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Wedding Guests Share Their "This Relationship Won't Last" Realizations They've Had During The Ceremony

"The groom didn't bother to go..."

Wedding Guests Share Their "This Relationship Won't Last" Realizations They've Had During The Ceremony

Weddings are a time for two families to come together as one and celebrate a new lifelong love. At least, that's what we all expect. It's not news that every marriage study coming out says 50-some-odd percent of marriages end in divorce. Why is that? Sometimes, it's just because the couples weren't meant to be. Others, you can feel it in your guts, maybe even at the wedding itself.

Reddit user, u/CollegeBound92, wanted to know about those times when you just knew something was up when they asked:

What is the biggest "this relationship won't last" red flag you've ever seen at a wedding?

All You Need To Do Is Change Everything About You...?

Attended a wedding where the bride talked, not about her love for him or how great he is, but more about how he changed so much of his personality for her & how that made everything perfect.


You Know Where To Pass The Blame

The groom had the ring in his pocket but forgot which one and the bride visually annoyed said "That's the kind of guy i'm marrying".

They divorced within the year.


The Shackles Were A Dead Giveaway

I worked as a county prosecutor. I did a sentencing where the guy was sent to prison for about two years. As I was walking out of the courtroom his girlfriend asked the judge to marry her to her boyfriend, who was going to prison. Judge said she needed a marriage license and there was a two day waiting period (he was basically telling her not to marry the guy). She pulls out the marriage license. The judge then says you need two witnesses. -she was alone. The dude's attorney grabbed me by the arm and enthusiastically volunteered us to be the witnesses. The wedding went through and now I have a story for Reddit.

A side note: the guy was in an orange jumpsuit and was shackled (literally shackled) during the ceremony.

TL;DR. I sentenced man to prison then served as best man in his wedding.


When Is A Wedding Not A Wedding?

I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and right after the ceremony the bride told me this wasn't actually a wedding because the groom couldn't get married as he was still married to someone else. She was 3 months pregnant and was throwing a fake wedding to please her religious family and collect money/gifts.

So that was cool.

They "divorced" within a year.


Wait, We Coordinated On This?

At the end of the ceremony she changed into an extremely fancy going-away outfit - tight and purple and laced up down the sides. He changed into an old t-shirt and shorts that reeked of stale student-bachelor sweat and said "Oh, I didn't know we were dressing up."

She gave him a look of the purest hatred and disgust.

They separated six months later.


The Downward Spiral Begins

The bride looked drugged up, and told me in confidence that she had broken her years-long sobriety with a bunch of Vicodin "to relax for the wedding."

Sadly, she never went back to not using drugs.


No No No, The BRIDE, Not Bridesmaid

Groom was sending texts to a very uninterested bridesmaid all night. Groom was also more interested in getting wasted with his buddies than being with the bride.

There were also red flags BEFORE the wedding. No surprise they were divorced in less than a year.


Red Wedding, Part II

I was one of the bodyguards to a groom who was without a doubt the biggest asshole I've ever met. He was narcissistic , cruel, and so arrogant the fact that no-one had smacked him astounded me on a daily basis. The bride on the other hand was lovely. She was kind, empathetic, and one of the most intelligent women I've ever met. She was the only person who seemed to be actually control the monster of a groom.

So day of the wedding comes, and at first everything is going pretty well. It was an arranged marriage, and both families had really gone all out. Dancers, acrobats, singers - you name it, they had it. Bride even announces they're going to donate the leftovers to the homeless.

Then Douchey McDoucheface brings out this group of actors who do a skit that's a very thinly veiled 'f-ck you' to his enemies, many of who were friends or related to the guests (one was actually his fiancées ex, who'd died a couple of years back).

Groom then tries to get his uncle to take part, but he refused to be apart of his nephew's bullsh-t. It was a pretty tense stand-off, but it got interrupted when they brought out the cake. I thought there wasn't going to be any more drama, but then the groom ended up choking on his wine.

