People Explain Which Things They Just Can't Stomach After A Bad Experience


There are few things as off-putting as eating something only for it to pay you back later in the form of terrible food poisoning. I had that happen once upon a time after I had someone's rather dull potato salad. (I was soon able to figure out what was wrong with the flavor!) Truth be told, the experience didn't put me off potato salad entirely, thank goodness!

After Redditor ladythrills asked the online community, "What is something you can no longer enjoy due to a bad experience?" people shared some of their woeful adventures with food.

We're sorry if some of this makes your own stomach do flip flops!

"One night I ate it for dinner..."


Chili. One night I ate it for dinner and later threw it up in bed. To this day I don't know my reasoning but in my drowsy state I decided to just go back to sleep and I woke up laying in a mix of vomit, chunks of meat, and beans.


"When I was 8..."

Any pre-prepared food with any kind of shellfish. When I was 8 I had a bowl of cream of crab soup that didn't have a piece of shell removed. Had rectal bleeding and minor surgery for a small hole. Never gonna trust it again.


"It ruins it..."

Orange Gatorade. That's my go to flu or food poisoning drink. It ruins it for me outside of that.


"If I even just smell..."

J├Ągermeister. Had a realllly bad experience once. If I even just smell black licorice my mouth will start to salivate like I'm going to vomit exorcist style everywhere


"An ex-coworker..."

I used to love chicken tikka. A ex co-worker went through a period of not washing for several days at a time and the smell was really close to chicken tikka. The smell of chicken tikka now makes me feel sick.


"I cannot eat..."

Hot dogs. 15 hour flight. 3 days of food poisoning. I cannot eat hot dogs or plane food under any circumstance.


"Ate them every morning..."

Eggo waffles. Ate them every morning before late elementary and middle school. I was never a morning person, so shoving frozen waffles covered in butter and maple syrup at 6am while horribly under-slept was never enjoyable. And now I can't eat them because I flash back to the general feeling of dread from every morning. I can still feel the knots in my stomach.


"Me and my friend..."

Eating bananas. Me and my friend were at lunch and as he bit into his banana it crunched. He looked at it and the center of the banana was infected with a red crunchy fungus. This ruined bananas for me.


"Drank too much..."

Apple cider. Drank too much once and threw up. Whenever i drank apple cider after that point it makes me feel nauseous as I can never forget that taste. Grim stuff.


"The horrible smell..."

Taco soup.

This lady made it for us but found out later she has HORRIBLE cooking habits- like cross contaminating cooked chicken and shredding it on the same board you had it raw...or using long-expired taco seasoning and who knows what else.

I got food poisoning and puked it all up. The horrible smell I can just think about and get nauseated. Thankfully I can still eat regular tacos ..but taco seasoning outside of actual tacos I cannot do.


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