People Who Wear Glasses Share What Those Who Don't Wear Them Take For Granted
Photo by Bud Helisson on Unsplash

Today's burning question from Redditor CuteAmbassador.

They asked:

"Dear Glasses-Wearers of reddit, what do people without glasses take for granted?"

It's an interesting one because it's true! People who don't wear glasses really don't know how annoying it is to not be able to see properly. I can confirm: I wore glasses for 20 years and am now enjoying life as a member of the seeing populace. It's pretty stellar and is, more than anything, a great relief.

"Laying on the couch..."

"Laying on the couch to watch tv without smashing glasses into your face."


"The fact that..."

"The fact that when you wear glasses, you have two looks: with glasses, or without. If She's All That taught us anything, it's that the glasses are holding you back and as soon as you take them off and let your hair down you will immediately be transformed into the erotic goddess who was lurking inside you all along. Yeah, not so much."

"There's occasionally that moment at the start of a relationship when they see you without your glasses on for the first time and realise that, rather than finding 1990s Rachael Leigh Cook under those lenses, they've actually shacked up with a squinty little mole-woman who's now pissed off she can't see anything."


"Not having..."

"Not having your vision obscured by fog when going from a very cold to a very warm environment."

"Condensation forms on your lenses and, in humid areas, can be really fucking annoying."


"Being able..."

"Being able to watch your haircuts progress."


"Walking in the cold..."

"Walking in the cold with their face covered and still being able to see."


"Not having to pay..."

"Not having to pay to see."


"You don't need your glasses..."

"You don't need your glasses to find your glasses when you lose your glasses. You may think Velma is funny with the "Oh no, my glasses" bit but it is so true."


"Not needing to..."

"Not needing to wipe a piece of glass every few hours. Like how the hell do glasses get stains so quickly?"




"Cooking -- checking a boiling pot to see how the noodles are softening up without steam covering my glasses and blocking my view."



"Swimming and being able to see literally anything."


This is quite an eye-opening read!

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