People Who've Attended A Wedding Where Someone Actually Objected Share Their Experiences

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There's nothing quite like the drama that can arise at a wedding or in the days leading up to it.

But the moment people don't necessarily think about is the moment when the audience can choose to object if they so choose, and surprisingly, some people take advantage of this opportunity. It often doesn't go well.

Redditor AustinMakesStuff asked:

"Has anyone ever been to a wedding where someone actually objected, and if so, how did that go?"

Objection: Avoided

"I went to a wedding where they skipped that part because the bride's adult daughter was planning to object."

- mynameizgary

"How was this known? Had she pre-announced her intention, or was she just that kind of person and people had accurately predicted it?"

- UpsetMarsupial

"She told somebody, and they told the bride and groom."

- mynameizgary

Uncovering the Con Artist

"I feel like about half of weddings these days don't have that part, and not because of feared objections, just because it is outdated and weird. Premarital sex is a thing. Divorce is a thing."

"Weddings cost like over $10k; if you know reasons to stop a marriage (outside of movies), you need to intervene at the engagement or earlier, not during the ceremony."

"That said, one of my wife's college roommates canceled a wedding like a day or two days beforehand, right after graduating college, after being in a long-distance relationship with some guy for a year or so. Her family was quite well-off and she was dating a guy who lavished gifts and expensive dates on her whenever they were together, said he ran his own company, just bought them a fancy house, etc."

"It turns out he was just super in debt, working a near minimum wage job, and maxing out credit cards taken out fraudulently. He had a fake web page with other employees for his company that he set up for the sole purpose of keeping up the front. The house was only bought from grossly lying about income (pre-2007 housing crisis) on the mortgage application, and he was drowning in debt."

"The almost-bride's father got bad vibes about the guy (a few things didn't add up, like he had this fancy house but couldn't afford any furniture), and he hired a PI (Personal Investigator) who quickly uncovered the deception."

"(And she didn't break up with him because he wasn't rich, she broke up because he spent tons of effort to lie about everything and was completely conning her and just trying to get her roped into joint ownership of his debt via marriage that he expected the family to pay off.)"

- NoveltyAccountHater

Chosen Family

"My husband's first marriage. The brother of the bride stood up and said to my husband, 'Say no, you can still be happy!'"

"They went through with the marriage and wound up divorcing with a messy breakup."

"Brother-in-law is still best friends with my husband (as far as he's concerned, he gained a brother and lost a sister, and is better off for it), and he never lets him forget the fact that he was right and he should have bailed, lol (laughing out loud)."

- Amaevise

Marriage 2.0

"My auntie's fiance was already married (a lady stood up waving the marriage certificate), so the wedding didn't go ahead. The reception was on a long boat so we still went to that."

"The fiance went back to his home country to sort it out and never came back."

- Chiquita4eyes

The Mother-in-Law

"I worked a wedding where one of the moms objected, but I think the groom knew that the parent was going to say something, so they just responded with, 'Oh sit down, (parents name), we knew you didn't like this a year ago and clearly we're not going to change our minds today."'

"The wedding continued like nothing happened, but the mom was lowkey shunned and people avoided her at the reception."

- peeweekiwis

Going Separate Ways

"This was in America, and the wedding was in a Buddhist temple. The parents of the groom stood up and objected because they didn’t believe the bride was of the same class. They spoke in another language so most of the English-speaking guests didn’t know they were objecting."

"My husband was the best man and those closest to the couple knew this might happen. The Buddhist priest said he would handle it if the parents tried anything."

"After the parents spoke for a while, the priest said to the groom, 'You’ve heard what your parents had to say, what do you want to do?'"

"The groom replied, 'I want to marry my bride.'"

"So the priest asked the parents to leave."

"At this point, the rest of the guests are clueing in that this was not a nice part of the ceremony, and that the parents were actually objecting, so, as the parents walked out, some of the guests were berating them saying things like, 'You should be ashamed of yourself,' and 'How could you do that?' Even though the groom was not happy with his parents, that was very hard for him to hear."

"That was 30 years ago. The couple is still married. They have two beautiful, successful children. After the groom’s mom passed away, the groom’s father came around and was involved in their lives until he died."

- Bayou_Mama

Not Meant to Be

"A woman, in her twenties at the time, objected to her mom marrying my uncle. So she started yelling, 'Mom, don’t marry him!' during the ceremony."

"The ceremony proceeded, and some family on the mom’s side lead the daughter away to quit interrupting."

"I don’t blame her. My uncle was a lying, lazy bast**d. The marriage didn’t last."

- Rabies182

The Best Man Swap

"I went to a wedding where the best man was replaced a week before because he banged the bride. But the wedding still went ahead just with a different best man. They are divorced now."

- Tobias---Funke

Joke Gone Wrong

"I went to a Catholic wedding where, when the priest asked this question, one of the groomsmen did a VERY loud, long, throat clearing, which got everyone laughing."

