People Who Ran Away From Their Wedding Reveal What Happened


"Cold feet" is such an overused trope in Hollywood and TV that we almost don't believe that it really happens. But, unfortunately, it actually does.

It's rare, right? But less rare than you'd think. Weddings are pressure, and not all people are great under pressure. And in that time, it's easy to make huge decisions to relieve that pressure.

u/tatertiddies asked:

To the people that left on their wedding day, why? What went wrong?

Here were some of the answers.

No White Knight


Not me, a guy I knew from college:

Girl is getting ready for her wedding; we're talking getting her makeup done, hair, etc day of the ceremony... and while she's doing that she's telling the bridesmaid with her about the tens of thousands of dollars in debt she had that she hadn't told her future husband about. Or about how she wasn't really in the profession that he thought she was in, so she didn't have the money she said she did.

She was smart enough to con this guy for 2 years until the wedding day, but wasn't smart enough to realize the person she was talking to was the grooms sister. So she went right to him and told him everything. He was an ok guy, a little full of himself, but he definitely loved her; like, took a trip with her to a special place to get their rings forged out of some special material to symbolize etc etc... levels of love here.

He called off the wedding. He's doing fine now, but what a terrible thing to do to someone, to lie to them for years about who you are so they could help saddle your debt. I'm sure she loved him back in her own way, just, you know... in that sort of... obsessive, "i deserve having someone like you to come save me!" crazy sort of way...


Cersei And Jamie

This is like the opposite of the question but my dad was the pastor at a wedding where the groom was found banging a bridesmaid during the reception...who was also his first cousin.

The whole thing erupted into a big ordeal and the bride left but...they did NOT annul the marriage.

She eventually had a mental breakdown several years later and was institutionalized after getting picked up on the street completely naked claiming she was Jesus. She lost her kids and they were adopted by her sister who were friends of ours.


An old friend of mine did that. He explained it later that during their relationship of 3 years he really felt comfortable with this woman being his wife. Then he proposed and she turned into bridezilla. Not just that, but suddenly she felt like everything in life was DONE and she only had one more task: Get a baby or two. And she acted the part. Everything was about the wedding. Her dress was designed to be ready for her to be pregnant.

They tried. They failed. She wailed. Everything was his fault and her entire world was about the wedding. They fought a lot and she acted as if nothing was the matter in front of anybody else. He stopped loving her just a few weeks after proposing.

The wedding day came around and he looked at himself in the mirror, wearing a nice suit, looking the part, but his eyes were dead. He said he had the laughing lines around his eyes but they weren't nearly as visible as they had been in previous years. He could not remember the last time he was happy with his fiancé.

So he walked out.

He then got married to a long-time friend of his, a girl he had known for the better part of the past 10 years. They decided to not get married and not have children. They have a domestic partnership or whatever the tax-construction is for partners that don't want to get married, and the only reason they ONLY travel for 4 months a year is that–if they stay away for longer periods of time–they would be unregistered at the city where they live.

He's nearing his 40s with a hot and sweet girlfriend who's only 31, they both have strong careers going, they're both outgoing, well-traveled, and each of them speak 4 languages fluently.

He keeps calling it a bullet dodged. And it was one he honestly did NOT see coming.

The Bridezilla also ended up happy. She got married to a guy who already had kids, and she got pregnant at age 33. They now have 4 kids (2 of her own, 2 of his) and seem to be incredibly happy, too.

Basically, a happy ending. Marriage is not for everybody, neither are kids.



We were waiting at the altar for four hours, a guest died, someone peed themselves and I saw him kissing a bridesmaid.

Also this was the Sims 3.


Walk On Down The Road

Not me, but one of my groomsmen at my wedding.

His guest was a girl he'd been dating for a short while (3-ish months, I think). At the reception, she asked him if he was serious about their relationship. He was honest, and told her that no, it wasn't serious to him. She got up and walked out. Him: "I guess she just dumped me?"

That was 8 years ago. He's still single. He's a super nice guy, and I hope he finds love some day.


Quick Turnaround

Friend of mine.

We told her he was shady, we knew he was cheating. She even thought he had been, but he always talked his way out of trouble.

She went through with marrying him, even though she herself was concerned, and those of us who tried to be honest with her and help her through her potentially abusive relationship didn't attend the wedding.

She changed her name just long enough for the honeymoon and it was over before they got back.

Less than a year later he's had a baby with some other girl.



I once heard from a friend about a wedding he'd been to. The brides partner had been abusive and she had only gone along with it out of fear of what would happen if 1) she said no; and 2) she left him. My mate had found out later on that he'd even been dress shopping with her to make sure the dress she chose covered her bruises - he left the face alone.

Cut to the wedding day. Everyone was sat ready for the ceremony. Bridesmaids come in forming a protective circle around the bride. In the middle, head held high was this confident woman dressed in nothing but her underwear. Every bruise and scrape showing.

Apparently the officiant was totally perplexed. She stood at the front and told (and showed) everyone what she's endured for the last few years before being escorted out by her parents and bridesmaids.

From what I remember, only her maid of honor knew what she was planning and had helped her set up a new life elsewhere.

My pal was a +1 at that wedding, and he broke up with his girlfriend eventually so I dunno what happened afterwards. I just hope that bride is ok and the groom is rotting somewhere.


Odd Revenge

I guess it wont count but it might a bit. Its more a subversion of the topic, but my ex decided to cheat on me because i wouldnt marry her (mostly cause i wasnt ready yet, even if i did want to eventually).


When It's A Secret Blessing

My friend never made it to the wedding. I encouraged a former friend to leave her boyfriend. He had been our friend for years and he had told my husband and me that he was so happy about his recent promotion, because it meant that he would be able to support her and he finally felt like he could propose. He was going to go pick out a ring the next weekend.

I went to the store with her the next day and the whole time she's talking about how boring and normal he is, she's just using him for his car, and how she keeps trying to cheat on him with her ex boyfriend, but her ex doesn't seem to get the hint that she's interested in him again. I told her she needed to break up with her boyfriend (my other friend) IMMEDIATELY. I lied and told her it was probably why her ex wasn't going for her, he was getting mixed signals because she had a boyfriend.

She dumped him a couple of days later after she got her own car. Broke his heart, but at least he hadn't had the chance to go pick out the ring yet or actually ask her to marry him.

I never told him (or anyone other than my husband) that I was the one who convinced her to break up with him, but watching him get through that heartbreak (which was horrible, he didn't come out of his room for months except to go to work) was way better than watching what would have happened if I hadn't convinced her to break up with him. He's doing great now, still hasn't met anyone else, but at least he's over her now.

She is no longer my friend - I ghosted her after that. Her ex apparently really wasn't interested in making that mistake all over again, and last I heard she's still alone and living with her parents. Our other friends all refer to her as "Satan's Girl."


Still A Gay Old Time


I was at the wedding reception where the bride suddenly disappeared. After half an hour or so groom and his friends started looking for her and found her having sex with one of the guests in the rooms above the reception.

Groom left angrily, bride and her family couldn't bear the embarrassment and left as well.

Grooms dad invited the rest of the guests to stay since all the food and drinks were paid for. He was actually not upset about the whole thing, because he didn't like the bride at all. He, band and some of us less affected by incident stayed behind to chat and drink at the bar. My date was friend of grooms sisters friend, I didn't know the groom that well.

They got the marriage annulled in the week after. He remarried some years later to a nicer girl. What happened to the cheating bride I don't know, I never saw her since.


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