King's Landing 300 AL, never again.


Keep It Together, Man

Groom fainted three separate times during the wedding vows.


"I'm f**ked either way"

My brother-in-law had proposed to his girlfriend and they had set a date a few years years into the future. Suddenly they move it to just be a few months ahead. Ended up asking him on the wedding day what was the hurry and the answer wasn't "she's the one" or anything like that, not even close... He answered "I'm f**ked either way, so may just get over with it"

FYI, they where expecting a child together so they where indeed stuck with each other either way, but I was still a bit shocked over the answer.


Did Anyone Tell The Groom?

Close family friend married a gal whom he had been dating less than a year. I didn't go to the wedding, but my mother and brother did, Poor guy was standing at the altar for a good while when someone finally remembered to tell him that the bride was in the ER.

She finally showed up a couple of hours later and they get married. Less than a year later, they were traveling overseas when the wife decided she was going back early (he was there working so he had to stay).

When he got back, she'd cleaned out the apartment.


Not Before Coke

My uncle having to be convinced by his buddies to stop doing blow in the bathroom so he could [cut] the cake with his future ex-wife.


Never Let Hockey Into The Wedding

The bride and grooms families got into a big fight about the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadians during speeches, the place went silent and the head table went outside to to fight. It didn't end up getting violent. But later the groom came in after another argument and cut the cake by himself. They are divorced now, but it did last longer than I thought it would (10 years).


Sister Called Her Shot

After party at a wedding. Sister said "Now that you're married, you'll see the true [bride's name]."

Nasty divorce about 3 years later after having 2 kids. The bride is just insane but the groom still wants her. It's been a couple years since the divorce and he hasn't dated anyone since.

Divorced soon after the second kid's birth.


Number 7 Is The Charm?

It was his 6th wedding.


Bad Influences

Red Flags at my wedding was basically that my exwife and her best friend wanted it to be their wedding and not our wedding. Those two did not like my mother and sister, so the friend of my exwife told my mom and sister to sit at a table far from us (I didn't know this until two years later. Had I known that day, I would have thrown the friend out of the reception). I was asked to replace my best man with the best friend's husband. Their son was already the ring bearer.

The marriage: the best friend was constantly around. She was actively against me when it came to decision making, going so far as telling me to leave, that the adults were talking. When hindsight taught her that my idea was the right idea, my exwife said "Next time we'll follow your plan." The friend said "Not if I'm here.". When she decided to cheat on her husband, she wanted my exwife to cheat on me.


Nothing Good About This At All

My cousin had a one night stand with what turned out to be a Mormon girl, which surprise surprise led to her getting pregnant. He had to meet with the church and was basically coerced into getting married with her. My family was invited to the reception but wasn't allowed into the temple to see the actual ceremony. The reception was held in the temple gymnasium, no alcohol, no music, just hot dogs for food and a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts for desert.

The marriage ended after she miscarried, which is awful, but we honestly feel like he dodged a bullet.


Too Busy To Notice

After the ceremony, the bride (who had epilepsy) had a seizure and her family took her into a side room away from all the guests to look after her until she'd recovered. The groom didn't bother to go and help look after his wife, he was too busy getting drunk and partying with all his mates. Even after the bride recovered enough to return to the celebrations he didn't stay with her or comfort her and she sat there in tears for half the night.

It lasted a couple of years before they divorced due to his selfishness and alcohol problem.


When Grandma Knows, Then It's A Red Flag

The pastor at the wedding, in front of a couple hundred people, said, "can you believe that just two months ago, (bride's name) was in my house, crying because she was so lonely and wanted to be married so badly? And now look at her two months later, getting married to a guy she met the next day!"

Even her elderly grandmother laughed out loud.


Two For The Price Of One

The groom forgot the bride's name during his toast to her and called her a similar but very different name. (Like, if her name was Brenda, he called her Brittney.) It lasted two years.