"Everyone except for the bride's elderly Italian Grandmother, who marched out of her seat and angrily hit the groomsman with her handbag and shouted at him in Italian!"

- hundreddollar

Giving Away the Bride

"I objected. I took giving my sister away literally."

"I wasn't the brightest three-year-old."

- dookieshoes88

Wedding Invitation Revenge

"At my cousin's wedding, her friend said, 'I object,' because she was not invited to the wedding. She was kicked out of the wedding."

- SuvenPan

Hilarity Ensues

"Not quite the question as asked, but too funny to not share:"

"Priest: 'Any objections?'"

"Father of the bride: lets out the hardest, loudest, most complex-sounding sneeze I've ever heard in my life, completely with involuntarily saying, 'ACHOOOOOO!'"

"Mother of the bride, hammered on champagne: 'For f**k's sake, Jerry!'"

"It took a good five minutes for everyone to regain their composure."

- ibiacmbyww

The Bride Who Got Away

"I had a friend who was a minister, and the subject came up if he asked the question during ceremonies he officiated."

"He laughed and said no way. He basically tells the couple not to include it because it only invites a moment of anxiety at best, misery at worst."

"His best story (and one of the reasons he stopped including the question) was about a couple where in the lead-up to the wedding, the couple was obviously in love. The bride-to-be was very smiley and happy."

"But the day of the wedding, she was stone-faced. He (my minister friend) knew something is up because he’d never seen her like this and he asked if she was okay. She just said, 'I’m fine.'"

"Right before the service, he asked again, and 'I’m fine.'"

"He got to the question, 'Does anyone object to this union?'"

"The bride reached over, grabbed the Maid of Honor's hand, shoved her into the bride’s spot, and said, 'You’re screwing him, you marry him.'"

"Then she stormed out of the church."


An Unforgettable Toast

"At his rehearsal dinner, a coworker's mother's toast included that his soon-to-be wife was a 'd**n dirty w**re who wasn't good enough' for her son. Folks were not happy. (The video ended so didn't see the whole thing.)"

"At the wedding which I attended, his mom started to say something at the 'speak now or' part but was silenced by her daughter. Mom left and didn't see the rest of the ceremony."

"Everything about that poor guy was drama."

- nebelhund


"Attended a wedding where the minister said something along the lines of, 'If anyone here objects to this marriage, you can keep your mouth shut. Today is not about you.'"

- Jinjoz

Bonus: Funeral Shenanigans

"Not a wedding, but at a funeral someone objected to the death."

"At my uncle’s funeral, his ex-wife and a local church [cult] leader tried to raise him from the dead. We were all sitting there like normal people at a normal funeral and she walks up to the casket and starts yelling, 'James Lester, raise up!'"

"I didn’t know she was there or I would’ve prepared myself for shenanigans. Also, I didn’t know my uncle’s middle name was Lester, so please imagine the confusion. So she and the cult leader are literally yelling at my uncle’s body."

"Not surprisingly, my uncle refused to resurrect himself. They were escorted out."

"I’ve actually never told this story because it makes my family look insane."

- HughSteele

The last thing a person wants is for their to be drama on their wedding day, but like any other major event, sometimes something will come up. But having someone try to put a stop to the wedding, in front of everyone, certainly will add a terrible note to the wedding day.

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Go to Holiday Inn

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"The last job I had was in towing junk cars. Two of the inside buyers, one male, and one female, would bounce that sup card around constantly. Idk how no one ever put it together. We'd get repeat callers and repeat sellers so I don't know."



"Worked at a contracted call center for Centrelink. The manager told us to deny as many emergency payments as possible and they would back us no matter what. They were actively working towards a culture that despised the callers and churned staff to get heartless right-wingers who hated the poor."


"I feel ya. My best mate is a quadriplegic. Centrelink denied his disability pension because he wasn’t disabled enough."


Go to Home Depot

You Are Dumb Patrick Star GIF by SpongeBob SquarePantsGiphy

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Not training people is not just a Lowes thing.

There are too many unqualified people doing too many things.


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A Little Sunshine

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"I worked at a cafe chain called 'The Cookie Man,' 95% of their cookies arrived in cardboard boxes layered with bubble wrap. The last 5% arrived as pre-made dough that we would bake on-site to make the place smell like fresh cookies."

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Look in the Back

"I was a Store Manager for a very large grocery chain and I can tell you that 95% of the time when customers complain to the manager, we may be professional and show empathy, and even resolve the problem."

"But then we usually just make fun of or talk crap about the person who complained to the other employees. And when a customer is really rude when we go 'look in the back' for something, we legit just stand around and talk to other employees, and make zero effort to look for the item."


From the Box

Kaitlin Olson Brunch GIF by The MickGiphy

"I once worked at 'the area's premiere day spa'; the mimosas were made with Sunny D and not real orange juice, and the wines came out of a box."


Sunny D and champagne?!?!

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