People Break Down The Things That Women Keep From Men

People withhold information from members of the opposite sex for one of two possible reasons.

They either think the recipient isn't able to handle harsh truths, or they are too embarrassed to come clean about their real thoughts on a pressing matter.
Specifically, a woman might find that revealing an alarming fact can bruise a man's ego or they may assume men can't stomach hearing the details of feminine issues.

Curious to explore the reservations women may have when interacting with men, Redditor datadelivery asked:
"What do girls 'never' tell guys?"

That time of the month.

The Gush

"How much blood comes out and the jelly-like stuff during our periods."

– CA_catwhispurr

Excruciating Extraction

"How painful taking out a dry tampon is. Feels like your insides are being scraped out."

– Endoftheline0916

Feigning Ignorance

"Randomly you're just sitting there and a bunch of p*ssy juice decides to come out for no reason and it feels like you pissed yourself but you just gotta act like nothing happened."

– VauchaMach

Solo Diaglogue

"The entire time you were talking to me I was bleeding through my tampon and didnt follow a word you said because im wondering if I have another fucking tampon in my bag."

– dragnbyte

The price of beauty.

Preserving The Locks

"When I wear my hair in certain ways it means I’ve not gotten the chance to wash it in a while.."

– fairyprincesspheonix

When In Braids

"Always so funny when i have my hair in french/dutch braids and someone compliments them but all i can think is 'you have no idea how badly i need to wash that.'”

– isakeijser

Hair, There, Everywhere

"We remove hair a lot more than just our legs, bikini, and armpits."

"It differs for us all. Stomachs, sideburns, upper lip, chin, nose, nipples, chest, feet, toes, arms. Pretty much anywhere men grow hair.. we got it. Always great when it’s just peach fuzz. But not always the case!"

– annniiitttaaaaa

What happens in the bathroom should stay in the bathroom.

Stream Duet

"Sometimes when we pee we get more than one pee stream, just like you."

– ninriel

Fountain Of Youth

"I never realized what an uncontrolled stream girls have until it was time to potty train my daughters. It just goes everywhere."

– kriznis

Fecal Phenomenon

"Battle Sh*ts."

– Kelricmar

"Ahhh! You sunk my battlesh*t!"

– Hutcher_Du

And here is a compilation of general odds and ends.

Birth And Babies

"Lot of things to do with birth and babies. I was shocked at how little my bf, who has only brothers, knew about birth and he was shocked at how much I did know."

"Realised it's because mothers, aunts, sisters, female cousins, friends and co-workers will get into the details around other women but if there's a man around its handwaved."

"Eg 'I had to pump for two hours yesterday, it was so painful cos my nipples are chapped and bleeding and some blood got in the milk so it's a bit pink. Look I took a photo. Apparently it's fine. He's having issues latching. One time I finally got him to latch and then I had to shit so I had to sh*t while feeding him and I have haemorrhoids from the birth so wiping was so difficult and so painful I started crying.'"

Man walks in

"Yeah feeding can be tricky".

Bullet Points

"Oh, man. Off the top of my head:"

"-ALWAYS pee after sex (alone or with a partner). Edit: I meant sex with a partner or masturbation. The peeing can be done alone or in a couples setting, you do you."

"-Cold water to remove the blood from fabrics. Heat will set it in."

"-Your body is yours and not weird. It may not look the same as others, but who cares. Find what you enjoy about your body!"

"-A partner who loves you WILL NOT: demean, abuse, sexually repress, belittle, etc."

"-Your body will do things you may not like, but every woman’s body does these things. Therefore, it’s ok. Don’t be ashamed of normal bodily functions."

"-DO KEGELS!! For numerous reasons. Just do them. They don’t take that long and nobody knows you are doing them."

"-You should definitely know what your vulva looks likes. If you don’t, grab a mirror and check it out. Make sure you keep an eye on any moles, or discolored spots."

"-Antibiotics can mess with your birth control. Use a backup while on them."

"-Do not use soap on your vulva. Use water, or a specially ph’d soap for that region."

"-Men can get yeast infections too. If you get one and are sexually active with one person, it’s possible he has one too and you will just get one again."

"-NEVER go anus to vagina!!! This is a super important one that I forgot and shouldn’t have."

– Rahallahan

Gentlemen, if you've read this far, congratulations.

Consider yourselves enlightened of the details that may have been spared for your benefit but are actual everyday obstacles that are completely normal for women.

This is a shame-free zone.

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