Oddly the wedding where the bride started labor during the reception is going strong ten years later. It was absolutely a shotgun wedding, her father pretty much told him either man up and marry her, or get out of her life so she could find the kid a real father. The groom was at the time a stoner who most of our family disliked (I always kinda liked him, but I wouldn't have wanted to be having a baby with him, I was certain she would be a married single mom.) and somehow between her third trimester and the birth he straightened up.

He worked for a few years, got injured and became a stay at home dad while she worked. (This is not a dig at him in the least, he's a great dad, and seems to be a great husband. Their home is always clean enough to be healthy, cluttered enough to be comfortable, and he cooks dinner six nights a week so his wife can come home and relax after work.) Plus while he was working, she was going to school for her special education certification and he never once tried to discourage her or imply that it was a stupid job to want the way her mother did.

But yeah, when your water breaks during the father daughter dance, things will be said.


Ever caught on during a wedding you knew wasn't going to last? Let us know!

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When I was in college, a cousin of mine who lived in London all her life came to visit me. We went out to my favorite restaurant on her first day and I warned her right of the bat not to order too much. She'd never been to New York, but I had been to London, and I knew there was a difference in portion sizes.

Portion sizes in England are usually just enough to satisfy you while potion sizes in America are usually too much to finish in one sitting. I explained this to her, but she waved me off. It was a point of pride for her that in any given group of people, she was always the one who ate the most, and the one who never slipped into a food coma.

Big mistake.

She was surprised to find that the chicken finger appetizer she ordered, which she refused to split when I suggested it, came on top of a mountain of loaded fries. She was struggling to finish it when the entree she ordered came out. She paled when she remembered it came with four sides.

In the end, she had to pack up a lot of the food, which was a totally new concept to her.

Ordering too much thinking you are going to finish it all is just one of the things foreigners should avoid doing when visiting America. There are plenty of other things to avoid or places not to go, and Redditors are eager to share what those things are.

It all started when Redditor AlainasBoyfriend asked:

"What should a foreigner avoid while visiting the United States?"

Rain, Rain

"Don’t be bullheaded when it comes to the weather. If the locals are worried, you should be worried."

– TakeThisification

"Friend was gored to death by a mountain goat. Right through the femoral artery."

– Sharp-Procedure5237

Say Cheese

"If you go to the national parks, don’t attempt to take selfies with the wildlife. A full grown bison will throw you through the air like a crumpled piece of paper."

– Juergen2993

"In Washington DC, avoid taking pictures in front of DC District court thinking it is the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is 6 blocks away."

"Also, the White House is MUCH smaller than you think it is."

– SafetyMan35

"And eat and eat..."

"Ordering a large at a restaurant, or especially a movie theater. I don't care how hungry you think you are, you will not eat/drink it all in one sitting."

– Amazing_Excuse_3860

"Especially stupid if there are free refills on drinks lol."

– sigaven

City Folk, Beware

"If you are visiting a more rural area, like Montana where I live, don't underestimate the rural-ness. You might not be able to get a hotel in a small town and there are plenty ty of places where there aren't any hotels or accommodations. You can take highway and run out of gas because there aren't any gas stations for 70 miles."

"Also, if it is a dirt road, and there are a lot of them in the rural U.S., don't ever assume that you will have cell/GPS reception or that the dirt road goes anywhere besides 50 miles into the mountains where you can get stuck or break down. It's hard to conceptualize for people who live in more populated areas."

"Your best bet is to plan ahead and read reviews. It is absolutely worth it to visit areas where there is wilderness. That is why I live here. That being said, it's dangerous in a different way than visiting a city."

– Violet624

"Damn, as an American city dweller, you made me scared of Montana."

– DasBeatles

Road Trip

"Driving from New York to LA."

– No_Finish_2144

"Unless you're planning to spend 2 weeks visiting places in between. The drive will not take just a few days!"

