People Divulge What Qualities Make Their Significant Other So Amazing
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Having a dope supportive partner is seriously a game changer, fam.

I'm not suggesting that a person can't achieve success without a relationship. Not at all. What I'm saying, is if you're going to choose to do a team project, it helps when your teammate doesn't suck.

But a moment of honesty - a lot of us have no idea what an amazing partner looks like. If relationships of obligation or convenience, are all you've ever seen, then how could you?

Amazing doesn't look like that at all.

Reddit user Sylva_Glow asked:

"People with an amazing partner, what makes them so amazing?"

Here's what people had to say.


"She is self aware."

"Says things like, 'I may have been being selfish', 'You have a good point', and 'I’m sorry'. I do the same and try to admit my faults, and stop on a dime in an argument and say 'I’m sorry, I’m being unreasonable, let’s back up'. "

"In essence we both are pretty good at admitting and accepting each other’s and our own frailties. It’s rare to be with a partner like that."

"Also, she has a hilarious laugh and sense of humor, and though she doesn’t feel so, she’s hilarious."

- Mykneeisbig

"This is huge, same with my wife an I. We can argue about a subject and politely disagree, but we both take turns listening to each other's opinions and 9/10 we both start cracking jokes."

- Woah_man34

"This is so vital. I'm so glad you found someone who does this with you."

- Wonderful-Custard-47

Together Crankiness

Parks And Recreation Time GIFGiphy

"When we're both cranky for silly or small reasons, but we're cranky together, not at each other."

"It reminds me we're always partners, never adversaries."

- MedicalMud53

"How do you achieve this together-crankiness? Sounds way better than being cranky at each other."

- thekindwillinherit

"I’m not the person you asked, and it certainly doesn’t work automatically with everyone, but in a relationship, every issue can be an 'us' issue. Even if it’s leaving the toilet seat up."

"If you have a complaint about your partner, think of it more as a discomfort you’re feeling that they can help you with, and approach it as a problem you can both solve together."

"Have an open and honest discussion about the disconnect and what you bring to the table that is causing the tension as well as what you could bring to help. Therapists often actually suggest visualizing it as sitting side by side at a table, looking at the problem on the table together."

"In hindsight I kinda talked about conflict resolution instead of 'together-crankiness' but it’s kind of the same thing."

"We’re all just doing the best we can with what we’ve got. If you’re cranky about something, let your partner in. Give them a seat on your side of the table and tell them that you’re cranky, why, and whether or not they can help and how."

"The best part about a loving relationship is feeling like you’re teamed up with someone against the world."

- blurredsagacity

No Doubt

"Simple: because no matter what, I never doubt in my mind that he loves me more than anything."

"I never worry about him leaving/cheating on me. I can be my complete, authentic self around him. Even when we fight, I know it's just a temporary tiff that we'll talk about later when we've cooled down."

"But, most of all, I know that whatever he's doing or wherever he is, he'll always stop it to drive however far to come help me if I'm in a bad situation/mood."

"Not many people have a partner like that, so I'm sincerely grateful that I lucked out in finding mine 😇❤"

- cloudgirl150

"This is really cute, happy for you :)"

- NeaZerros

"Yay! This is me and my partner too! I love to hear when people have found 'their person' too. Everyone should feel as cozy and loved by their partner as we do!"

- jocietimes

Genuinely Interested

"My husband is genuinely interested in everything I do, no matter how mundane it is."

"When I dragged him to 3 different stores to find a specific mascara, he asks about what makes it so great & then will geek out & read up about cosmetic formulations."

"When I told him a certain lip patch helped heal my cracked nipples from breastfeeding, he started reading up over other potential breastfeeding injuries & how people handle them."

"He doesn’t do it to lord his 'expertise' over me or anything, he’s genuinely excited to just ask me about everything."

"Oh & he started giving me daily massages when I was pregnant & I still get them now. Our daughter is 3."

- eraser_dust

Perfect Match

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"The way he still looks at me."

"When I get out of the shower and there's lunch waiting for me."

"How some nights he wakes up in the middle of the night and pulls me closer to him because I've moved too far away or even when he pulls me closer in all situations."

