Wendy Williams Vehemently Denies Farting On Her Show—And She Even Calls Witnesses To Back Her Up
CBS/ET Canada/Youtube

Since allegedly farting on her live daytime television show, Wendy Williams has been embroiled in controversy: did she let one rip live on air or didn't she?

"Fartgate" has apparently gone straight to Ms. Williams' head because she took a considerable amount of time on a recent episode to debunk the claims.

"Fartgate" began as many online scandals do: from the keyboard of a shrewd television viewer that possesses both a Twitter account and far too much time on their hands.

The replies to the original tweet were a fart-fueled snowball. This became the toot heard round the world.

But was Williams truly the culprit?

She made a passionate case denying the charge on a recent episode.

How does she justify her tell-tale break wind lean, then?

"I don't lean over like this to release a fart. I'm leaning over like this because it's comfortable."
"If I sit [straight up] all the time it's heavy on my spine. I don't have the back. I'm not trying to get the back."

Wendy then proceeded to deconstruct her entire approach to flatulence.

"I barely fart. You know why? Because gas gets released several different ways and mine is belching."


Williams then brings out John – whose role on Wendy's production team was left completely unmentioned.

This guy blamed the chemist guest Wendy had that day, who was allegedly setting up in the back during her "Hot Topics" portion of the show, where she gives hot takes on the celebrity news of the day.

John walked folks through a long-winded description of the properties of a substance known as "air gas."

"We were doing an experiment out here with a tank...and we didn't have the proper hose."
"It wasn't working and the air was just coming out and it was sputtering like somebody was farting."


But it seems that the explanation didn't quite do the job.

YouTube viewers doubled down on the fart claim.

Tom N/Youtube

Tamara Magdalene/Youtube

This guy even ups the ante.

David Rivera/Youtube

Twitter didn't disappoint either.

Though it's not the first time a live TV fart made some waves.

California Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell allegedly let one rip while firmly touting the case to impeach trump.

Internet sleuths gonna internet sleuth.

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