People Who Have Attended A Wedding Where Someone Objected Share Their Tales


We've all seen this happen in the movies: Two people are about to get married when, seemingly out of nowhere, someone objects to the union!

But does an objection actually mean anything?

That's really up to you to decide after reading the stories below, which were submitted after Redditor jenzie asked the online community, "Have you ever attended a wedding where someone actually objected? What happened?"

"All the attention was focused on her..."

It was at my aunt's wedding, and I was a junior bridesmaid, as the priest was asking if anyone objects a woman stands up and says " I object "

All the attention was focused on her until she said that my Aunt's dress needed to be fixed. She walked up to the front and untucked a part of the dress.

She walked back to her seat like nothing ever happened. Everybody looked at her as if she was the craziest person ever.


"Anyway, the wedding day comes..."

My best girlfriend from college was getting married to this really awesome man. Both families got along great, each side loved their newly incoming family member and so there was never any expectation that anyone would object. The only bummer around the wedding was that my friend's twin brother had been deployed to Iraq and wasn't going to be able to make it. My friend was so bummed out over her twin brother's absence, she considered postponing the wedding, but her bro and parents convinced her to move forward.

Anyway, the wedding day comes, everything is going great, until we get to the "Does anyone here know of any reason why this couple should not be married? Speak now or forever hold your peace." Out of the blue, my friend's elderly grandmother pipes up, "I object! These vows should not go forward until (friend's name)'s brother is here to witness these nuptials." I looked at my friend she went pale. Before anyone else could respond, the officiant said, your objection is overruled and pointed to a small side door where her brother walked out.

It was amazing. My friend let out a little yelp, and everyone in attendance let out a sigh of relief and then clapped/cried.


"Sort of."

Sort of. My friend and her husband eloped in secret because they thought it would be romantic. A year later they had a second wedding and a reception to celebrate with their friends and family. During the ceremony they announced that they were actually celebrating their first anniversary that day. All hell broke loose. It was a sh!t show. Both sets of parents were livid. They definitely "objected" to their kids' behavior (both in their early 30s at that point). There were tears, fighting, and the bride ended up storming out.


"I was working at a wedding..."

I was working at a wedding when I was younger. I was running the bar at the reception, which was very close to the hall the weddings were at.

We were told that the reception would begin around 4pm. It was already about 3ish and I was packing fridges, the usual bar man things, while one of the male guests was still sitting there drinking.

I asked if he was not joining the reception, to which he replied something along the lines of "when I have the courage".
He downs his drink, and leaves. 10 minutes later he's back, looking extremely disappointed. Guy orders a drink, and less than 30 seconds later another guy who's dressed extremely well (turned out to be the groom), walks in, punches him in the back of the head, and leaves.

This dude just picked his drink up and sipped it further.

I eventually found out that this dude, had downed his drink, walked into the receptions down admitted to sleeping with the wife on her hen night, and again the night before the wedding. He was never invited to the wedding, he just felt the groom needed to know. So he found out where the wedding was, suited up and dropped the info mid-ceremony.


"My BIL was right..."

When my dad married his 2nd wife (after my mom died from cancer), my sister, her husband, my wife and I were at the ceremony. My brother-in-law was saying "Don't do it! DON'T DO IT!" loud enough that we could hear him, but not loud enough that it disrupted the ceremony.

My BIL was right - the woman was a living, breathing train wreck of a person.


"I didn't know..."


I didn't know what was happening since I was a small child back then but my cousin (he was on the other side of the room) was play Ace Attorney on his DS. You could just slightly hear a quiet "Objection!" in the corner.


"This lady burst through the doors..."

It was my own wedding.

This lady burst through the doors and said I OBJECT! I thought my soon to be husband was having an affair, my whole family went into a tizzy...and then my partner and his cousin I had never met before screamed APRIL FOOLS!

Because we got married on April fool's day. Haha. I should have known because I had my own tricks planned.


"He made him..."

Father of the bride objected stating the groom never asked his permission. Yes it was also after he walked her down the aisle. He made him ask his permission in front of everyone and had the father interrogation before the wedding continued. This made the groom think if she was worth the embarrassment or just leave. He made the smart choice!


"They got married anyway."

Yes. They got married anyway. Then they got divorced, ugly style. the objection ended up being a pretty spot on prophecy.


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