People Break Down The Best Ways To Make Friends As An Adult
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As a kid, it’s easy to make friends. You don’t need to do much. Just share your pudding snack pack or make mud pies, and you have a new best friend.

As an adult, it can seem harder. You can’t really make mud pies anymore (in fact, that may be a way to drive off friends), and adults are a lot less open than kids, so it can be difficult to develop a rapport.

However, it’s not as hard as it seems to make friends, even as an adult. If you’re struggling, or even just looking for new ways to meet people, Reddit has got you covered!

Redditor BLANK asked:

"How the F do you make friends as an adult if you don't drink?"

Common Interests

"If you like doing things with your hands(wood/metal work/fabrics, etc...), electronics, or programming, hacker/makerspaces are great, they usually have themed events and classes, as well as social events, that's where I made my current friends when I moved to a new city."

– worldspawn00


"I'm 35. In the last 10 years I can honestly say I have 1 or 2 friends that I've kept close contact with. I started getting back into collecting sports cards right before the pandemic hit. Thru sharing my passion thru IG I have made probably at least 20 (online) friends and a few local friends now that I talk to every day and not just about our favorite hobby. Sh*t is weird."

– TryMyBalut

Giving Back


– mygrossassthrowaway

"Volunteering is a great way to make friends as an adult. I was an Alcoholic and one of the hardest parts about stopping drinking was this exact thing, I was worried I would forever be alone if I didn’t meet people in bars anymore. Then I found volunteering. Working in a career field with similar people is also amazing."

– McRibEater

Not Exactly A Hole In One

"Borrow tools and actually give them back"

– bspartz85

"Who am I borrowing tools from if I don't already have friends?"

– wiskeytf

"I've got to consider you a top tier friend before I'm lending you any tools."

– Noxious89123

Doggy Bro

"Step 1. Own or borrow a dog."

"Step 2. Go to a dog park."

"Step 3. Use dog as wingman to make friends at dog park."

– ilovelamp84

Let's Do An Activity

"In my experience, adults don't want friends. They want activity partners. Pick an activity that you enjoy doing, find some people to do it with. If you're lucky, some friendships will organically arise from that. If you're REALLY lucky, they'll even stay friends with you after one or both of you stop doing that activity."

"But mostly, people just want activity partners."

– MyPeeSacIsFull

Keep On Moving


Climbing, archery, martial arts, European Martial Arts. Historical re-enactment, book and theater clubs."

– Pakislav

Chill Clubs

"Coffee clubs, or book clubs"

– CrackTotHekidZ

Fan Favorites

"Honestly? Being a part of a fandom. Found most of my close friends through either work or fandoms. For me it's kpop, musicals, DnD, etc You just need to find your people :)"

– LemonJuuuuice

Yummy In My Tummy!

"I cook for people. Invite a few people you know for dinner or a bbq. Ive moved cities and countries several times and 1 thing i learnt is everyone loves good food!"

– electric_monk

It can be hard to make friends as an adult, but as long as you get out in the world and find those you vibe with, you’ll never be alone!