"How he lays in bed with me every morning even though he'd rather go sit on the couch and wake up."

"The sacrifices he makes for me everyday."

"That he tries his best to make sure I am smiling. He's always there when I need him no matter the time or place. There are so many things that he does every day to let me know he loves me."

"Ah. He is just..a perfect match for me. We have our rough times and we get frustrated with each other, but he always treats me with kindness, respect, and love no matter what mood he is in."

"We always make sure to communicate our problems and at the end of most days we go to bed with a smile on our faces."

- vsprintffdgh

Charming Little Things

"Omg, I have a list of notes as to reasons why I love my boyfriend all saved up in my phone. Someday I'm going to gift them to him somehow."

"While the big things matter very much, like how our whole relationship he has helped and stuck by me thru a disability, it's also all the little things that matter every day."

"He prefers Onion Rings over French Fries. However, when we go out to eat together, he will pick fries as a side with his meal so he can share them with me since I don't like onion rings."

"In the mornings, he will block my hand with his so the dog can't lick my hand and wake me up."

"He sees when my phone charge is low and will bring me a charger even when I didn't realize it."

"Whenever he has the cheese out, he sets aside a slice for me."

"When he gets out of bed, he turns his pillow towards me knowing I'm going to steal it."

"If I pour myself more milk then I can finish, he drinks the rest so I don't feel bad about wasting it."

"I couldn't go out in the snow once, so he went out and drew hearts in the snow that I could see from the window."

"He'll sing songs to the pets, dance around the kitchen, squeak when he laughs, use the oven mitt like a dinosaur, and say "aww" while playing Animal Crossing."

"He sends me memes, and twirls the same piece of hair in the front of his head when he's distracted."

"He's amazing! I'm charmed by him every single day!"

- da_throwawayaccountt

Name That Tune

"I randomly whistle a 4-6 note tune while doing tasks."

"And lately she's been guessing them with about 60-70% success rate. It's cute when she tries hard and she lights up with this glow when she gets it right."

"No one gets me but her."

"Married in our teens and about to celebrate our 14 yr anniversary."

- pds_king21


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"Accepting me for every. single. quirk."

"I was pretty pessimistic about relationships when we went on our first date so I am lucky that I have never faked one situation or personality or even had to present 'my best self.' "

"Small example - I had an ex that I thought was perfect for me. I'm a f*cking weirdo so once I meowed at him. He told me not to do that."

"I meow at my now fiancé and he meows right back."

- Tomoyo_in_Transwise

"F*ck your ex. I can tell what my wife wants from the type and tone of her meows. My wife is very much human and yes, we are both weird."

"And yes, I do meow right back to her as well."

- jayuscommissar

"Meowed at my partner today and he booped me. That’s when you know it’s real"

- AnotherLemonSucker

Her Brilliant Mind

"Her intellect."

"When I met her 30 years ago there was fierce physical attraction between both of us, but what won me over was her brilliant mind. She is the smartest person I have ever met."

"Quick witted, a great conversationalist, and turned out to be the best mother to our daughter that I could have ever asked for. She is very loving and caring and puts family before almost everything."

"Two years ago I lost my father to the delta variant of Covid-19. It was the worst experience of my life. I don't know what I would have done with her strength and support. I didn't think I would make it through the funeral, but having someone you trust completely walking with you step by step makes a huge difference."

"I hope you all have a partner as good as mine to share your lives with."

- wormtail71

Just Do It

"My wife is just a go getter."

"She wanted to learn carpentry, so she did."

"Wanted a better job and she got it."

"When she wants to achieve something she just does."

- daboot013

"Mine rolled her eyes at me for wanting a macramé owl. I don't know why I wanted one, but I always did."

"Some people think they're tacky, and maybe they are."

"She's from a country that didn't have them. She never understood why I wanted one."

"Last year, in secret, she watched a bunch of YouTube videos, taught herself how to make a macramé owl and then made me one for our house and we put it up by the front door."

- fugaziozbourne

Well that was all painfully adorable.

What about you, dear readers? Do you have incredible amazing partners who show you how dope partnership can be?

Tell us about them!

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