Narcissism is never a particularly attractive quality.

Which is rather ironic, considering narcissists believe they are simply the be all and end all, that everyone wants them or wants to be them.

Yet spending extended periods of time with people who are so egregiously obsessed with themselves can be simply exhausting, as they frequently find a way of veering the conversation back to themselves.

Making it all the more tempting to give them a taste of their own medicine, and find a way to annoy them.

Redditor RockyCasino was curious to hear people's favorite ways to annoy or anger narcissists, leading them to ask:

"How do you get under a narcissist's skin?"

A Bit Underwhelming, No?

"Grey rock technique."

"I don’t know if it was specifically designed to deal with narcissistic people, but it works wonders on people with NPD or just narcissistic traits."

"If they say 'I just won an award that’s only given to a handful of people. I really don’t work that hard (fishing for compliment) though, teehee!'"

"You just say 'that’s cool' and nothing more."

"They’ll try another line or two, so you may have to repeat the process."- False-Guess

Ignorance Is TRULY Bliss

"Don't try to."

"Just ignore them."- Envy_The_King

"Ignore them."- mimijane73

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Seriously, Just Ignore Them!

"Give them zero attention."

"That will drive them insane."- sigmindm

"My father is a narcissist."

"Ignoring them will almost certainly get under their skin and even make them angry."- handsomejack191

"Go no contact."

"It's the only way."- Motor-Beach-4564

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Band Together!

"Start communicating with the other people they manipulate."

"Narcissists will often pit people against each other."

"They like to keep the people they lie to separated so they don't communicate with one another and possibly figure out they're being manipulate."

"When you start communicating with them independently, it takes away the narcissists feeling of power and control."

- JulzEastwood

Don't Take The Bait!

"Hot damn."

" think my mom's one."

"She LOVES pushing people's buttons til they snap at her, then acting like she's been wronged."

"But it totally enrages her if you don't engage her baiting game."- Altruistic_Proof_272

Take Your Pick...

"Things that worked for me were ignoring them, being very unemotional, not reacting to their contrived insults, limiting eye contact and keeping interactions very short."- Nice_Feeling4398

Move On, And Don't Look Back

"When you live a really happy life and forget about them."

"Like genuinely, take the time, heal from the trauma, block them from all social media, they will lash out, so it's best to establish distance before moving on."- Minghaolegs

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Indeed, for people who thrive off of being the center of attention, nothing could possibly annoy them more than being ignored.

Unless, perhaps, everyone devotes their attention to someone else in plain sight of them...

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