We all like to think about what we'd do if we had the opportunity to see people that we love again. Loss changes you.

What would you do if you could get back those days? What would you do if you had even less time than that and had to make the most of it?

The prospect of life after death–and especially cheating death–continues to remain a topic of intense human fascination. Perhaps death has never made sense to us. So what would we do if we had the opportunity to spend time with people we've loved and lost, even if only for a little while?

People shared their thoughts with us after Redditor Some_Stacy5625 asked the online community,

"You can revive one person, but they can only live for 24 hours, who are you picking and what are you doing?"

"My husband, I would tell him that I did my best to give him the best medical care but it wasn't enough, that I did my best to help his daughter, that she is starting university next fall, that he was an amazing husband and will never be forgotten by all that knew him and loved him."

"That my life is so much richer by having him those 13 years in my life. That I have tried my best to fulfill all those promises I made him in his last moments, so that he would pass in peace. Just talking and tell him that he was and is loved so so much!"


I want to give my 24 hours to you. I bet he’s super proud.

"I'd apologise..."

"My granddad, I'd apologise for taking our time together for granted and I'd introduce him to my little girl. And I'd go horse riding with him one last time and get him to teach my girl, one last lesson to his first great grandchild."


Sorry for your loss. Few things hurt as much as the loss of a loving grandparent.

"My father speaks highly..."

"My grandfather. My father speaks highly of him and I never met him as he died before I was born."


I also never met my grandfather and I have always been curious.

"I want to talk..."

"I want to talk to my grandma again. I want to show her all the things I made while we were in quarantine. I want to tell her I loved that she always sent me cards and thought about me. I miss her."


I'd also pick my grandmother. A loss like that never stops hurting.

"My old neighbor Allan. He was a great dude. Didn't build anything glorious. Never performed at the Apollo or sang at the Opry. He didn't invent anything."

"But he took care of his family, even the chuckleheads. Watched out for everyone. Was pleasant, open, strong, and had a sense of justice and fairness that would hold to the bone."


Aww, he sounds fabulous. I raise my glass to him. He sounds like the kind of neighbor everyone needs.

"I'd give literally everything..."

"I'd give literally everything I own for a single day with my dad."

"He was a great guy, absurdly intelligent, nerdy, and handy with tools. He helped with the creation of the nuclear plant before there were nuclear engineering degrees."

"His downfall was tobacco. Smoked inhuman amounts of cigarettes for at least a decade or two. Mom and dad quit together on their wedding day after a not so pleasant prognosis."

"I know he liked seeing me happy, fiddling with the old Toshiba laptop, drawing bunnies, having a blast on the bike he never got to ride and left it in the box. I still regret the day that thing was stolen."

"I appreciate all that he did for us, be it bread winning or spending time watching stupid Hell's Kitchen stuff."

"He would be so proud of all of us, especially mom. I'd love to show him where my love of biking and drawing took me. Brother would love to show him where his interest in architecture took him. Mom would love to see him at least one more time, let alone catch up and have the biggest hug in the world."

"OUR KITTIES WHO KNEW HIM would welcome him with open paws. They'd recognize him instantly, and he would get to lay on the couch with a pile of kitties on him one last time."

"I miss this man. Sure he's had moments of being dickheaded, but so was I to be fair lol. I miss collapsing the electric wheelchair in the tiny 4 door car. I miss going to our favorite family pizzeria on 59th and Peoria. I miss it all."


You are very lucky to have a dad who loved and appreciated you so much!

"My mom..."

"My mom, and we would just hang out, drink coffee and catch up."


So simple but beautiful. Sometimes that's all you need.

"My wife's dad..."

"My wife's dad so he could meet his grandkids. Man, he would really get a kick out of them."


"I'd want to hang out..."

"I'd want to hang out with my grandma and see if she's proud of me."


Of course she is. That’s what grandmas do.

"I don't think..."

"I don't think I could bear to loose the person I loved the most again. I'm still just barely getting back on my feet, one day wouldn't be enough."


This is fair. What would the psychological implications be?

Taking someone back? Not an easy decision. But for many, the chance would be something they'd jump at immediately.

Have thoughts of your own? Feel free to share with us in the comments below!

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