– VG88

"We had an exchange student from France staying with us (NY). one day, we saw her with a map of the US, said she was going to take a bus to California because she had heard so much about it on television."

"We had to sit down and explain it was going to take a week, each way."

– medicinaltequilla

"Yep. I lived in France for a longtime and took the bus everywhere. on a 10 hr ride there you could easily cross three countries..."

– No_Finish_2144

Six Feet Apart

"I find a lot of foreigners have about 2 1/2 inches of a personal space bubble, while us Americans value our space. Keep at least a 2-3 feet distance when conversing with strangers. I've had an Italian guy come so close I thought he was going to kiss me. Very uncomfortable for someone who isn't used to a lack of personal space."

– MasterPip

Keep Your Mind Wide Open

"Leave all your stereotypes about America home, it's a hugely diverse country and your experience in one part of the US will be very different to your experience in another. Keep an open mind and have fun."

– zerbey

"Well said. I don’t think most first time visitors to the US get just how different one state can be from the next."

– TacohTuesday

Smokey Home

"Don't smoke in public buildings, this is illegal."

"Don't smoke in someone's house, apartment, or condo without asking for permission. This isn't illegal, but it's still extremely rude."

– Max10imus

"This feels like common courtesy anywhere in general. Even in houses where people smoke, I still go outside to smoke. I'm really uncomfortable smoking in other people's houses."

– Conditions21

Don't Forget To Tip You Waiter

"Remember that our service staff do not get paid a living wage. They rely on tips to survive. If you can’t afford to tip, don’t eat out."

– kindest_asshole

"Tipping is compulsory here. It's super fucky, and really shouldn't be. But it is. Especially if you plan on sticking to one area and eating in a place more than once, you'd best tip. Don't toy with the people who handle your food out of eye-shot..."

– MothraWillSaveUs

Where To Eat

"Don't go to the big chain type places. Go to the mom and pop little restaurants and coffee shops and specialty shops. You will usually find new cool things you enjoy."

– ElectionProper8172

"Agree but check reviews. Not all small businesses are created equal. Chains are good if you don’t have time to do research. You know what you’re getting (probably)."

– UnihornWhale

American Health Care

"Avoid a hospital visit. Whatever you think it costs, it’s more."

– pug_fugly_moe

"Whatever a European thinks is a cartoonish amount, and then triple it, and that'll cover the ambulance ride there."

– liketreesintheforest

"Right? I remember listening to a Dutch person complain that their Healthcare wasn't actually free despite what Americans said. He went on to explain that he has to pay something like a $20 copay to go to the dentist and some vague circumstance where you might theoretically have to pay close to a hundred dollars at some point. It was cute."

– UnspecificGravity

Get Me A Map!

"Avoid looking lost and unorganized in areas of big cities with high crime rates. Dress functionally, always keep the illusion of knowing where you are and where you're going, pay attention to your surroundings. Bad people will target folks who look lost and unorganized more often than people who appear oriented."

– xtrasmolpp

"That kind of applies to any big city in the world."

– the13bangbang

"If I am legitimately lost, I will walk with purpose until I find somewhere to sit. Once seated, the phone comes out and I try to make it look like I am texting someone and not studying a map. Nothing stands out like a group of people, standing in the middle of the sidewalk, all staring at one person's phone."

– Lothar_Ecklord

I'm not even a foreigner and I follow this rule all the time. Extremely important!

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Constant highs set up an unrealistic expectation of the world that can come crashing down hard over the smallest setbacks.

Constant lows are just plain cruel.

A mix helps develop coping skills and problem solving while not crushing the spirit.

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Relationships are meant to be fun, and having a crush can feel so dreamy in a way, but there are reasons for relationships to end and crushes to dissolve.

Those reasons are absolutely valid, but some of them are also really terrible to think about.

A Redditor who has since deleted their account asked:

"What killed your feelings for someone you were once madly in love with?"

