People Reveal The Weirdest Thing They've Ever Walked In On

"Oops, sorry, I didn't know you were in there," they said, as their friend straddled the toilet backwards. Later on, their partner was caught pretending to be a turtle, naked. Always knock before entering!

MagicBlueMoony asked: What's the weirdest non-sexual thing you've walked in on someone doing?

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My friend peeing while straddling the toilet backwards.


Then you have a shelf for your chocolate milk and comic books.


All this time I thought she was weird and she was actually just a genius...


When you get that good roll.

I walked into a public bathroom on my college campus to find two people brushing each other's teeth. I had so many questions, but they both seemed super into it and I didn't want to interrupt them.


Wonder if maybe they were on ecstasy? The weirdest stuff like brushing your teeth feels amazing. And on a college campus seems likely. But weird it's a public bathroom.


I commend you on your efforts to make sense of this situation.


"I'm kicking my ass, do you mind?"

Walked into my empty classroom one day after school to find the 70-year-old janitor repeatedly punching himself in the face.


Dobby has been a bad elf.


'You think using two whole days worth of perfectly good sawdust on one pile of puke is a good idea, Tom? [whack] You think this school is made of money? You think sawdust just grows on trees?'


I want what he's having.

Received a 2-second Snap of a friend of mine laughing his ass off and yelling "I'M ON A COUCH," sitting on what appeared to be a couch moving at high speed on a highway in the middle of the night.
No idea what happened that night. He doesn't remember himself.


You both need to investigate this further.


Hire a PI with your only request being "tell me what I was doing on that high-speed couch."


Saving water, maybe?

My roommate doing his laundry in the bath tub while also being himself in the bathtub while singing in a disturbingly hi pitched tone.


"I'm washing me and my clothes."


I wasn't really paying attention to the first part of this sentence and tuned in around "being himself in the bathtub," and that seemed nice. But I mean, if you're not yourself in the bath, when can you be yourself?


Imagine being able to sleep, do chores, and not remember doing chores.

Woke up, wife wasn't in bed. Blue ink scribbles are on her side of the bed. I follow a trail of blue ink smudges on walls and door frames to the laundry room where she was attempting to do laundry, still asleep.

Turns out she was still asleep. She sleep drew on our sheets thinking she was note taking, then sleepwalked to do some laundry.


She sounds like she needs help with chores!


I wish I could do chores in my sleep, it'd save so much time.


She's a keeper.

I was getting ready for work one night and walked into another room to see my SO using her hair dryer to puff out her face like a dog with a droopy mouth does when the car window is rolled down.


Please marry her faster.


Oh God he probably had to start over too.

I was at a party and a the bathroom door was ajar. Thinking nobody was in there I walked in on a guy hopping on one foot and using the other to attempt to turn off the tap on the sink.

I startled him and he tripped, catching himself with his legs spread each side of the toilet, his back arched completely backwards and his hands on the wall above the toilet - a position from which I had to rescue him :D

Turns out he has really bad OCD(diagnosed) and is unable to touch things that he considers dirty.


How rude to startle my obsessive-compulsive bretheren you OCDphobic @ss! /S

Seriously though, OCD sucks and that's super common, i recommend using the elbow instead tho.


He moved in with us for about a year afterwards... Let me tell you man, I have seen some stuff... But I certainly agree with you it is 100% sucky.


What are the classifications?

My sister collecting soda can tabs and organizing them on her floor.


Was there a reason for that?


She has OCD, but also used it as pretend money.


I did that one summer as a kid. We used to tie them together and make bracelets and necklaces. One day my grandma noticed us doing it and told us that her neighbor had a bunch of cans we could harvest from. So when went over and he showed us down to his basement which is literally full of beer cans. It looked like he saved every beer can he drank for his entire adult life down there.


Who wouldn't want to be a turtle?

I left to go the gym, but when I got to my car, I realized I'd forgotten my keys.

I go back inside to grab them and find my fiancée sitting cross legged on our bed with the laundry basket (empty) upside down over her head.

When I questioned the situation, all she could muster was a sheepish "I'm being a turtle..."


Love her forever, that's adorable.


Safety first!

Freshman year I opened the door to my friend's dorm room and saw my RA binding my friend's wrists together securely with duct tape.


Weird? Or awesome? Definitely awesome.

This happened to my wife. She is a special ed teacher.

One day one of her students went to the restroom and was gone for a long time. (There is a restroom in her classroom, because Special Ed). She went to check on him and found him in the bathroom (it's a large space to hold supplies and a changing table) with sanitary pads stuck to his hands and feet.

She asked him what he was doing and he said, "I'm Spider Man!"

This is her favorite of the 25 years she has been teaching.


Butthole physics.

Looking at their butthole upside down in the mirror.


Did they have an explanation?


Looking at a mole.


Step away.

Picking their teeth with used toenails they just clipped.


Nailed it.


There is no acceptable excuse for that.


OP said non-sexual.


Okay we're done.

My mom naked in the bath tub with a crack pipe and the cat.


I always said that cat was a bad influence.


Wait, was the cat IN the tub or just in proximity?


The cat was being cradled in her arms, not touching the water. I was 11 years old. I'll never forget this!


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