People Divulge What They Think Happens After We Die
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Death is a certainty in life, but what happens after death may be one of those mysteries we never solve. I've always believed that when we're dead, we're dead. However, there are plenty of other theories.

Is there an afterlife? Do we face a supernatural judge who decides whether we go to heaven or hell? Do we get reincarnated as soon as we die? Or is death truly final?

These questions prompted Redditor Maleficent_Team430 to ask:

"What do you think happens to you after you die?"

Like Surgery

"I imagine its like when you fall asleep unexpectedly or go under for a surgery and you wake up out of a haze, minus the waking up part."

– Snoo-43285

"I had surgery last year and, before I went under, the anaesthetist said "Enjoy the nothingness". And that was it. No light, no colours, no sound, just complete darkness until I woke up with a breathing tube getting pulled out my throat. I imagine that's what death will be like. And I'm OK with that."

– Amity75

Time To Sell

"My family sells all my stuff way under value."

– knockfart

"I f*cking hope that if i die my wife doesnt sell my Legos at the price i told her i bought them"

– Fairbyyy

"My wife sells my record collection for way less then what it’s worth"

– Chips_Gravy29

The World Keeps Turning

"I am no different than people who die today, the sun shall rise again and word will keep on rolling tomorrow just fine without me."

– GaunterPatrick

"Well in a few billions years the sun shall not rise again. But we will be pretty much dead by then — I hope so."

– flucxapacitor

Eden...Sort Of

"It was always that everything goes black and you just don't exist anymore. My SO believes that you die and you get to live in your own little paradise and I've always loved the idea of that. I just wish I could believe it. It's also been super sweet to hear from him that I'm gonna be in his little paradise."

– Asmo_fu2

"I've posted this before but the idea of my own little paradise disturbs and terrifies me. Because my little paradise wouldn't be the same as other people's. If I say desire to meet my parents again after I die, the age I'd want them to be is likely different to the age they'd want to be in their paradise. Which means none of our paradises can overlap, and the idea of heaven is really just a simulation in which you are horribly alone."

– trthaw2

The Next Universe

"You just transfer to the next universe where you didn't die."

– murphycharlie

"This is what I think about all the time. I always wonder if I have died in a previous universe and just transferred over to the one in which I am still living, but all my family in the previous one think I’m dead."

– Deadlift420

"I like this theory"

– QuickAdministration0


"You return to that state of non-existence before you were conceived."

– Back2Bach

"It's like falling asleep and not waking up. I find that comforting. The final I don't give a f*ck."

– nawmynameisclarence

"Probably nothing, I think it’s probably like when we’re asleep and not dreaming. I was fine before I was born, I’ll be fine again"

– nicosmom25

We Will Live Again

"I hope something like reincarnation but it’s probably just nothing. Like we just end and we’re not aware that it’s nothing but it is."

– les_bean_13

"Careful what you wish for. Everyone thinks they'll end up as something cool like a lion but nobody thinks about how insects and bacteria make up some of the largest populations of life on earth. Maybe you'll be gut bacteria for some rat. Or a slug that a kid wants to pour salt on."

– TheyreEatingHer

Whatever You Believe In

"I wish people would go to wherever they wanted to, like - whatever their religion teaches, they’ll go there. And if their non-religious, then they can choose whatever they want to a believe in. I don’t know what’ll happen to me but I hope to see my friends again"

– TVFREngine64_2020

"I think the same personally. I hope to to still be with my wife either way."

– TheMetalMisfit

"Honestly this being the case would make up for all the unfairness in life."

– Chromattix

"This is my dream as well. I hope so. I want longer with my friends than I’ll get."

– Ginngerly

I Know What Happens

"19 years in the business tells me you either go in the ground, in a crematory, a mausoleum, or you’re never found again."

– andS0NS

"Have you considered trying a different business model?"

– MrWeirdoFace

We'll Know Eventually

"What’s the rush? We’ll find out soon enough"

– LSD_for_Everyone

We may never truly know what happens to us when we die, but maybe it's better that way! I'd rather not think about it, especially if I'm right!

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