People Divulge The Weirdest Rumor They've Ever Heard About Themselves

Sometimes people let their minds run wild when thinking of others.

How do people even conjure such nonsense?

It feels like every person can actually be living in their own personal tabloid.

The things humans will believe.

Redditor redditusernameiforgo wanted to hear all the tea we sip about ourselves.

So they asked:

"What is the weirdest rumour you heard about yourself?"

A lot of my rumors were dull. I'm disappointed. Tell me yours.


Freedom Feet GIF by HysteriaGiphy

"That I had 6 toes. Not on one foot, but in total."


Bad Kiss

"Somebody spread a rumor that I purposefully gave their cat acid by making out with the cat while I had acid on my tongue. They claim their cat has never been the same. I have never french kissed a cat and I would never risk poisoning an animal."


"I notice you don't deny the acid though."



"That my best friend and I had a threesome with this one dude in high school. Until the day I heard that rumor, I had no idea who that guy was."


"There was a rumor that I had sex with a random guy too! Apparently he was the one who started it. When I heard it, someone had to point him out to me because I’d never seen the kid before in my life… smh."


You're Alive!

"That I was dead. I got in a bad car wreck in high school and an off duty nurse was first in the scene. She happened to have a white blanket to cover me up with because I was laying on the ground and it was cold. A classmate drove by and saw my car and a body under a white blanket. I missed the next day of school because I was too sore. When I came in the day after that everyone gasped and said they heard I had died in a car wreck."



Season 17 What GIF by America's Got TalentGiphy

"I got Shingles in 7th grade. I was taken out of school on 9/8/2001. Didn't come back for 2 weeks. Apparently, there was a rumor started that I was one of the pilots on 9/11. Kids are wild."


People have more imagination than they give themselves credit for.

Was it you?

Independence Day Happy 4Th Of July GIFGiphy

"There was a rumor In my high school that I slept with all my friend's moms. Had several classmates who I didn't really know come up to me and with grave concern ask if I slept with their mother."


I love mom

"I killed my mother. This went around in high school. While I was in high school. Like somehow I was going to be there in class with them if this were remotely true. It kept me from getting bullied though. FYI I called my mom yesterday and sang happy birthday to her, so..."


The Twin

"That I was a criminal with a warrant and needed to be in jail. Then the cops showed up because, low and behold, in the paper there was a person who looked f**king exactly like me with a warrant. Got cleared up real fast, but damn if I don't have a near identical twin jacka** out there."


"My mom had frequent visits from the cops because a local petty criminal had the exact same first middle and last name as her. F**king rough being the good clone."


In French

"In school in Ireland a girl asked her ex about me because we were in the same class and in a bid to put her off he told her that I was French, that I wrote poetry, I payed chess and being half English I ate crumpets all the time."

"She still dated me and it made for very interesting conversation on our first date so it kinda backfired on him. What emo teen wouldn’t want to date a French guy who writes poems??"


For Calamari?

octopus GIFGiphy

"That I was breeding octopuses for their ink to use in my printer. Spread it myself though as a joke in school, but it caught on and the whole year below me believed it and even asked about it to my friends. Been a while ago but still makes me chuckle."


Oh gossip, it keeps fun alive.

What's the weirdest rumor you've ever heard? Let us know in the comments below.

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