People Who Have Been With Their S.O. For 10 Years Share What They Just Discovered About Their Other Half

People Who Have Been With Their S.O. For 10 Years Share What They Just Discovered About Their Other Half

Just because you've been with someone for a long time doesn't mean you know everything about them. People grow and change constantly, so there are always new things to discover.

Some things just don't come up in conversation, some things are things your partner struggles to accept, some things are just a little too weird or gross to be spoken aloud. That's how some people - no names named - end up married to someone for 12+ years before they find out that person is a proud booger eater.

Just sayin'. Life is weird, folks.

Reddit user Chaia_has_the_sonic asked:

People Who Have Been With Their S.O. For 10 Years Share What They Just Discovered About Their Other Half

A shocking number of people had no actual idea what their partners did or didn't like to eat... and now all of us over here in the office are giving our partners suspicious face. It's honestly kind of magical.

Here are some of the more interesting and popular responses, edited for language as needed.

Shower Singer

Two things:

1) They sing in the shower (we recently moved and our new bathroom is less soundproof)

2) they don't appreciate a spontaneous shower time duet when they think I am still downstairs.

- PantsPartyPirate


My SO cooks most of the time, and I am so thankful for it! He loves to add a lot of flavor and I love to eat it - for the most part. One day early on in our relationship he made scrambled eggs for breakfast and they had garlic powder in them. I didn't like it (I'm very particular about my eggs) but didn't say anything. The next time I cooked breakfast for us, I made his eggs with garlic powder but left mine without. And so it went on for years.

Turns out NEITHER of us like garlic in our eggs, it just somehow happened that for the rest of our relationship one of us was eating garlic scrambles and not liking it in silence.

We finally figured this out when he was cooking again and asked how I wanted my eggs. I said "Oh, any way but no garlic this time."

And the cat was out of the bag.

- TangerineLibrarian

The Splits


We were on vacation a couple months ago and my wife did the splits in a romper and heels. Had no idea she could do that.

- hank_america


That my SO LOVES seafood. When we first started dating, I mentioned that I was allergic to most seafoods and he told me it was fine because he didn't like it anyways. Apparently he only said that because he didn't want to make me feel bad that he couldn't eat it around me.

- sillybanana2012

Silverware Sizing

That despite being picky about the right size spoon, he can't tell the difference between our silverware set's fork sizes.

We'd been living together for 11 years when I discovered this last year. I always make him food and bring it to him. If there was only one big fork left, I'd give it to him and use a little one myself. If there were no clean big forks I'd hand wash one for him.

One day I sat down his eggs and said "Sorry, you get a little fork today. I'm too tired to wash a big fork." And he just looks at me strange and goes "There are different sizes?" This whole time I've been going out of my way to give him the "better" fork and he wouldn't have even noticed!

That would explain why he never sorts them in the silverware drawer either.

(Meanwhile, Cheerios, ice cream, and chicken noodle soup get a "big" spoon and oatmeal gets a "little" spoon.)

- Sucumber

"On Borrowed Time" 

My husband and I had to put our dog down this weekend. On the way to the vet he told me that after a health scare we had with her two years ago, he made it a point to pet her and give her extra love everyday because he knew we were on borrowed time.

It melted my heart.

- wonderelephant

Tomato Sauce

He hates tomato sauce because of some weird voodoo rumor he heard when he was a kid growing up in Louisiana. Someone told him that women put their period blood in tomato sauce to make men fall in love with them. He was definitely ashamed to tell me this lol.

It's not like he believed women did this - it's just all he could think about when eating it and it would gross him out. F*cking weirdo.

- A_Teezie

The Insane Therapist

Been with my boyfriend for years now. Before we started dating he had an issue with an eating disorder that forced him to go to a therapist who ultimately told him to "realign his chakras" and after two sessions she had declared that he had cured himself.

Years later I went to a therapist who told me that my ADHD and autism were caused by aluminum and mercury in my brain from vaccines and that she could teach me to meditate them all out and cure myself. I stayed with her for 5 months because she taught me some excellent mindfulness and meditation techniques.

I eventually left after she told me that I was using my depression as an excuse to "be lazy" (I had a job and was going to school at the time) and I realized that I wasn't completely immune to her sh*tty viewpoints making me feel worse even if I knew they were wrong.

Lo and behold, last Friday we learned that these therapists were, in fact, the same person. We had unknowingly seen the same insane therapist years apart.

- Roqueofspades


My wife is REALLY good at yo-yo'ing. I had no clue and we've been together for 21 years :/

- NWarty

42 Years of Turkey


I've been fixing Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with all the trimmings for 2 people for 42 years. He told me just after last Christmas he can't stand turkey. That's o.k .by me - I didn't like all the work!

- PlayMyst4Me


I've known my fiance and her parents since 6th grade, I've lived with them for months or weeks at a time when I needed a break from the constant physical and verbal abuse from my family. I didn't know she could play violin until 2 weeks ago.

- Redraven4455

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