People Explain What Makes Them Think 'Wow, I Really Am Getting Older'

People Explain What Makes Them Think 'Wow, I Really Am Getting Older'
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Old age is something most of us aspire to, but sudden reminders that were getting there quicker than we might think aren't always welcome.

Reddit user nonameuser21 asked:

"What’s a thing that makes you think 'Wow, I’m really getting older'?"

Epic Sound Effects

"Everything creaks and what doesn't creak, hurts."

- insane_noises

"Everybody creaks, ....sometimes."

- SlightComplaint

"When the day is long & the night... The night is spent getting up several times to peeee"


orgy GIFGiphy


"The CD turned 40 today."

- DHammer79

"The centre spindle hole of the CD is based on the size of a dutch coin that doesn't even exist anymore due to the introduction of the Euro. My useless fact even became obsolete."


​What's My Age Again?

​"When you have to try work out how old you are."

- phackeu

"I had one of those moments earlier this year. I'm 28 and a friend said, 'You're what, 25... right?'And I said 'yeah...' then I sat there trying to figure it out since I hadn't thought much about my age in years. Basically since before covid."

- maltesemania

​Don't Care

​"Slowly starting to give less f**ks"

- Basic-Basket-1006

"Plus insecurities fading. I am who I am, that’s it that’s all"

- Skkaaishere

​They're How Old?!

​"Full grown adults who were born when I was a full grown adult."


"I think to witness meaningfully all the stages of development of another human being makes a big contribution to self awareness that you simply don't have at 20"

- joelthomastr

My Music Is Classic Now

"​When I hear Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Everclear, etc on CLASSIC ROCK RADIO 🤬😡🤬"

- beigereige

""OLD SCHOOL radio"... plays TLC and Sugar Ray"

- three-sense

​It's All Relative

​"I'm older now than my best friend's dad was when I met him."

- doyourselfafavor

"Well, this made me realize I'm older than my mom was when I was born, and I was her 7th kid."

- Pillsbernie

Oh Snap

"About a year or so ago I went to put on a clean shirt after a shower, as per usual I went to "snap" the shirt first and I hurt my shoulder."

"Couldn't turn my head to the right for like 2 days."

- therewerentanynames

"I had to take two days off work earlier in the year when I threw my back out."

"Everyone kept asking what I did to throw it out. I sneezed."

- Bulky-Sheepherder-22

​It Really Was

​"Talking to people who think the 80s was a long time ago. I have to do the math in my head each time to verify that it really was a long time ago."

- OogusMacBoogus

"Someone posted in another thread today about something "really old, from the 90s' 😩"

- VLC31

time watch GIF by Chris KläffordGiphy

They Can't Be That Old​

​"I work with a kid who was born in 2005. Nobody born in 2005 should be older than a toddler."

- squaredistrict2213

Growing old is just a part of life, but we could all do without the sudden reminders that were doing it too.

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