People Explain Which Things They Hate With An Absolute Passion


"What do you hate with a passion?" –– This was today's burning question from Redditor howispendmyday who probably really needed to vent themselves.

Whether it's bad drivers, bad healthcare, annoying people at the supermarket, or the state of geopolitics as we know it, people certainly had a lot to say.

We don't blame them one bit.

"When I click..."

When I click the "x" on the mobile ad and it takes me to the play store anyway. That and interactive ads that you can clear the first level in but it pretends you can play the second. Game companies are evil and I hate them.


"I come from a family..."

Lack of spacial awareness is the thing that drives me up the wall. I come from a family who will all just stop in the middle of an airport to open their bags, even if it's in the middle of a very busy walkway. And now more recently, my girlfriend will just start backing up, regardless of what is behind her, often bumping into other people. I always feel like I'm a guide when I'm with most people. With my family, I would always have to guide them to the side so they aren't in people's way, and with my girlfriend, I have to constantly have my hand on her back so that she doesn't just start backing up.


"It takes a special kind of scumbag..."

Littering - especially motorists.

It takes a special kind of scumbag to throw a coffee cup out a moving vehicle or to leave trash bags behind when you've camped somewhere without permission.


"You seriously think..."

Unskippable ads or ads that have nothing to do with their product, just randomness to get your attention. You seriously think I'm going to buy your product now? I hate your company beyond measure and I will remember your stupidity for years to come!


"People who..."


People who refuse to learn or admit that there's a possibility they might be wrong when you show proof to them.


"I'm just trying..."

Rude customers who want the rules bent for them or not to pay full price because that's not how "the other Starbucks" charges them (I work at Starbucks if that's not obvious)

I'm just trying to do my job dude, I don't even make a livable wage, stop getting mad because there's a $0.70 up charge to make your drink with coconut milk.


"The first checked bag..."

Airline baggage policy.

The first checked bag should be free for everyone. The current policy has led to a max influx of everyone bringing a carry-on and severely slowing down boarding/deboarding.

Some of the carry-on is full size luggage even. Airlines rarely enforce the size policy.


"Maybe I was trying..."

Autoplay. Autoplay Netflix previews, autoplay next podcast on Spotify, autoplay YouTube videos. I was reading the comments! Maybe I was trying to read the logline, Netflix. Maybe, I wanted to actually choose which podcast to listen to next. And even if you turn it off, it seems like it always finds a way to turn itself back on.

"Oh lEtS aDd a NeW fEaTuRe to mAkE eVeRyThInG AUtOpLAY dURR"



"People who go..."

People who go to shop at any retail place, restaurants or anywhere they are paying for a service and are rude to the employees or act as though they are superior to the people just trying to do their job.


"When people continue..."

When people continue to talk without clearing their throat, so they just talk all gurgle. Roommate does it all the time and it annoys the sh!t out of me.


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