People Explain Which Part Of Their Body They Find The Most Annoying

My uterus.

That's it.

That's my most annoying body part.

Why is it trying to overthrow the whole rest of me?

Please make it stop.

Reddit user SolsticeofReach asked :

"What part of your body do you find annoying or weird?"

So it goes without saying that the uterus came up a lot - but we're just gonna go ahead and count my complaint as an entry because there is a loooooot that people hate.

Turns out bodies are annoying AF:

Streamlined For Sleep

"As a side sleeper I would love nothing more than to be able to remove my arms while I'm sleeping."


"Same but boobs too"


"And legs too"


"As a matter of fact just disassemble me and stick me in a box till morning"



Cheeks vs teeth

"Why do I bite my cheeks? Like WTF teeth!"


"It makes no sense for our squishiest pieces to be pressed up against the spiky face bones."

- [Reddit]

"I hate that, so effing much."


"Aaah no! Once, I bit mine four times in one day and literally destroyed it"


Gobble Gobble

"The double chin in spite of being thin"


"I somehow manage to have a double chin and a 'turkey wattle' simultaneously. Frustrating and puzzling."


"I was rail-thin until I was 29; I started growing a beard at 25. I shaved my beard once a few years ago, lo and behold I have a gobbler. Guess I'm not shaving again for a while"


Eminem Called It

"My knees, every now and then my knees just hurt randomly and I’m only eighteen."


"yo, his palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy"


"Moms spaghetti"



It Feels Wrong

"I have a mole on the back of my neck and for some reason I can't stand touching it. It feels wrong. I think I ought to have it removed."


"If it bugs you, go for it! I had one removed that was under my bra band, because it kept getting rubbed and sore. I am thinking of getting the one behind my ear removed as well."

"Depending on how big it is, it can be a simple trip to your GP, and they will numb it, cut it off with a scalpel, and then cauterize it. In and out in like 45 minutes."


Furniture Detection System

"Pinky toe!"

"Like why the f*ck does it go sideways????"


"It's your furniture detector"


"A fleshy curb feeler"


Water is a Homie

"My stomach, stop being hungry 24/7 omg"


"I don’t wanna be annoying but I also don’t know if you’re aware so I'm gonna potentially be annoying - do you drink enough water?"

"It’s great at curbing appetite when you ‘shouldn’t’ be hungry. Headaches too."

"Water is a homie."


"Water IS a homie"


Popeye Calves

"My calves."

"They’re cartoonishly large. Like Popeye calves."

"It’s hereditary, I don’t work out. The rest of my body is totally dad bod but my calves look like they live at the gym."

"They’ve been that way my entire life. If pant legs are too narrow, they get stuck on my calves. I don’t wear skinny jeans but, even if I wanted to I wouldn’t be able to get them on because calves."

"I’ve never seen anyone with calves bigger than mine."



Breathe Colors

"My tonsils."

"Apparently little food particles can get stuck in them and cause a sore throat? I’m 35 and it’s happened to me twice in the last month."

"I’ve never had it happen before. What the heck?"


"I had that and I got them removed. They were covering 80% of my airway."


"Can relate, I can breathe colors now"


Adding Up

"My back."

"I’m reaching the age where it does nothing but hurt randomly. Lol"


"Same. It’s not bad but the problems it causes add up."

"Left shoulder is lower and gets tight, left knee dislocates and both knees hurt from the effects of the unevenness, and ribs on left get sore from the compression."


"Damn about the dislocations. My nerves pinch in my hips a lot more now since I'm less active than when I was younger I guess."

"I've always had a problem standing still in a spot and I would have to put one leg further forward to feel comfortable which isn't a long time regardless."


So what part of your body have you always secretly-not-so-secretly been annoyed about?

Let's hear it!

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