All For Convenience

"He just didn't seem to actually give a s**t about me, unless I was doing something for him or making his life easier."

- Foreveragu

The Biggest Ick

"When he left me for someone half my age. By the way, I was 29 years old."

- delusionallinkedchic

No Needs Met

"He stopped meeting my needs. I noticed he would bend over backwards for anyone else but neglected me all the time. Any small thing I asked was just too much."

"If he did ask me if I wanted anything from the store, etc., he would come back with everything everyone else asked for and he would forget mine. He peed on the toilet seat so many times and refused to be considerate and wipe after use..."

"The final straw was when I lost my brother recently. He just left me to grieve and didn't really give me any emotional support, no hugs, no asking if I'm alright. He became irritable and moody and now I've just lost whatever was left."

- velvetcharlotte

Their Smallest Fan

"Their constant daily criticism of everything I do, every little thing!"

- jay105000

The Unfaithful Partner

"She cheated on me with a married man. I cried and said I thought we were going to get married someday."

"She said, 'I was NEVER going to marry you!'"

"Nice way to kick someone when they're down..."

- Weary_Boat

Too Humbling of an Experience

"She said, 'I'm just... better than you.'"

"That was said to me the night after I finished my first degree in music. Apparently, I wasn't a 'hard science' major, so all her friends convinced her that I wasn't as good as them... or her."

"Ah well. Could have been worse."

- ThePencilRain

Not In Sickness, Just Health

"He treated my like s**t while I was going through cancer treatment."

- Multipass08

In Love With Being Chased

"In secondary school, I had a crush on a close friend, we were close as friends but nothing more. I eventually (after probably four years of showing hints, getting her gifts, and asking her out to meals and dates) told her exactly how I felt, and asked her how she felt."

"She knew already, but she wanted me to keep trying. She didn't want to be with me, she enjoyed having someone follow her around and dote on her. She then proceeded to have a relationship with every bloke in a friendship group."

"Not gonna lie, I was broken for a good while, but several relationships later, I haven't spoken to her in several years, but keep up with our old friend groups. According to them, she is desperately lonely after doing this with several other guys and now no one wants anything to do with her..."

"But yeah, being told she knew and that nothing was going to change killed all sorts of feelings in me for a long time."

- Practical_Junket8195

The One Who Projects

"The lying, cheating, and stealing."

"Plus all the accusations against me cheating and lying. And false allegations when I didn't react to the drama. Physically and emotionally abusive but I'm the male so no one cares."

"That kind of does it. It's sad, to be honest."

- Encased_in_Gold

So, So True

"Loss of trust does it every time. There can be no love without trust."

- mkwas343

Desperate for Love

"Awareness of my own false overhyped perception of her and realized that I have been overlooking her flaws because I was desperate to be with someone."

- ZenMyst

Disloyal and Unsupportive: A Classic Combination

"He cheated on me and told me it's not his problem so I should solve it alone and come back to him once I let go of things. Left him the next day."

- Buttercup0616

The Lack of Respect

"The put-downs, the insults disguised as jokes, constant derision, threats of cheating, laziness, greed, not caring about what they look like (wanting you to be in tip-top shape all the time, while they gain and get heavier and heavier)."

"They look down on you, treat you like a child or worse. Treated like a servant... or a slave. I could just carry on, but I could just give a few examples of my own experience. But you've read my rant long enough to get what I am saying."

- Background_Break2616

Absolutely No Excuse

"Subtle racist remarks that snowballed into blatant racism. Hopefully they have changed for the better."

- ThreeOneThirdMan

Not As a Second Option

"She said no and then came back a few days later saying actually yes, why not."

"Yeah no, you had one chance baby and you blew it."

- Maaaaaath

It's clear why these relationships ended. While it's nice for relationships to work out, a person shouldn't stay with it just for the sake of having a relationship, and these are great examples of why.