Wedding Goers Reveal The Trashiest Things They've Seen During The Nuptials

Wedding Goers Reveal The Trashiest Things They've Seen During The Nuptials

What's the trashiest thing you've seen happen at a wedding?

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Weddings; those special occasions in which two become one and families merge. Magical. Beautiful. Disastrous? Alcohol + uninvited guests crashing it + illicit relationships, all come to a head in these horrible, but hilarious, wedding catastrophes.

AquaNetwerk asked, What's the trashiest thing you've seen happen at a wedding?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

It's like a real-life Buster Bluth.

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The groom's family did not like the bride. This was because after the couple met, the groom (aged 32) started to finally have a life and make his own decisions. Before that, the groom's parents were his entire life as he worked with his dad and still lived at home. Grooms mom also did all of his banking so the guy didn't even know how much money he had in his account (yeah the groom was a very sheltered child who turned in a very lonely, slightly weird adult who'd only had one short-term girlfriend before he met the bride).

Even though groom's family did not want this wedding to happen, they came to the wedding. The groom's mom, dad, and sister then proceeded to ignore the bride the entire time. When they were doing family pictures, grooms family refused to stand next to the bride. When the bride walked into the church, they refused to stand and looked straight ahead of her entire walk up the aisle. They proceeded to have a "whispered" conversation as the bride was saying her vows. At the reception, groom's sister tried (my fellow bridesmaids and I stopped her) to walk into the dance floor with her dad during the brides dance with her father.

They were relentless in their attempts to make sure every one of the 150 guests knew they did not like the bride. The poor bride was an emotional wreck about to have a break down by the time dinner was served. The groom was so angry that you could practically see the smoke coming out his ears. It all came to an end when the groom punched his dad in the face at the end of dinner when the dad insinuated that the bride looked like she belonged at the strip club in her (not very slutty v neck dress with a low back) dress.

His family is utter trash and the groom hasn't spoken a word to his parents in 3 years.

Really? In front of everyone's salads?

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You know how the groom gets the garter off the bride? Now imagine being in a room with family, friends, and coworkers and watching the bride give the groom a lap dance while he removes the garter with his teeth while that romantic ballad, "Pour Some Sugar On Me" blasts from the speakers.

That was probably not a good way for her to tell her parents that she put herself through college working at a strip club. Or for him to tell his parents he met the bride at the strip club.

(And everyone complained when they wanted a child-free wedding).

When your own family crashes your wedding...

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My ex-father in law. He remarried a woman who was much younger than him. Fancy wedding, went all out on the location and the decorations and his new bride's wedding dress. He spent a ton of money and it was beautiful.

Several members of his side of the family showed up in jeans, not nice jeans, torn, dirty, frayed jeans, and tee shirts. His own sister showed up in a tank top and jean cut off shorts. And she forgot to bring her teeth. Half of the wedding guests seriously looked like they were part of a white trash carnival.

They pretty much all got drunk and terrorized this beautiful expensive venue.

It was an amazing wedding. I had a blast.

Pants are overrated and for the weak.

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A girl was pretty trashed right off the bat at the reception, and she projectile vomited all over her table. It was known as the puke table for the rest of the night. At the same wedding, a guy kept cutting his dress pants shorter and shorter throughout the evening until they were daisy dukes. He was rad. I also remembered my dancing partner did the splits (while going commando), and there was a huge rip in his pants. His testes were hanging out the rest of the evening. Dear god that was a fun wedding.

This is a WEDDING, not a party, y'all. How dare you be merry?

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Brother of the groom grabbed the mic while he was drunk and announcing to the guests that they needed "To shut up and sit down because it's [Bride] and [Groom's] big day and y'all are ruining it by talking and dancing." Naturally, this was after dinner and when the band was playing so everyone could dance.

It might be YOUR wedding but they're MY kids.

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No kids wedding.

Strangers to me brought their kids.

The kids were alright, but f_ck the parents, y'know?

I overheard someone talk to the mom and she had a really entitled "I do what I want" attitude.

My son is going to cheat on you but it's ok, you have me. Nice networking, mom.

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My sister's wedding....the groom's mom performed the ceremony, decked out in a crazy black dress with a slit just about up to her lady bits, rocking some serious fishnet stockings. She gave a long "sermon" about marriage, and the whole thing was batsh_t crazy. The best part of it was when she was talking about cheating in a marriage, and how the bride should handle it. She essentially said her son would cheat, but don't worry, because "I've got your back." She was talking about how she'd yell at her son, and that my sister could be mad, but should ultimately forgive him.

Once the ceremony was over, she stepped in front of the newly married couple, spread her arms wide for her adoring crowd, and walked in front of my sister and her husband as they left the ceremony. Photographer couldn't even get a decent picture because the groom's mom was blocking them.

Then, this crazy woman changed into a white dress for the reception and kept yelling, "that's my baby boy" over and over as we all watched a picture video of the couple. So glad we had a few drinks before the wedding.

When your masculinity is so fragile you get angry when other men exist.

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A bridesmaid's boyfriend yelled at her and stormed out of the wedding because she walked in during the grand introduction with another man.

My wedding, my rules, peasants.

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The bride MC'd her own wedding. She made a huge deal over the mic before everyone had a chance to fill their first plate of food that people needed to sit down immediately and that speeches were starting RIGHT NOW and if some people didn't have food yet they could get to it after speeches were done.

