People Who Take Long Showers Explain What They're Really Doing In There
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For some, showering is a chore, and as a result, they will do their best to get in and out of the shower as quickly as possible.

For others though, showering is an indulgence, and take their sweet time enjoying it.

It does beg the question, does it really take 20 minutes or more to wash one's hair and body?

Or do people get up to other things while enjoying the solitude and the (presumably) hot water.

Redditor Famous_Assistance683 was eager to know what exactly people who linger in the shower are really up to, leading them to ask:

"People who take the longest time in the shower, what the hell do you do in there?"

I just don't want to get out!

"Mostly think about how miserable it will feel to get out of the shower."- 14-stars

It just takes that long to get clean!

"Wash away the dirt: 5 mins."

"Wash away the pain: 45mins."- Overall_Outcome_392

Hit the reset button

"Disassociate."- YungChutney



"Thinking about random situations that will probably never happen."- Dyl-thuzad

"Some ppl my think I play with myself since I take really long showers, but in reality i just stare into nothing and everything at the same time and lose track of time while thinking about stuff I would never think anywhere else."- ClaraSG

Just savor it.

"Stand in the hot water."- Brilliant-Ear5863


It's a safety issue!

"I suck at shaving my legs in a timely fashion. oops."- SwagLordious420

"Shaving my entire body."- AnnaTraaa

It's all about the hair...

"Anyone with long curly hair is detangling it."- Krombuchar2

"Hair sh*t."

"I started growing out my hair like 5 months ago, and the longer it is the more of a pain it is to take care of."

"I’m getting better with it, but I was never really taught how to take care of long hair so it’s hard."-


It's easy to let our curiosity get the best of us.

But then we all must remember, whatever people get up to in private is none of our business.

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