People Reveal How They'd React If They Woke Up As A High School Freshman Again


Imagine waking up and you're 14 again, sitting in a high school classroom. There is no escape. Have you ever had this dream? Would you make the best of it, or lose your mind?

TonySneakers asked: What would you do if you woke up as a freshman in high school again?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

I've had this feeling in nightmares.

Probably have a massive breakdown. You know when your video game crashes and you haven't saved for an hour or two? Imagine that on the scale of years or decades. I feel like I've done pretty well since freshman year. There are things I'd change, but not enough to justify living through it all again.


How do I angrily throw down the controller of life though?


According to Nietzsche you should live in such a way that you could tolerate living your life again and again infinitely many times. Same life, same choices, same problems, same everything.



I would try to make friendships that last because as I got older I found it harder for me to make friends instead of acquaintances.


On one hand, two of my closest friends I made in middle and high school. On the other, I had a close knit friend group of 12, but college, jobs, and significant others have lead to us being really spread out across the country. Only 3 of us live in the same city. And we're still friends, but it's not the same as a friend you can call up to hang out on a Friday night.


I mean, obviously.

Invest the money I was making. Compound interest is no joke.


Invest in Apple and never have to work the rest of my life.


You wrote BitCoin wrong.


Haha you beat me to it. I have few regrets. One of them was not buying a btc when I learned of them at $200.


A second chance.

Probably cry from happiness. I could do so many things so much better.


The 30 years of youth back would also be pretty tear inducing.


What would you do different? I'm 21 now and feel like I'm wasting my life and not living up to full potential, an reading through this thread makes me realize that even more.


Take better care of my body.

I'm not in horrific shape or anything but all the way up until a couple of years ago losing weight was pretty easy and maintaining WOULD have been pretty easy then I'd be like "oh sure a whole large pizza that sounds good."


Finally getting with your crush(es).

Write down a list of the girls in high school that I found out far too late wanted a front-row seat to this Ted talk.


I was into this girl in high school, she was a bit quiet and way out of my league. You know, pretty, popular, smart, rich, etc. I was all of those things but the opposite.

I was reading through old Facebook messages and I had a chat with her. She said "We should really hang out more." Oh. Ooooooooh.

Welp, guess I blew that one lol. Dating another high school sweetheart 5 years later though so it's all good.


Making up for lost time with loved ones.

Well if it's like going back in time and not just switching up bodies with a 9th grader suddenly... I'll probably start spending more quality time with my dad. I lost him when I turned 23 and not getting to share my recent achievements and milestones with him feels terrible. I will happily settle for reliving my limited time with him no matter the consequences.


I lost my dad the summer after my Freshman year, a week before Sophomore year started so I'd make the most of that year.


I wish I had Reddit as a freshman.

I am a high school freshman so this thread is actually super helpful to see what I should and shouldn't do👍


Drink your milk, and don't run with scissors.


Dude one thing is for sure.. Shoot your f*cking shot. Meaning, if you like a girl/guy, f*cking ask them out and dont be afraid, rejection is like nothing. All those people you see in HS every day, you wont see like 99.999% of them after high school.

I know you're thinking im wrong or whatever, because HS really makes small bullsh*t seem really big, but it isn't. After high school youll be like "man wtf was I even worried about?" Also if you do something embarrassing and stories start to happen, you can just deny them unless they have concrete proof. Play it safe and don't send any nudes or incriminating texts for example.

Besides that, enjoy your time in high school. It's a weird time but it's a lot of fun, or can be anyway. Try and build as many friendships as you can, be nice to everyone, lift weights and eat properly.


No way they'd believe you about 2016 onward.

Probably scare everyone with my on point predictions of the future.


Lol hey guys Trump for president.


Will Smith is gonna be the face of the genie one day.


Stay in school.

Take my education seriously.


Definitely this. I'd try a lot harder and actually do my homework. I did really well in college because I actually cared but I wish I had been able to go to a better one.


Yeah, for all that I would be absolutely f*cking miserable to lose my current life and have to start over, the opportunity to actually realize my full potential would be cool.


Applying the knowledge that I'm actually awesome.

Get my self in a position to earn scholarships while working on my physique so I can completely kick ass in college and not worry as much about money or social anxiety.


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