People Break Down What Absolutely Ruins A Good Burger For Them

People Break Down What Absolutely Ruins A Good Burger For Them
Photo by Peter Dawn on Unsplash

Most people love a good burger, and many, many American restaurants serve them, but not all burgers are created equal.

Super tall burgers that are hard to eat, way too much sauce (or only a tiny bit of sauce on the middle of the bun), soggy lettuce — there are lots of ways to ruin a burger.

Redditor TheKeyMaster365 asked:

"What Instantly Ruins A Burger For You?"

Bad Tomatoes

"Nothing kills a burger faster than a bad tomato"

- EccentricEngineer

"Tomato can be okay if you're eating it right now but tomato on it togo burger or sandwich almost always makes the bread soggy."

- sploittastic

"I don't object to the taste of tomato in a burger, but I despise the actual tomatoes themselves. They're too slippery, so they always end up squeezing out and, somehow, falling on anything except the plate."

- AmazingSpacePelican

"When the tomato has that hard area in the middle (the core I guess?). Gross."

- breadfan1988

Lack of Structural Integrity

"Poor construction. When it flies out the other end. Stick everything together with a blob of sauce."

- IAmStevie420

"Too much sauce can make the bun disintegrate and it becomes a soggy mess."

- caligaris_cabinet

"You’ve identified an important problem but I’m not sure about the effectiveness of the proposed solution"

- aspannerdarkly

Too Much Sauce

"I do enjoy sauces on a burger, but to a point. If I end up having to hold a soggy mess, I'm not going to enjoy the burger nearly as much."

"Also tall burgers. The two also go together to make an awful burger experience"

- krispyboiz

"If I have to wipe/clean my hands after every bite, it is an unpleasant experience."

- meatpipeline

"I hate it when the first bite launches a glob of sauce out the other end."

- Mataraiki

"I feel the same way and thought I was in the minority. If I pick up a burger, take a bite, and immediately need 4-5 napkins, it's not worth it."

- CrochetyNurse

Old Lettuce

"Watery old lettuce. One time I got a burger with terrible lettuce.. it tasted like it came straight out of a lake.. from then I avoid that place saying 'they have lake lettuce.'"

- heckpants

"Limp, watery, garbage lettuce ruins so many things. If you can't get quality lettuce, please leave it off! Restaurants sneak it on without putting it on the menu and you can't just take it off because the wateriness has already soaked into everything else."

- fraud_imposter

Hard-boiled Egg

"I once ordered a breakfast burger that was advertised as having, among other toppings, 'egg.' I imagine a nice fried egg or at least a scrambled egg patty of sorts. No, the monstrosity that came out had a quartered, hard-boiled egg on it. Just terrible - what self-respecting chef would serve that?"

- jokinglyserious1

"Filing this under 'things that feel illegal'"

- theonelittledid

"As someone in the industry, a breakfast lover, and a burger lover, this is honestly one of the most offensive things I've seen on reddit."

- Starscream5

Runaway Patty

"When the patty slips out the other side."


"This is a corollary to the massive height complaint. Make a burger wide, not tall, and it won't slip out."

- soulcaptain

"PSA: The toothpick on top of your burger is not for decoration, but they are a functional tool to prevent the contents to fall out."

- moxedana02

Humans Can't Unhinge Their Jaws

"Being too big to fit in your mouth. Pointless. Might as well just throw it all on a plate, and call it 'deconstructed burger'"

- gallows4p0werm0ds

"Yeah, make burgers wider not taller."

- PPLifter

"If I gotta unhinge my jaw like a snake to eat something, I'm not ordering it. It's incredibly annoying and a lot of work. A burger should be a hand held food. If I need a knife and fork, what's the point?"

- megaloduh

"I’ve had a few burgers in my time where I have actually just taken it apart and put it on my plate to slowly eat. It is frustrating."

- TL3490

Soggy Buns

"Wet untoasted bun"

- Ruminations0

"Nothing worse than taking a bite of a soggy bun. Also the reason why I don’t like tomatoes in my burger"

- Pelagius_Hipbone

"Looking at you, Five Guys. $20 burger and it's not even toasted. They tell me it is, but why is it a soggy mess only a couple minutes after it was made?"

- Reddit

"Untoasted bread is acceptable, just a matter of choice. Now, a burger where bread is all soggy because there's tomato or wet lettuce touching it is almost a negligence by the person who made it."


Too Much Conversation

"People that want to talk while I'm eating a burger."

- BlowFrog303

"And then gets mad when you don't respond... Like can't you see I'm chewing?!.."

- IdkTheMeaningOfLife

"I have a mate who, whenever we go for a burger, all of a sudden feels the need to start asking me all these questions about my personal life as soon as I start eating:"

"'What your dad up to at the moment?'"

"'Have you been to your brother's house lately?'"

"'What sort of stuff has your mum been doing since she retired?'"

"'Is your brother still in touch with his ex?'"

"I'm one of those people who sort of gets into a zone while eating so firing a load of questions at me very much kills the 'vibe' I'm on!"

- thisishardcore_

My Wallet Hurts

"When they cost $20+"

- cuttingwoodisfun

"Yeah, I’m fine paying $20 if it’s something good. Bison burger for $18? F*ck yeah! Even just something like local grass fed beef. F*ck yeah!"

- UnbrandedContent

"I went to a burger place by me once, got a burger, loaded fries, and one beer. It wasn’t a sit down place, you order at the counter like it’s fast food but they give you a number to take and they bring your food to the table."

"It was $40. There’s a reason I only went once, and the burger was good but not $40 good."

- Old-Sor

"That does certainly make a burger, no matter how delicious, unappetizing 😵💫"

- TheKeyMaster365

Burgers Are Supposed To Be Boneless

"Bits of bone! I regularly bite down on these at Camino. I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt and tried again multiple times but I haven’t been back in a while because of it."

- Reddit

"This a the real answer. A chunk of bone will ruin your trust in burgers for a very long time."

- HubertFiorentini

"Wow! This brought back some repressed trauma. I bit into a burger over 20 years ago, and it had a bone chip in it. Biting into that (not expecting it) caused my tooth to crack. That tooth later became impacted and lead to the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. That was the worst burger by a long shot."

- rejectedstone

Why Is There So Much Bread?

"A dry bun or too much bun."

- mazlux

"100% … Bun to meat to topping ratio is paramount."

- djdaddyb

"Brioche. Brioche is a terrible choice for a burger bun and I don't understand why everyone is using it these days. Brioche is basically bread make with low-protein flour and lots of eggs."

"Also known as: CAKE, just drier and without any of the chew and texture of a properly made bread roll. Brioche sucks ass and that trend needs to die."

- RockleyBob

Cheese Should Be Melty

"Unmelted cheese - imagine taking your first bite and everything is warm and fresh, then your teeth hit a f*cking ice block."

- miraclechu

"this is why I dislike cheeseburgers. I avoid cheese on mine. and people think I’m f*cking weird."

- Synner40

Unwanted Toppings

"Pickles when I asked for no pickles."

- FrumundaMabawls

"And you can’t just pick em off. The whole fu*kin burger is contaminated if a pickle touches it."

- pyroboy101

"Same thing with mustard. No ... you can't just scrape it off."

- Beard_o_Bees

Making a good burger doesn't seem like it would be very hard, but there's a lot of ways things can go very wrong.

Now it's your turn. What absolutely ruins a burger for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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