If you are one of the millions of people who are struggling with post-pandemic finances, the thought of spending extra on anything makes you clench your wallet. As much as it's easy to gravitate towards the cheapest possible brand or type of service sometimes it's worth a little extra for a better product.

One service I will always pay the extra is when it's time to go for a haircut and color. If it can't be included in that month's budget, it will simply wait until the next. The reason is for how expensive it is to fix a bad job, or how long it takes to grow out an embarrassing haircut. Heading to the salon at the big blue discount store is not my idea of a good deal.

If I'm not walking out of a hair appointment feeling like a million bucks it's not worth it to me. Thankfully, I found a great local stylist whose prices are great and her work is perfect—looking at you J! In fact, she could charge more, but that's why it's always important to tip your stylists so they know you appreciate their work.

Redditor biancalin wanted to know what other people don't mind shelling out the extra dough for.

They asked:

"What's one thing you're always willing to pay the extra price for?"

No “ragrets” right?

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“Tattoos from an artist that knows what they're doing.” ​ExpressW

Tattoo artist here, please do. Yes we might be more expensive compared to Scratchy Dave from behind the Walmart, but we'll do your tattoo justice and make sure you're cared for, that it stays as it is and doesn’t make you look like a middle-school student's desk.”

“There's a reason why good artists ask for a higher price, and its not cause we want to f**k you over.” Clayman8

Time is a valuable thing…

My time. I used to always try to save money while traveling until I realized I was wasting hours and adding stress to my life. Sure, the bus is $100 cheaper but it's 3 hours longer, doesn't leave when or from where you want, and is a miserable ride. Pay for the flight!”

“I've seen this shift with little things too - ‘splurging’ for an Uber if it's make my trip simpler or even paying to have something done in my apartment building (we have laundry and cleaning services) if I'm stressing about getting it done. It's nice to save money but not at the cost of being a miserable ball of stress.”

“Edit: I just eventually came to view stress and wasted time as a ‘cost’ even if it doesn't necessarily show up on my balance sheet.” montage10

“They say a cheap man pays twice as much in the long run."

“Tools: If you are earning a living with them, you want something totally reliable and is not going to break and work properly every time. They say a cheap man pays twice as much in the long run.”

“I bought up a set of Ryobi power tools for work and for DIY at home they are pretty good. But, when I was onsite and found the batteries take 3 hours to charge. I don't have that kind of time. Also the hammer drill didn't always hammer. I'm a Milwaulkee boy now and I am completely satisfied.” quadruple_negative87

You might even find one at a thrift shop…

“A really good quality winter coat or jacket. To me, it's definitely worth the investment if you live in a country that gets cold winters. Here in Ireland it doesn't snow much in winter due to us being a small island, but we get very cold winters and very wet ones, so you get really cold rain.”

“Paying extra for a really good quality, warm and waterproof coat makes SUCH a difference if you're out and about a lot like I am. It pays for itself because it can last you years.

“I'm due a new one this year, got five years out of my last one and it's still good, but I've lost a significant amount of weight this past year and it's much too big for me now.” LasRua

Ughh layovers…

​“Currently sitting in the airport for an egregiously complicated over-night layover, all to save $80. I'll always pay the extra $80 moving forward.” Trappest_1G_Sucks

“Yeah, everything is more expensive while traveling and additional length of travel time needs to be accounted for. Adding 2 hours of travel time to save a few bucks may seem like a decent bargain when you're buying the ticket, but several $5 bottles of water and the $15 Burger King combo that you eat during your layover will make you regret that decision to cheap out on the flight.” iWillNeverReplyToYou

​“Don't cheap out on stuff that separates you from the ground. Mattresses, shoes, and tires.” maverickaod

“Excellent way to remember that! I've been paying the price for years now (foot surgery), after wearing high heels, having to dress the part in finance, banking, etc., with most every other woman in the 80's, 90's, then with flip flops, with zero support. Glad I've always gone with the good mattress, car & truck tires, and a good office chair where I can and do soak my feet!” 1plus1dog

Safety is worth it…

Motorcycle helmets. You don't need the most expensive helmet, but you should pay what it takes to get something with a decent certification (SNELL, ECE, FIM) and not just DOT. Some technologies like MIPS are also well worth the extra spend.” Bicameral_vtech

​No back pain=worth it.

