It's quite annoying to see your country so badly represented on film. Believe it or not, India isn't an impoverished landscape where everyone is an IT professional. The Irish also don't spend each day and night drinking themselves into stupors. The French don't speak in baguette and the Italians don't all own wineries in the lush countryside.

After Redditor MilkuuMcFluffyButt asked the online community, "What does Hollywood get wrong about your home country?"people weighed in with their grievances.


Basically Italy is 90% countryside and the cities in the remaining 10% are roman ruins, old houses inhabited by septuagenarians or Venice.



That all us Irish people are alcoholics. I am actually having a beer at the moment but that's just coincidence. I actually know a guy that doesn't drink, but he is a bit of a weirdo. Bloody Dave.



That badass cartel enforcers roam around working alone, driving classic cars, wearing shiny suits, etc. This is more like it. Bunch of poor, brainwashed, uneducated expendable foot soldiers on the payroll of a private army.



Not every window has a view on the Eiffel Tower. And it's painfully obvious when they go to shoot a vineyard scene in California to pass for French countryside.



That all of us are either IT professionals or we spend our time at spelling bee competitions, I don't know jack about computers, nor do I know to spell!



It's not constantly snowing here in Russia. Damn, it can even get hot in here. We're kinda stuck between +40 summer and -30 winter. And we have some southern regions too.

Also, our country does not consist only of Moscow and military bases, separated by unpopulated forests and fields. There's like St. Petersburg, Kazan, Irkutsk and some stuff in between. Idk, I haven't been anywhere else.


The United States

Americans are not actually the voice of reason during a global crisis.



Nigeria: A lot of us live in good places, with water and clean air and we wear basic clothes and shoes and suits. We have offices and we even have Schools that are better than most of the ones in America. Not all of us are people wearing barely any clothes with spears who eat some weird crap. I'm happy we are at least being represented.



That we have some sort of cursed mummy thing waiting to happen. Or happening. And that we somehow need a pretty white woman to raise Bast from the dead or something.



That tourists all die here. From scary arse snakes and spiders, to sharks and poisonous jellyfish, to outback serial killers. Only half of you will die in OZ :) Come visit us!



The accent. The accents are different all across Canada but they typically go with the prairie/West accent that just really isn't common. They really don't use "eh" correctly either.


The Netherlands

The Netherlands isn't just people wearing clogs, orange clothing and eating cheese. Not everybody lives in windmills either, in fact, I've never met anybody who lives in one. The Netherlands is far different from what Hollywood shows.



That Pakistan is either full of hackers, not developed at all, or terrorist central.



Germans aren't bad guys who drink beer. I know that isn't how they're always depicted, but I've seen so many instances where the villain is German/Germans are having beer.



Scotland so most things. We're not all drunks who wear kilts. We're a developed, multi-cultural country with access to modern technology. (Remember, we bloody invented a huge amount of it!)

I live in a perfectly normal house too, not a country cottage/castle/field.



Japan isn't super techy techy. If anything, we are very behind. Computer science isn't a popular or even a common major here and none of my friends know how to code.



X-Men First Class gets laughed at in Argentina for their depiction of Villa Gesell.

Here's Villa Gesell according to X-Men. Here's the real Gesell.



I once saw a rather awful Jean Claude Vandamme movie. A scene takes place in Antwerp's (Belgium) Red Light district. I don't know where they filmed it but there are definitely no palm trees in Antwerp.



Romani people aren't duplicitous beggars accosting Europeans in every city and retaliating to their hostility with malediction; those are impoverished people of all ethnicities who're unscrupulous but destitute and insolvent. We don't indulge in esoteric enchantments to ensorcel or beguile credulous middle aged women so we can purloin their personal effects while they're preoccupied with the ostentatious rituals.

We're depicted as a parasitic menace exploiting the magnanimity and benevolence of Europe.



We don't all live in London, or talk like cockneys or royalty.


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