Humans are social creatures. We need to be able to interact with each other.

For the most part, people are pleasant. However, there are some people that display simply appalling behavior. These behaviors aren't attached to one specific group, but it seems one curious Redditor wanted to know what behaviors men display that is distasteful to other men.

He asked:

"Men of Reddit, what do you dislike about other men?"

And the men of Reddit delivered!


"Never liked a bully. Men who bully others are everything I hate about men."

– Doublebosco

Turn Down the Volume


"Also their habit of just talking over people. It's a conversation, dude, not a monologue. You want to put on a one man show? Hire a theatre and sell tickets to it. Grrr."

– DialZeroForOperator

Be Respectful

"When they add needlessly aggressive sexual comments into a conversation. I was talking with both a male and female coworker, and while in the middle of his story the guy just stops and says to our female coworker (let’s call her Kait),” god damn Kait I would totally eat a piece of cheese out of your butt cheeks.” Then he continued the conversation like nothing had happened. Sh*t blows my mind."

– Kaczman275

Love What You Love

"Guys that try to define what is and isn't "manly". Let people enjoy what they enjoy. I know some super gay dudes that are into the most stereotypically manly things you can imagine. I'm straight and perfectly happy listening to Taylor Swift on the drive home and spending the night drinking wine and watching Selling Sunset. Nobody should have to feel judged or wrong for what makes them happy."

– helodriver87

And Drink What You Love To Drink

"When people try and make fun of me drinking a cocktail instead of shots or other liquor. Everytime I've shut them down and made them look dumb. I'm gonna get drunk how I like, I'm not gonna drink sh*t tasting beer just cuz it's "manly". People who judge what u drink r just dumb, I've drank enough hard liquor so yes I'd rather taste the sweetest fruity tasting drink over beer tasting like *ss"


All Eyes Don't Have To Be On You

"There are some guys that have a hard time not being the center of attention. It’s impossible to have normal conversations around them because they cannot stand someone else being more interesting. Not that it’s male exclusive, but this is just on my mind with some recent interactions."

"It’s a weird attention thing - I wish these people could realize that someone else being interesting does not diminish your value as a person. I just think some guys determine their self worth on how many people are perceived to be “beneath” them."

– Bungerville405

Put In The Effort, Please

"guys that think they're gonna get a girlfriend if they don't try. just sit on their @ss, waiting."

– Hakr0Cat361

*Sniff, Sniff*

"How only about 70% of men seem to be aware that deodorant is a thing."

"Cmaaan guys you're stanky and I gotta work nearby."

– Cyrakhis

Kindness NEEDS To Be Extended To Everyone

"Men who are only nice to people they find attractive."

– nakedcellist

Being The Best Of The Best

"The one upping. They can lift more, have dated hotter women, have a cooler car, make more money, etc. They are projecting their insecurities, and it’s sad and annoying to be around."

– timesuck897

Luckily, there's always a chance people can learn to be better. We just need to take the steps to educate.

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