piece of trash.'" ~ North_Spirit

Respectful Admiration

"A lot of people have a very diluted feeling of what cultural appropriation is. You see people wear clothing that belongs to a different culture and everyone immediately begins screaming cultural appropriation, but just wearing clothes from another culture really isn’t and in many ways can show someone respects that culture." ~ tuc-eert

Be Merry

"Saying merry Christmas. I don’t celebrate Hanukkah, but if a Jewish person said 'Happy Hanukkah' to me I’d be like oh sweet yeah bro happy Hanukkah. It’s literally just a day. Someone is telling you happy day." ~ Gullible_Tell3000

"As a Jewish bus driver, one time I dropped off a Muslim woman at the hospital where she worked, she said to me 'Merry Christmas!" and I said "Merry Christmas to you too!'"

"There was an awkward pause because we clearly didn't mean to say it to each-other on purpose, it was just instinctive, but also not worth trying to rectify either. Seriously it's not a big deal. It's just something funny to think about for me." ~ Rusty-Shackleford

Maybe it's time we get better therapists, or just try to be calm and listen to another person's intentions, and then react.

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