People Break Down The Weirdest Thing They've Ever Done For Money


Money makes people do crazy things. The allure of being a little richer than before can make people turn off the "decency" filters in their heads before they jump into an out-of-control situation. Typically, you'll feel strange afterwards, hollow, but the money in your wallet cushions that feeling. You'll gladly do it again if the money is good.

These stories are like that, except everyone understands how weird it is to get paid for the stuff they did.

Reddit user, u/epiclychillbitnot, wanted to know:

What is the weirdest thing you've ever done for money?

If Only Everyone Got Paid For Book Reports


I read the book "every thug needs a lady" by Wahida Clark. Saw it in Barnes and nobles and jokingly said to my brother that I would read it for $100 and give him a book report.

Son of a b-tch it is the worst book ever written.



When I was in 7th grade I got dared to shave off my eyebrows for 20 dollars. The kid didn't think I would do it. The next day I got his lunch money for the next 2 weeks.


They Didn't Try To Do Some Kind Of Stunt Off The Bar?

Send people marbles in the post with no context on a daily basis.

Also got paid to serve drinks to the Jackass crew before. Johnny Knoxville was a total gent!


Foam Shoulder Pads As Far As The Eye Can See

Making people's comic-con costumes for them.

Actually surprisingly fun, almost makes me want to attend it myself.



Restaurant Servers Are Not Paid Enough For The Nonsense They Endure

I took my hair down for $20. I was waiting tables, and a guy at my table wanted to see my hair that was up in a messy bun. He didn't even want to touch it.

Why not? This was over ten year ago, and my old coworkers still tease me lol


The Prequels? Ouch.

I have bing-watched all Star Wars movies that have been released up to 2009. I didn't wanted to, so my friend payed me to.

We are still good friends btw.


This Hurts To Read

I ate a fat spoonful of wasabi for 5 bucks at work once. I hate the taste, but figured I could do it easily since I take spicy food like a champ. I was not prepared for the searing nasal inferno of death.


Retail, Huh?

I listened to hours upon hours of people telling me that they were smarter than me, yelling at me, and threatening to kill me.

Totally worth it for that $7.25 an hour.


I've worked retail and I've worked as law enforcement.

The number of people that threatened to murder and torch me or my family after telling them they were arrested on felony charges with the normal stipulations that come with that: 0

The number of people that threatened to murder and torch me or my family after telling them I didnt have the shoe they were looking for: 15+ weekly for 2 years


Feeling Bad For Taking Money

As an adult: client asked me to create a powerpoint for him for a major presentation he was doing for top secret organization. I owned a web consulting company at the time, but he had been a top client, so I acquiesced. After a while, the modifications & wording become more and more bizarre. He would contact me weekly with new changes and additions, and I soon realized there was something mentally amiss with the gent. I had a connection with his family, and wanted to alert them that he was paying me good money for this odd project, and I didn't want to charge for something that was clearly coming from a delusional state.

His wife contacted me and asked if I would please continue working with him, and she would pay my full rate for the service (they were incredibly wealthy, and this was not going to make any dent in their massive fortune). She said the project was making him happier than he'd been in months, and he was focused and staying in one place to work on it, and it gave her a rest from his dementia/Alzheimers.

I figured out a way to keep working with him, still didn't charge my full rate, but learned a lot about maintaining a positive relationship with an older person who is losing their cognitive functions... which prepared me well for now as my father is heading in that direction.


Adult Babysitter

'Babysat' a rock star before a gig so that he would stay put and not go off into the local area (which he didn't know) looking for drugs.

We talked about TV and films.


This Sound Like The Beginning Of A Heist Movie


Italian man came up to me on holiday in a town near Naples, he asked me to go talk to these 2 Americans he gave me 10 euros to buys them a couple o beers and talk about whatever.

No idea why.


this sounds like some movie. i wonder if you were a distraction while they robbed the couple's hotel room...or maybe you were involved in some weird money laundering scheme


Paid More To Nearly Drown

I was a target in a dunk tank at the state fair. You know, the kind where you sit on a perch over a tank of water and people throw baseballs at a target to drop you into the tank. The bad part is that it paid more than my regular job. The good part (besides being fun) is that it inspired me to get a better job.


All Money Is Good Money At 7-Years Old

I was around seven and one of my stepdad's work colleagues was over. There was a mysterious stain on the carpet and he told me I would get 50¢ if I sniffed it and identified what it was.

I agreed cuz why not.

Turned out to be cat piss. It was still worth it, especially at that age.


...The Hell?

When I was in 19 I got paid 150 dollars to wear someone else's suit and tie and stand in a corner and pretend to be a lamp for 4 hours. I got free food and a few beers. They put a lamp shade over my head. There were a few people there being coffee tables and bookcases.

Some guests came in and they had a party. Apart from a few comments, a slap on the butt and a few bicep pinches, I think I got off easy.


See, Dad? This Is Why We Have Trust Issues!

My family used to have pet pigs that we kept in an electrical fence (I think you know where this about to go). When my siblings and I were younger (me around 5, the others around 10 or so) my dad used to pay us 1 euro to touch the fence to see " if it was on".

Ofc it was on and we used to get mini shocks ( there wasn't enough electricity to hurt us, it just stung for a bit. And it was a simple and harmless prank)

We never trusted our dad ever again lmao


Understanding Labor From A Young Age

Not like that weird but when I was 6 or 7 I used to pluck my parent's grey hairs for 10 cents per strand.


If You Only Had A Brain

When I was a kid, a neighbor paid me to be "a live scarecrow" in his garden.

My job was to chase the birds and other animals away that might otherwise destroy his garden when he wasn't home to guard it.

note: Netting helps keep birds away, but it doesn't keep animals like deer, rabbits, woodchucks, etc. from invading the garden.


Of Course It's In Middle School

When I was in sixth grade, some eighth graders came up to me and offered me $5 to snort crushed tic tacs. As I was snorting them, one of them got a teacher and told her I was doing drugs. I started crying and explained everything, and after the principal confirmed that they were just tic tacs, the eighth graders all got a week of detention. And I still got my $5.


I was paid to watch alternating clips of nature and pornography while a camera in my vagina measured the hue of my vaginal walls to determine the amount of bloodflow to the area (which indicates the level of physical arousal). At the same time, I also had to take notes on what I thought about the images I was seeing (rating arousal level).This was to attempt to study the relationship between physical arousal and mental arousal.




The King Of The Schoolyard


I used to clone rare Pokemon like Mew on the GameBoy game and sell them to other people.

I'd just rip the transfer cable out while transferring the Pokemon at the right time and we both could keep it.


But that'd make them not-so-rare? What's the point?


Money. Did you read the post?


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