'We Only Use 10% Of Our Brain Power' And Other 'Facts' That Are Actually False

Misconceptions are common, and if they spread around, it can lead to some 'truths' that just aren't true.

Below are 31 things that many think are real, but are actually fake!


Cow tipping. The most damning evidence against cow tipping being a thing is the fact that there are no YouTube videos with people doing it.


There is no such thing as sugar-induced hyperactivity. Your kids are not bouncing off the walls because they ate candy; they're bouncing off the walls because they're little brats.

To be clear, sugar-induced hyperactivity usually refers to something that accompanies dopamine release -- I wouldn't dispute that dopamine is released when sugar is consumed. It also refers to a boost of energy beyond what you would get from eating non-sugary foods.


These storage wars and auction shows in general.


Spot reduction with weight loss. Doing sit ups won't trim fat from your stomach. Fat is like water in a pan, you have to lower the entire level to change any one part.

Yes, if you work your abs, you will increase the muscle there. However, it is pretty unlikely you would develop your abs enough to displace the fat and have your abs be noticeable. Most people lose belly fat last and abs are very difficult to grow.

Muscles are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen.


When someone's EKG (which measures electrical activity in the heart) "flat-lines" on a TV show or movie it is always easy to use the paddles to make the heart beat again. This isn't true, once there is no more electrical activity in the heart it can't be shocked back to working. Using a defibrillator (the paddles) is meant for shocking a heart back into a normal rhythm from an abnormal rhythm.


Wasabi. Most "wasabi" paste outside Japan is not real wasabi. Actual wasabi plants are difficult and expensive to grow, and grated wasabi goes off very quickly. Most wasabi paste in the west, and even in cheaper sushi places in Japan, is horseradish and mustard powder dyed bright green.


The life of your friends according to how it is portrayed on social media.


That Albert Einstein was "bad at school".

Dude was a genius, he nearly got into Federal Polytechnic School Zurich when he was only 16, and did "outstandingly well" in his tests, but performed badly in non-science subjects like French. The following year he wrote an incredible essay and got in, after again demolishing Maths and Physics.

The rumour started because of misinterpretation of 1 vs 6 in the grading system, where people thought he had got the lowest when in fact he had got the highest.

Einstein did very well at school. Stop using his fictional failure as an excuse for not trying and wasting time.


Toxins that you need to get out of your system with our very specific and expensive specially formulated juice/tea cleanse detox supplement.



Astronomer here! You know those amazing Hubble pictures of outer space? I hate to say it, but a lot of outer space does not really look like that. And I'm not just talking about patching multiple shots together- rather, gas clouds in outer space does not really have the vivid colors shown in the photographs. Instead, astronomers will weight the colors from the red, green, and blue filters in Hubble (it doesn't actually have a color camera), to get the colors you see in the photographs and to enhance details you couldn't normally see. Even if you floated right by a nebula in a spaceship, it would be too diffuse to see the colors as Hubble sees them.

There are exceptions, mind. If you look at the planets in our solar system through a telescope, for example, they all actually have the same colors as they do in the photographs. And if you could actually go float above a galaxy, it would have almost the same appearance as in the Hubble photographs instead of the faint fuzzy blob it looks like from Earth.


That nuclear reactors can explode like nuclear bombs.


No one actually put poison or razor blades in Halloween children's candy. It was all the media. Turns out, the kid that died was actually poisoned by his father but initially they thought it was Halloween candy. Media covered the story, but never actually announced hey this didn't actually happen! So now parents worry about what their kids take from strangers. When in reality, it's your own family you gotta watch out for.


The reason behind the anti-vaccination movement.

Vaccines don't cause autism. That's a fact. The paper that claimed that, was a fake made-up to win some forgotten court case and many actually took its lies and believed them.


That the lollipop wrapper with the Indian shooting the star grants you another lollipop for free.


I have found that a lot of people who are pro-life believe some pretty outlandish things about abortion. Here are just a few things I've seen:

- "After birth abortion" if the child is born with a disability- literally not a thing whatsoever. The phrase traces back to a single, not-well-received bioethics paper where it was tossed out as a hypothetical moral question. The authors of the paper have tried to clarify the phrase millions of times but pro-life activists took it and ran.

-Third trimester abortions, and specifically how (un)common they are. People tend to get in a huge huff about third trimester abortions, but in reality they make up less than 2% of all abortions. I think since protestors like to use graphic images of baby parts on their posters, people think third trimester abortions are common. It doesn't even make logical sense. If you don't want a baby, why would you "procrastinate" through morning sickness, back pain, nausea, and outgrowing clothes to get an abortion? Every woman I know who has had an abortion has been very "get this out of me right now."

- Speaking of graphic abortion images, many "abortion" pictures are actually miscarriages or still births. Sometimes when babies die in the womb, a woman still needs a D&E to get all the parts out to prevent infection.

- Videos of babies born en caul being passed off as "live birth abortions." Sometimes (rarely) babies are born with the amniotic fluid sac still in tact, and these little babies are floating around in a water bubble. It's pretty cool looking and very rare, so nurses take videos. Pro-life people like the hijack these videos and act like the nurses then took that baby and killed it. Not the case.

- Although I think this myth is pretty well-known by this point, Planned Parenthood really doesn't do that many abortions. Abortions account for just 3% of services they provide, and none of that is funded with government money (Many commenters have brought up that earmarked funds don't mean much because any government funding allows for their own funding to be used elsewhere. I agree, but it matters to some people so I am including it). Also, most PP locations don't even provide abortions, they just provide referrals. None of the PPs in my state provide them at their locations.

There is honestly so much misinformation about abortion it's insane. Almost anything "shocking" you can read about it will turn out to be false. It's a common, safe medical procedure.


Every Bob Marley, Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln quote on the Internet ever.


From fat to ripped in 30 days or whatever. I knew a guy they used for this, he was ripped - they paid him $5k to gain 25 pounds over a month by eating crap he would never normally eat. Then they took a picture, he went back to his regular routine dropping the 25 pounds in a month and they took those pics. So from chubby to ripped in one month using "X" product, complete lies. He was only 5"5 130 pounds when ripped, so the 25 pounds made a big difference.


That you can get muscular by accident.

So many people entering fitness are led to believe that they need to be somehow careful about how they do it, otherwise they might get "too big". It's as absurd as thinking that you might accidentally end up with an advanced degree in Marine Biology because you took a casual interest in going to aquariums.

What does this look like in practical terms? People at the gym messing around with 3lb dumbbells for reasons other than physiotherapy.


Lemmings aren't actually known for being stupid and flinging themselves off cliffs.

Disney killed them and staged their adorable little suicides.


I don't know if this fits, but the fact that men and women have the same amount of ribs. I still find people today that were raised believing that men have one less.


That you can lose money on a raise if it puts you into a new tax bracket.


House hippos... I want to believe...


Not eating Gluten helps you lose weight. It doesn't harm your body nor does it benefit your body. It's just a protein. The only reason why they have gluten free products is for those who have an intolerance to Gluten. Stop trying to be pretentious and just eat like a normal person


Cleansing shakes, and wraps.


That blood is blue in your veins and turns red outside the body.


Saying we only use 10% of our brain.


Entering your PIN code in reverse while withdrawing money from an ATM will silently alert the police while completing the transaction.


The "law" that an undercover police officer is required to tell you if they are a cop.

Spoiler: They don't.


Reality TV. Not just the obvious ones either, everything seems to be scripted these days.


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