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Ok, let's get freaky. What turns you on? And why? Or maybe you have no idea.

That's fine too, maybe it's better not to know why we like what we like.

We're all creatures of the carnal, well when we allow ourselves to be. Anything, and I do mean anything, can be a turn-on.

Redditor Longrod11 wanted to see who would share some of their more sordid, sexy details about what gets them going by asking:

"What is the weirdest thing that turns you on?"

I love hands. Strong hands.

Call me by a name...

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"When my partner calls me by my name. You don't realize how unoften you call one another by your own names, especially if you're really close physically." ~ laheesheeple

face manners...

"Having another person take my glasses off while I'm wearing them." ~ sarcastic_traveler

"I'm so careful about my glasses. Progressive lens cost a lot of money. When I used to bartend, people would try and it was an immediate smack to the hand followed by Pikachu face. Freaking mind your manners and leave my glasses alone. Glad it gets your rocks off though!" ~ ShartGuard

Speak 2 Me

"Watching my bf wake up then talk to me while he is still half asleep. English is his second language and sometimes he will slip and speak to me in Spanish without realizing. I love that stuff." ~ walk-ewalk

"Oh sometimes he's still half dreaming and says the weirdest crap. One time he tried telling me fun facts about helicopters. When I was baffled and didn't respond out of confusion he got so sad and then started snoring. He doesn't know anything about helicopters." ~ ploppityploopity

"Watching someone's hands play piano." ~ flamingoeater

"My father in law was talking about playing the piano and he said "you've got to get the fingering just right." I had forgotten he was a pastor of 30 years when I responded "that's what she said." Room was quiet for a minute." ~ Illustrious-Stick458


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"When men raise their arms in the air for any reason. Like stretching, reaching for something, etc. It just looks hot." ~ mytwoquarters

So far I'm onboard with EVERYTHING here. We all need to chat more.


"When he moans in my ear. A growl would be even better, but I'm too awkward to ask for it." ~ Product34

"For real. Why are they so quiet??? The only man I ever slept with that made noise absolutely drove me crazy the first time i heard it. 🤣" ~ krazy_krizzy


"Touching feet with my gf. I don't even like feet. But when we're in bed or on the couch and we touch our feet together (specifically the bottoms of our feet), I'm instantly turned on." ~ immersed_in_plants

"I'm always way too warm so touching feet when we're in bed us actually how we "cuddle". Sometimes it's casual, like holding hands is casual and just a connection. Other times it moves to other things." ~ theurbanpoppy

"Oh yeah, the "palm" of the feet are extremely sensitive and full of acupuncture points… no wonder it very erotic to you." ~ ShoCkEpic

That Certain Area

"Clavicles, for some reason." ~ Lord_Boobbuster

"I feel like women have more attractive clavicles than men, but that's okay because men totally have the market cornered when it comes to forearm attractiveness." ~ user deleted

That Sound...

"The sound of duct tape." ~ sixesand7s

Every. Time.

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"The way my bf takes off his belt gets me every time." ~ Cptnbumout

What turns you on is a good thing. Unless it's murder. Otherwise, do you and enjoy.

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