There are things in the world which cannot be explained. Things that humans were never meant to understand.

Sometimes we cross paths with those things in our day-to-day lives. And then our minds and perception of reality are tested.

Can our fragile humanity truly withstand the test of something beyond our comprehension?

u/tetakDamke asked:

What's the weirdest thing you experienced, that you cannot rationally explain? [serious]

Here were some of the answers.

Kitty Or Ghosty

When I was younger, I was staying at a friends house. His parents made him take piano lessons, so they had a piano in their living room. From the basement, around midnight, we heard a short little melody (5 seconds) play on the piano. His parents did not play, and we did not hear anyone walking around upstairs. Scared the bajeesus out of both of us. My only explanation is that his cat jumped on it and coincidentally played something pleasing. Seems hard to believe though


At my old house, ever so often I kept seeing this weird shape. It was almost like a floating water cube and everytime I would approach it, it would dash into the other room and I never saw it until It happened again. Happened once in a blue moon but it always appeared in the doorway. I can't even claim it was a ghost because I genuinely cannot comprehend what it was.


When I got a high fever as a kid, I would always have the same dream of this weird dark colored mechanical sphere that would bounce around and emit energy. Every time I had this dream, I had a fever and would also end up sleepwalking. Very strange.

Copied Voice

In high school I was at a friends house with another friend and we had just gotten ready and were waiting for her parents to get home to take us to the movies. We were sitting on her bed with her door closed and we all heard the front door open and close and then her stepdad yell all 3 of our names like he always does when he gets home. We all start getting our stuff together and walk out into the living but we don't see him. We're confused and look out front and his truck isn't home so I called him and he said that they were about 10 minutes away.... we have no clue how or what that was but it was clear as day and we just ran back in her room and locked the door until they got home. There was no one in the house that they could find and the front door was locked with the alarm on.

The Jitters

I had this strange feeling in my body an entire day that something really bad had happened. It got so intense at one point that I basically got up from my chair and firmly told myself 'cut this bull, nothing bad has happened today'. My mom's phone started to ring a few hours later, and she called for me to come out of my room after the call. She then told me my grandmother had just been found dead in her bed.

To this day, I can't wrap my head around any of it and people never believe me when I tell them about it.

I can only see two logical explanations. One is that it's all just a coincidence, though a pretty creepy one. The second is that it might not have happened the way I remember it. Perhaps the shock I got upon hearing of my grand mother's passing twisted my mind?

My grandmother died back in 2015. I still miss her like crazy.

A Vision At Night

So, this happened to me a few weeks ago and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Important background first. When I have sleep paralysis, I don't ever have visions or anything like that - there's no demon in the corner, nothing. I'm aware of what's going on around me - for instance, if someone else is in the room watching TV, I can hear them and the TV and identify the sounds - but I just can't move.

So, the other night, I woke up with sleep paralysis. As I was lying there, I heard my bedroom door open. This was unsettling because I live alone in my apartment. I heard footsteps as someone walked to my bed. Then I felt someone kiss me on my temple. As soon as they drew back, my paralysis broke and I sat up to see that no one was there.

This happened to have occurred a few days after a long-time family friend passed away. I thought maybe it was him, coming to say goodbye because I wasn't able to see him before his death, as it was somewhat sudden.

Maybe this is totally normal for sleep paralysis and I just happen to have never experienced it before in that way. And maybe I just conflated it with my friend's death because I was grieving and it made me feel better. But it felt extremely real to me and I'm still thinking about it.

Memory Gap

About 2 years ago, I got home from school at around 3:20, got off my bike, put it in the garage and shut it (same thing i do almost every single day. I was very energetic, not tired at all. Breathing a little heavy from the bike ride so I grabbed a soda, sat down on the couch, plugged in my dead phone and cracked the coke open. I blinked and my phone was phone fully charged, soda flat and room temperature. The sun had set. I have no frickin' clue what happened but I somehow blinked and fast forwarded to 10 o'clock. To this day it freaks me out and i have no clue what happened. I didn't fall asleep as the my sleep tracker on my watch did not detect any sleep. No aliens.

You'll Float Too

When I was young, probably around 5 years old I remember being at my grandparents house which had a basement. My cousin who is a year younger than me was with me as well. I have a fuzzy memory of knowing how to jump and float down the stairs and teaching my cousin how to do it too. We were having fun doing it and went and told an adult in the house what we were doing. He laughed at us and said it was impossible.

I don't remember doing it anymore after that. So anyways, I kind of wrote that memory off as maybe a dream and never did talk about it to anyone or my cousin who Im pretty close with. Years later when I was around 17 I was walking somewhere with that same cousin and she randomly said to me " hey do you remember when we use to float down nans stairs?". So yeah, really weird. Maybe both of our imaginations were more intense back then and we shared some kind of make believe memory, I don't know.

A Voice From The Ether

My grandpa passed away when I was 6 years old. We were very close as I was the only grandchild, and he was retired, so we spent every day together while my mom worked. I remember vividly being in the car with my mom on the way to my grandmas house, after my grandpa had passed, and hearing him say "I love you Sugar Plum" which was what he always called me.

My mom tells the story a little differently. She was obviously driving, and got this feeling like she was being watched and instantly thought of my grandpa (her dad). She looked in the backseat at me and saw my foot start to bounce. She asked what made me so happy. I said, "my papaw just said he loved me." She had to pull over.

We never discussed this until a few years ago (I'm 27 now). I've lost two other grandparents since then and never had another moment like this. But once was enough for me to remember forever.


I will have dreams of my future.

It's been happening since I was a little kid, as far back as I remember. I'll be dreaming and then suddenly it will shift. Everything will feel more real, and it hits me that it is real. After a few minutes I'll just come to understand that this is something that will happen in my future. It's never more than a minute or two.

I'll usually just kind of forget about it until it actually happens in real life, and then I recall perfectly what happened in the dream.

Unfortunately for me it's never anything important. It's always just some random conversation about nothing, or some other mundane thing.

Just once I wish it was like lottery numbers or something even remotely important.

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