People Explain The Reasons They Actually Like Wearing A Mask Unrelated To The Pandemic
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Many people who abided by mask-wearing protocols during the pandemic have adapted to protect themselves and others from the contagious viral pathogen on a daily basis.

While various parts of the world still have varying levels of safety and health mandates in place, many people opt to wear masks, even though a particular establishment or other public places no longer require them.

Curious to hear why strangers would volunteer to wear a face covering, Redditor VerySlump asked:

"What’s a non-covid reason that you like wearing a mask for?"

Some people like that masks are a partial disguise.

​Hiding Idiosyncrasies

"Whenever I’m concentrating or working on a task I tend to stick my tongue out or leave my mouth open and I really like it when people don’t see that."

– Conscious_Fondant634

What Loose Skin?

"Covers my double chin."

– Catlover2727

"Made me realize the top half of my face looks gooood. Chin waddle not so much."

– Unique-Drawer-7845

Covering Pimples

"Hides my acne."

– gabrielcutler21

"Thank you! A few years ago this tailgating lady confronted me and called me a druggie and I assume it was because of my acne and it really took the wind out of me. I really don't look like a methany... I hope?"

– shewholaughslasts


"It hides my teeth."

– salmonsensual_69

"Same! Overbite checking in. I am considering getting braces while wearing a mask is still a thing."

– Blijerd

It's A Look

"Black mask goes hard with my outfit and hairstyle."

– pineapple_boiii

Half The Effort

"Don’t have to put on a full face of makeup. Fill in my eyebrows, put on mascara and I’m good!"

– tofueggs

Some prefer masks as a block from social stigmas.

Leaving A Shadow

"Nobody notices if I didn't shave."

– paulfromatlanta

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For The Introvert In All Of Us

"Allergies, and so I can ignore people."

– FightingBlaze77

"Took awhile before I found someone saying they can ignore people. For me it's more of I can fly under the radar of people I know. Sunglasses mask combo is complete anonymity!"

– deepdalecobra

Protection From Olfactory Assault

"Nasty smell in subway."

– ChristianaDarkness

"I agree. Smells in general."

– butterandsaltforever

Masks Make Me Look Attractive

"When this all started I noticed women making eye contact with me more than normal. The I figured it out, I'm a 6 foot tall guy in decent shape, nice hair, and a face like a chimpanzee. With the mask I look like I could be attractive."


Talking To Myself

"I can talk to myself without people seeing my mouth move."

– Weak_suicide

Workout Performance

"Same. I can 'lip sync' along to my Spotify while at gym and no one can see 😂"

– ChenzyHouse


"I was in New York a month ago (I live in Florida). It wasn’t cold enough for New Yorkers to wear scarfs yet, but it felt like it to me because I live in the south. So wearing a face mask was a handy way to warm my face without looking like a tourist lol."

– selfmade117

Viral pathogens aren't the only things floating in the air that can wreak havoc when entered through your nasal cavity.

When The Pollen Count Is High

"I have pollen allergies, mask helps a TON."

– UnclePiccolo

Outfit For Lawn Mowing

"I wore a mask to cut my grass due to bad grass/weed allergies before Covid and now I wonder if my neighbors think I’m just insane wearing a mask cutting the grass now."

– Escalante81

A Shield For All Occasions

"I haven't had a cold for nearly 2 years IT'S BEEN AMAZING"

– fluffofthewild

Extra Protection

"I'm a fresh heart transplant patient and I'm required to wear one in public for the first year. Not strictly COVID, but literally any pissbaby infection that most anyone can shrug off could kill me at this stage. 🤷♂️"

– MikoRiko

When I was a kid, I always found it unusual that people in Japan always wore masks out in public.

No one bats an eye.

Turns out they were on to something. Many cultures outside the U.S. have employed the use of masks to prevent the spreading of the cold or flu or other infectious pathogens way before COVID-19 wreaked global havoc.

It's nothing for them in endeavoring to protect others and themselves from a nasty bug.

Personally, wearing masks actually trained me not to rub my nose in public, which is how I've been prone to getting sick in the past when my hands weren't always clean. So even if I don't have to, I wear one to make remind me that I don't have an itchy nose.

What are your non-pandemic reasons for wearing a mask?

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