Sometimes, for a good laugh, I like to take a peek at different laws that are on our books. I also love to look at the laws that were in effect before.

I kid you not, these ideas can read like an Onion article. There are laws out there that people could go to jail for that would baffle your mind.

And clearly the lawmakers who wrote them lost their minds. I wish I had the time to trace the origins of all of them.

For instance... In Arkansas, you can't honk your horn near a sandwich shop after 9 p.m.

Why you ask? So you don't disturb the peace.

Who knew hoagie stores needed such tranquility.

Redditor iwanttheworldnow wanted to compare notes on what progress needs to happen in our legal system, they asked:

"What's a law that should not be a law?"

Just in case you didn't know...

In Delaware, it's illegal to whisper in church.

I'd hate to see someone doing time for not paying attention to the Lord's prayer.

Hush up!

Grandma's Got It

"In the Delaware state constitution, there is an entire section on how to legally run a bingo game. Like bro, just let the grandma's bingo in peace!" ~ Zelphadiem



"Civil Asset Forfeiture. Law enforcement can seize money or property on suspicion of it being connected to criminal activity. It's then your responsibility to prove that it's not illegal, which requires paying a lawyer, going to court, etc. which can many times cost more than the seized property." ~ Roguewind


"In my state, our public service commission approved an additional fee on power bills for homeowners who install solar panels. Not necessarily a 'law' but still shouldn't exist." ~ NauvooMetro

"In some states in the US, the power company pays way less per kwh you send them than you pay when they send you. It's a racket."

"In other states, you get 1-to-1 power credits each month. So if you send 10 more kwh to the power company than you use in January you get 10 kwh credits and if you use 3 more than you generate in February they take 3 off your credits and you have 7 kwh. BUT, every April or May they wipe out whatever positive credits you have and just take all that additional energy for free." ~ KronktheKronk

Makes no sense...

"Because people keep asking if I live in various US states. I live in Ireland for the record. It's a minor one but here it's illegal for stores to sell alcohol after 10pm. I finish work at 10 so if I want to have a few beers at home after work I can't unless I've bought them in advance. Yet I can finish work and go straight to a pub and drink until closing time. Makes no sense." ~ Walter-the-Wobot

Smile Ladies

"Still technically a law - in Vermont, women needing false teeth must first get permission from their husbands to do so." ~ AcrylicKateQuinn


I could get onboard with this one...

Did you know, in Alabama, stink bombs are outlawed?

I hate them.

But I don't believe you should be given a cellmate for a little gas.

Free Willy

"In Tennessee, where I live, it's illegal to shoot a whale from a moving vehicle. We're a landlocked state." ~ aven1991

"The Tennessee River can get real freakin' rowdy sometimes." ~ Superdude4o



"Not being able to pump your own gas in Oregon. Drove through there once and the gas attendant came running from inside the store. He was like 'I am not getting a $5,000 fine again.' Then proceeded to pump it for me. Poor guy had to pump all the cars, and still attend the market inside the gas station by himself. This was in Eugene, Oregon to be exact." ~ genieofthelamp7

Don't Horse Around

"In South Carolina, when approaching a blind intersection in a motor vehicle you must discharge a firearm three times into the air to warn horse traffic. Not enforced, but technically still a law on the books." ~ ImReverse_GiraffeI

"I feel like you're 100x more likely to be arrested for complying with this law than you would be for breaking it. But then again I've never set foot in South Carolina nor do I know anything about the state so for all I know it could be a common occurrence there." ~ brett96

A Kill-Tax?

"In many states, if you are killed at your place of employment, even due to gross or literally criminal negligence on the companies behalf, your family can not take your employer to court for wrongful death. The workman's comp gets paid out and that's the end of it. Effectively making it a kill-tax." ~ Burdicus

Sassy ladies

"There are still municipalities in the U.S. that have criminalized more than a certain threshold of adult women from living together without any adult men, because obviously the only thing they could be doing together is running a brothel. Not sure how many of them are enforced by the actual local law enforcement, but there's universities that don't allow sorority houses for this reason." ~ hypo-osmotic

From Heaven

"Some states don't allow you to collect rainwater." ~ akrmalhakimi

"Can confirm. I'm from Washington state." ~ ThrowAwayGarbage82


We really need some serious editing to what's on the legal books.

This all reads like a parody of law.

And real quick, I'd hate to see anyone lose freedom over dinner.

Did you hear..

In Georgia, it's forbidden to eat fried chicken with a knife and fork.

The more you know.

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