Wedding Planners and Attendees Share Their 'The Bride Must Never Know' Stories


Take this news to your grave.

Weddings are meant to be one of the most beautiful, exciting, fun times of people's lives. But often though they are highly stressful, chaotic events that can induce stroke. It's hard to find a nice balance. Whether you're working the wedding as it's planner or merely attending as a loved one or perhaps you're an integral part of the show, one thing is for certain.... never, ever stress out the bride. Tell her only what will bring smiles.

Redditor u/waytoomanyfandoms wanted the wedding planners and survivors out there to share a tale or two about the brides by asking.... Wedding Planners if Reddit: What is your best 'the bride must never know' story?

Have a divorce lawyer in case...


Groom here, I forgot the rings....

Sent a groomsmen in a taxi, they were handed to the Best man with less than a minute to go.


The Cupcakes. 

At my best friend's wedding we were a little delayed getting introduced to the reception. She thinks it's because they were letting people get seated - really her father in law was running around setting up their cupcakes because the catering company had to fire an employee on the spot for being high (idk what drug). She still has no idea two years later.


​Bride here.

Bride here. At my wedding my maid of honor was responsible for holding my husband's wedding ring until we exchanged them in the ceremony, and the best man was holding mine. I was super distracted goofing around with my dad getting ready to walk up the aisle and didn't think to double check with with MOH before we got the show on the road.

During the ceremony I'm definitely paying all my attention on my husband and my grandfather (who was officiating the ceremony), and not on my MOH or bridesmaids, so I didn't even notice when my husbands aunt popped up behind me and slipped the ring to my MOH. MOH played it off really well, and I had no clue she'd forgotten the ring in the room we used to get dressed and ready.

Nobody said a word, and would have gotten away with me never knowing had my aunt not been recording the ceremony for me! I noticed about a week later when my aunt posted the video to Facebook that his aunt popped up on the pulpit with everyone. I asked my sister (a bridesmaid) what happened and she lost it laughing. My poor MOH felt horrible she'd forgotten about the ring, but my husband's aunt saved the day when my sister and MOH managed to wordlessly communicate what had happened and she found the ring and got it to us in like 20 seconds.


Nobody's Perfect. 

I am a wedding planner who just got married this part month.

I messed up the date on my own wedding day. Yup, I do this for a living and I missed that the date was wrong on MONTHS of emails.

Turns out the bakery had made it a day early (complete with the gold painted pineapple topper) and had it at the venue before our post ceremony photos were done. Had I been the coordinator and not this bride 1)this never would have happened and 2) no way the bride ever would have found out.




Not the wedding planner, but maid of honor. The bride's grandfather wasn't there for the ceremony. He got lost after insisting he knew the way and didn't need to follow anyone from the hotel and didn't make it in time. He was there for the reception however and the bride didn't notice his absence in the audience during the vows.


 "It's ok, we have to try to fix it."

I was the bride: When the wedding planner dropped the top two tiers of my cake and didn't say anything to me then had the catering department fix it by putting flowers all over the first tier to hide what happened. My Sister-In-Law thought I knew because after they dropped it, one of them came upstairs where I was getting ready and when they went back down she said. "It's ok, we have to try to fix it."

No one ever came to me. The only reason I knew is that after the wedding she told me they did a nice job of fixing it even though she didn't think it could be fixed. I knew there was something different with the cake but it looked nice so I was ok with that. After hearing it, I was heated but all in all, I couldn't even tell. Nice one Planner.



Groom here and my wife definitely knows but our friend who was suppose to do the legal side (sign our marriage certificate, we had a separate pastor for the ceremony) RSVP'd for him and a girlfriend but then stopped responding to messages as the wedding got close and didn't show (yes he is still alive). Luckily my groomsman happened to also be ordained and happily signed our marriage certificate!

Also, the cake people decided the best way to hold together our 3 tier cake was through using bendy straws instead of dowel rods as supports in the cake. BENDY STRAWS. This wasn't even a small podunk operation. It was a local chain company that many people have used and recommended. The cake slid off and they had already left the venue so our wonderful catering company and venue staff did their best to put it back together and used extra roses to hide the damage. After the wedding my wife called the cake company to complain and the manager was snarky saying that using bendy straws was normal and part of their policy and said the best he could do was offer like $50 and a free anniversary cake which may have been fine but due to his attitude was not.

Finally he huffily snarked out "Ma'am what do you want me to do?" to my wife over the phone. So since his attitude didn't change we put in a request to talk to the owner. The next day the owner calls and LO AND BEHOLD is very gracious, states that in fact, no, it isn't their policy to use bendy straws and offers a full refund as well as reassures us that the issue will be dealt with with that huffy franchise manager.

I still can't get over that. Bendy straws. Its in the name that they bend! MrSunshoes

The Deep Winter. 

Obligatory not a wedding planner story. When my wife and I got married we chose a deep winter date. We had a friend make up all the button holes and bouquets and picked them up the day before the wedding as we were getting married in another town. My wife's bouquet was quite large and was in a bucket of water to keep it fresh. We stayed (in separate rooms obviously) in a small hotel in the town and I left the flowers in the car to ensure they stayed as fresh as possible. Unbeknownst to me at the time, that night was going to be the coldest of the year and plummet to about -12C. The following morning, my wife had got up early with her party and already gone to the venue to get ready.

I got up and got ready then headed out to the car to drop the necessary flowers off with my father-in-law at the wedding venue before heading to the church. Got to the car... the bucket with her bouquet had frozen solid! I headed up to the venue and got her dad out. Like a champ, he took over and got the wedding planner to find every hair dryer in the place to melt the ice so the bouquet could be used. I left him to it and when my wife turned up at the church she looked amazing, and was carrying an ice free, wonderful bouquet. She had no idea there was any problems at all!


Too Many Typos. 

Was a bridesmaid who was in charge of save-the-dates, invitations, and anything else involving paper - I designed and hand-made their wedding invitations using home devices and DIY hacks. It was pretty complicated to do so on a home printer (I was doing layered printing) so I was very focused on getting the alignments right. About 60 invitation in, I realized that I spelled her name wrong - twice. I have known her for over a decade, and have witnessed many typos made by strangers, I never thought I'd be one of them.

I started over and ate the cost of the mistake (fortunately, pretty marginal).


And it all came down....


I wish there were things my wedding planner had kept from me. Instead she (heavily) sampled the mixed drinks for the reception pre wedding and called my mother out for payment while we were taking family photos.

But my mom's wedding planner hid the fact the i dropped the top tier of her wedding cake when she and my dad got hitched. I was 7 and they thought me carrying it was a good idea.



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