Why do we do it? Why do we lie?

If you don't like someone don't say... "I'll call ya."

Everyone thinks that if it's just a little white lie, it's ok.

But lies add up.

It's so much easier, for all of us.

Lying is exhausting. Who can keep track?

RedditorInformal-Amphibian-4wanted to spit out some actual truths. So they asked:

"What is always or usually a lie when people say it?"

Prices and money. Just tell me how much it is. Don't round down. I'm going to be pissed even if you're a dollar off.

Actually... 10/10

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“'I’ll try it out/l'll look into it.' 9/10 times, they won’t try it out or look into it."


On the Way...

“I’ll be there in five minutes, I just left my place.”


"I remember calling a friend who was late to a party and he said he is walking to the bus stop... only to realise later that I accidentally called his landline number instead of his phone."


"One of my friends growing up got called to work and said he was out of town. Yep, it was a landline. They fired him. It was McDonald's by the way."



"I read the terms and conditions."


"There was a case in the US where the defending company was unable to provide a witness that could verify all the terms and conditions. Even the lawyers who write them, do not read them. Nobody reads them all - nobody."


"People are too lazy to read a short sentence on a door... but sure, they read the fine print on their cell phone contract."


"friendly and human"

“Your call is very important to us…”


Had to deal with an automatic phone system yesterday and it was so uncomfortable. It was clearly a bot. However it was clearly written in an attempt to try and be 'friendly and human' and it fell into the uncanny valley so hard it created an even deeper valley. It was saying stuff like 'in a moment I'll connect you with one of my friends.' creepy as hell."


Money Travels

i see you no GIF by Shalita GrantGiphy

"That check went out in today’s mail."


"I sent it a couple days ago, should be there soon if you don’t have it already."


If the check is late, it's late. They're still turning off the power.

No Answer

seth meyers GIF by Late Night with Seth MeyersGiphy

"Just about any response to 'how's it going?'"



"When a mistake is made or whatever and the person say 'sorry' then the other person says 'it’s fine' when it’s not fine. They just trying to be nice and not have it be awkward."


"I wish there were a way to distinguish between 'it's OK (because it was OK for you to do that)' and 'it's OK (because I accept your apology).' But 'you've done nothing wrong' and 'I forgive you' both sound really formal, and also I feel like they sound too much like 'I'm judging you.'"



"I'd love to hangout some time."


"I resent this one so much. I had a friend who would repeatedly say this, schedule a time and place to hang, but then not show up. Then she’d get mad at ME for being upset that she wasted my time. We stopped being friends over it."


"I hate this. Leading people on is cruel Why can't you just say nothing?"


talk to me...

"HR: You can feel free to talk to us if you have any questions or concerns."


"Wifey used to leave comments in HRs anonymous box, but since it was a small company hr lady knew everyone and would come answer her directly. So we started messing with her by making progressively more ridiculous suggestions. Lasted a few years and a lot of laughs. And the HR lady got to know my handwriting too!"


Get Out

Go Away GIFGiphy

"Oh don't worry, I won't stay for long."


You've earned it...

"I don't like drama."


"There's two types of that, at least, the cathartic purger and the a**hole that wants to relive their childhood and instigates drama rather than try to get it out of their system. That crazy maker type is why I have no respect for people that have PTSD anymore. I don't care what you went through, you deserved it as you're making others go through it. You've earned it."


No doubt...

"Any variation of a guy saying that he could've/would've gone pro/D1 if it wasn't for an injury."


"Back in ‘82 I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile. How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?... Yeah... Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would've been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind."


Last Time

“'They did it for me the last time I was here!'”

“'They did it at [some other location that isn’t this one]!'”

"Shoutout to my customer service people."


"Omg as a lifeguard when people say this just because a different lifeguard was okay with something it makes me want to throw something."


2 Words

winnie the pooh love quotes GIFGiphy

"I'm fine."


"r/beatmetoit I literally came here to say those exact 2 words."


Snake Eyes

“Went to Vegas and broke even.”


"I actually did this my first time out. Payed for vacation cost and all. Left with x and returned with x. Next time I went though… not so lucky."


"It's believable if he says that only once or occasionally. If he tells you every trip he breaks even or it happens most of the time, that's a lie."


Yeah right...

"I'll call you back."


"No you won't. I'll call you to chase it up, you'll be irritable on the phone because I rang even though you've been sitting on it finished for an hour, we both silently acknowledge you need a receptionist."


Constant panic...

"I drive better when I'm drunk!"


"Or 'I drive perfectly fine while high.' It doesn't matter if you think you do, just don't. It's about everyone else's safety and not just your own."


"When I’ve driven high as a teen, it was terrifying. Constant panic. A farm tractor could’ve beat me also. 30 under the speed limit. Quickly learned a lesson on that."


yes, but...

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"No offense, but..."


"I prefer 'with all due respect' not technically a lie, just the other party overestimating the amount of respect I have for them."


So Kind...

"I'm humble."


"I brag about how humble I am. Someday I will carve into a mountain a monument declaring to all just how humble I am... with spot lights shining on it and dancers out in front of my monument to my awesome levels of humble."


Humans are nuts. Save yourself the drama. Just be blunt and truthful. Save the energy.

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