She then sat there as the bridal party and her parents spoke, but during her new father-in-law's speech she stood up, walked across the room, and started filling a second plate of food for herself while he was still talking.

Well, that escalated quickly.

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Wife was part of the wedding party and the happy couple wanted wedding pics with the maids making out with the groomsmen, then all of them topless, and so on, the list just got worse... none of them knew each other; there was no warning; just crazy expectation their friends would do anything they asked for their big day.

My wife (girlfriend then) was so upset she walked out crying, so we went home.

When you feel the need to translate a speech into drunk, and your teeth get in the way. Lordy.

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Was at the wedding of a friend. The couple was interracial. The wedding is a lovely combination of traditions from both sides. Bride and groom had decided NOT to have speeches as there were a couple people on both sides who weren't particularly pleased with them getting married.

So reception begins, alcohol flows and eventually intermingling occurs between the families. Then her Great- Uncle, whom she had been very close to all her life, manages to convince the DJ to let him make a quick little speech. The speech is this lovely little prattling thing about how wonderful the bride is and how Great-Uncle had always felt she was the daughter he never had and if she had to marry someone at least it was a man who had already proven he could take care of her etc.

Everyone is tearing up.

Then the Queen of Angamar stands up, takes the mic from her husband and says "I'll now translate for the groom's family". Then she TAKES HER TEETH OUT and begins grunting like an animal.

She was quickly dragged out of the building but it pretty much killed the mood for the rest of the party.

One of those, "wait, why are they getting married?" type situations...

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I was a bridesmaid in a wedding many years ago.

During the talk about love, honor, and commitment from the celebrant, the father of the bride leaned into the bridesmaids and said something like "wait, they're talking about my daughter, right? Does she even know what those words mean?" The only photo I kept from that day was of the bunch of us trying not to laugh.

Same wedding, but during the reception portion of it, there was a fight because someone made a disparaging remark about the bride being ... well, "free with her sexual favors" to put it nicely. The groom stood up for her and it turned into a fistfight. Turns out she'd never had sex with HIM (which might explain why they married 4 months after meeting), but she HAD had sex with ALL of his groomsmen. During the ~2 months between getting engaged and getting married.

The wedding ended with her drunk & puking on my shoes, the groom went to the honeymoon suite hotel room they'd booked with the sister of one of the groomsmen and a quick, quiet annulment a few weeks later.

No wonder they weren't invited...

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It was my wedding. A bunch of my family that I didn't invite because I've spent a total of maybe 4 hours with them in my entire life were suddenly very offended I didn't invite them to the wedding. They showed up anyway. They "just happened to be in the area" and thought they'd pop in on my big day to congratulate me. Funny how the one time in the entirety of my 29 years on earth these people decide to drop in is the day they know there's a bunch free food and booze to be had at the after party. They were just praying I'll let them stay despite me barely knowing them and being dressed in tattered band t-shirts and filthy torn up jeans. I let them visit with the few members of their family who were invited for an hour or so then told them to leave just before the ceremony started. They did.

I would 100% bring my cat to a wedding.

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My meth-head uncle brought a baby goat to my reception, because he, and I quote, "is the best goat mom ever". The goat died the next day.

Hey, nothing wrong with being comfortable at your own wedding.

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A guy I know showed up to his own wedding in a Hawaiian shirt. Granted, from what I know of him, that may have been the fanciest thing he owned.

I know what this wedding needs! A biker rally.

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I was there to film it. The wedding was taking place in the backyard of the father of the bride's house. I show up and the father is in a wife beater and holding a beer and joking with everyone who arrives that he guess he should get ready. This was just the beginning.

Apparently, he also had an annual event at his house every year called Crapperfest. Since his daughter was getting married why not just combine the two and save some money? Crapperfest even had their own shirts with a big outhouse as their logo.

It had rained the night before and during the ceremony, the brides wedding party had trouble making it up the slight hill as their heels kept sinking into the dirt.

About five minutes into the ceremony you start to hear motorcycles approaching. In the distance at first and then completely overpowering. You couldn't hear anything being said anymore. It sounded like there was a large group of motorcycles in the front yard...because there were. They had arrived for Crapperfest and were waiting for the wedding to end so they could party.

This was the first wedding I ever filmed...I don't film weddings anymore.

Trashy? Or living in the moment?

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We were driving from the wedding site to reception. My friend had a sign that said "Show Us Your Boobs" that he kept him his car. He started waving it and one of the aunts of the bride.... showed us her boobs.

Proposing at someone else's wedding is very, very shady.

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Someone proposed during the wedding of someone I knew. A friend of a friend, but when I was told that one I was just amazed. I mean, that's not your day. I get you want to join in with the wedding stuff and excitement, but that day is about the bride and groom! Edit: I should add that the person proposing did not have permission from bride and groom and they were really really angry since the wedding turned into an engagement party practically because the new fiances made it all about themselves.

Also with the ones I've been to, I think the best to go with this theme was when the bride's parents got trashed and started screaming at each other.

And the trashiest award goes to... threesome in a church. Trashy? Totally. Inspiring? Regrettably.

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Well, I didn't exist yet, but at my parents wedding my mom walked into some distant family friends and some of my dad's friends (don't know exactly who, I'd rather not ask lol) having a threesome somewhere in the church hall they had rented out (bathroom maybe?) They were all married.

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