“As a lady with rather generously sized boobs I'm accustomed, and happy, to pay through the nose for a really good bra. The difference it can make to my day is worth every penny.” CourtneyFish_Lately

Holy crap yes…

Toilet Paper Dancing GIF by The Cooligans Giphy

​“Toilet paper. Nothing worse than cheap toilet paper.” Mentalhygienx

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Good tradespeople…

“A good plumber, water damage f**king sucks.” midnight-genius

Many Americans would…

“I'd Pay extra taxes to get things like universal healthcare.” wombo23

Local is always best.

​“Local beef: Since I started buying from farmer's markets, I can't stand most supermarket steaks anymore. This is noteworthy for me because I'm notoriously the guy who can't taste quality in most food products.” Diabhol

Something that will hold up is worth it.

​“Good furniture. My family used to be in the furniture business and we still have things from the store in our homes. Some are now antiques, others are just good, solid pieces of furniture. You can always recover a couch, have a table re-stained, and have a dresser painted. I like IKEA as a place holder, but they generally don't last after a move.” LionCM

You are worth it! 

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​“Anything to do with my peace, safety & general well being. I'm worth every penny.” Hot_Paramedic7616

Get out of your comfort zone.”

“I've read travel so much time and disagree, if you like resort vacations and only go to the next beach to relax it's ok, I get it. But if you travel I see everything as a Adventure, don't get the nice hotel room, get a hostel and meet other traveler's at the bar.”

“My best experiences are coming if something comes unplanned. 3000km away from home and my motorbike broke down I need to write in Google translate with the Mechanik, no problem. Get out of your comfort zone.” 0timme

They truly are a treasure…

“True friends. You can only have the best of friends if there is that "extra mile" of effort paid by both of you. If a said person puts a lot of effort into helping you just because they want to be nice, you should push yourself to help him with even more effort and that's how a cycle begins where both parties win in the long term."

“That's how I made very good friends in university. I was the one that needed a bit of help and my colleagues went the extra mile to aid me with courses and I returned the favor twice for that moment. Right now me and my new hommies are in an "endless" cycle of returning the favor for last time."

“Edit: And if a random person goes that extra mile once for you and you never return the favor when you could have, then you are a di*k. Why? Because you Contribute to the other person becoming a d*ck because they might go "that's it, I am done with helping others" just because he put effort into helping you, but you never pay back the favor. That's why some never want to go the extra mile and pay the extra price and thus, true friends are expensive, but they are definitely worth it!"

Good local food…

“A solid local restaurant. I'm lucky to live in a city where you have to go out of your way to go to a chain restaurant. I live in New Orleans so you have to actually leave the parish (county for you normies) to go to one of those bland outback's or olive gardens. I will always pay extra to support local." OPisalady

Their favorites…

​“Shoes, toilet paper, skin products (not necessarily the most expensive, but, I have allergies to so many of the ingredients, when I find one that works, I'm buying several) and antiperspirant...still in mourning over dove discontinuing my soothing chamomile dry spray...RIP”

“Oh, and sanitizers/cleansers. I sorely missed my brand name hand sanitizer, which I used for more than just my hands, when it was in short supply...don't get me wrong, I started the pandemic with 3 extra jugs of the stuff from a previous "do you need anything from costco" ordering mistake, but, still.” DishyPanHands

​Have you heard of LLBean? Those will last decades.

​“Backpack, I used to buy so many Jan sports and stuff and after a year zipper always breaks or the backpack itself tears, I bought a north face 5 years ago and still use it.” Skroooge

One winter in Maine and you’ll understand.

​“Winter tires. Preferably studded tires. Huge difference in the winter, and a potential lifesaver.” beardofdoom2017

​While it’s not in everyone’s budget to splurge on every item these are some good examples of when to spend the extra when you’re able. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.

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