Waiters Who Grate Cheese Reveal The Longest Times It Took For A Customer To Say Stop

Waiters Who Grate Cheese Reveal The Longest Times It Took For A Customer To Say Stop

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I love cheese!! If you don't love cheese.. you're lacking a soul. And when you're at a restaurant adding cheese is a must. Waiters know the truth. We've all seen the commercials and advertisements spotlighting this topic.

Redditor _u/FizzBuzzBanana wanted to know Waiters who grate cheese until customers say "stop", what's the longest you've ever gone for? Who would ever say stop?


Dad is embarrassed to ask for the actual amount of cheese he wants. Instead, he brought his own cheese to the restaurant in a ziplock bag.


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I wasn't aware I was supposed to tell the waitress to stop... I thought the waitress just put a predetermined amount of cheese on the meal.

grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind ...

Mom: "You have to tell her how much cheese you want, sweetie."

Me: "OH! That's enough."


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Very few people actually live up to their hype. The amount of people who said they were cheese freaks and stopped after not even two turns of the grater was insane, but the longest was a couple who's husband loved cheese and he took probably two blocks on his soup. I usually tell the people like this that I'm actually happy because they live up to their hype.



I once told the server how my girlfriend's mom always wanted one of those graters. I half-jokingly said I'd leave an extra tip if she "left it behind." She proceeded to grate the cheese and walked away from the table, with her grater -- and without a word.

Thinking I just made a fool of myself, I sheepishly ate my soup while my girlfriend laughed at me.

5 minutes later, the server comes towards our table, with something concealed in a red fabric napkin. She sets it down next to my plate, no eye contact and no stopping.

I open the napkin.. boom.. it's the cheese grater, with half a block of cheese still inside.

Feeling like a boss -- Girlfriend is impressed. I'm a master con-man.. the perfect bad-boy.. clearly, my girlfriend will be sharing this daring moment with her friends tonight on AIM...

We eat our meal, get the occasional "I got your back" looks from the server.

Drop an extra 10 dollar tip, cuz I'm a boss and all..

I drive my girlfriend home. I give her mom her wish. She says "uh, there is still cheese in it."

Me: "Don't sweat it, it's yours"

That mom is now my mother-in-law.



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I used to work at an Italian restaurant where we grated cheese like this. On one particular instance, I was grating and watching to make sure I was aiming on the food correctly. All of a sudden, I see this tiny roach fall out. Without missing a beat, I picked up the plate and made some excuse about how something wasn't right & I would bring it right back. I take it to the kitchen & they redo it in a flash & we deep clean everything immediately. But, now every time I get offered grated cheese, I'm like nah, I'm good.


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I also work at pasta place and we have this man we call 'the mozzarella man' who is a frequent with his wife.

No matter what he orders, he always wants a TOWER of cheese on it

When I had went to serve him the first time, he turned to me and said 'honey, you better go get another grater because I'm about to tower that cheese block on my soup'

Needless to say, I was horrified and quiet entertained

Three more times that meal (appetizer, salad and entree) he had quite literally asked for a tower of cheese. And everytime he ate the entire tower.


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Real talk: if you're a waiter/waitress, do you judge people on the amount of something when they decide when to stop? Cause like... I love freshly grated cheese but that's inexplicably terrifying.


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Last week the waiter asked if I wanted cheese, I said yes and he acknowledged, and I sat there a good five minutes until I realized he wasn't coming back. I can only imagine he got lost on the way back and is grating cheese on to an empty plate, and will continue for eternity until I return and awkwardly say thanks.


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Our waiter told us that he once stopped grating cheese when he thought it was sufficient, and the customer started singing,"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" to urge him to grate even more.


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I ask this to most of my waiters and waitresses. Normally they'll talk about a customer they've had that wanted 1 or two full blocks grated onto their food.

One waiter told me that he grated two whole blocks of cheese onto this person's soup, which he didn't mind doing, but it took a while. When they left, the person hadn't even touched their soup, and just left it there with a mountain of grated cheese on top.


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My hard of hearing grandpa took me to lunch at several years ago. He owned hearing aids but never wore them. The waiter does the whole, "tell me when to stop." Grandpa doesn't hear this and let's him grate for over a minute and before throwing his hands in the air saying (in a very irritated tone), "Woah, woah, woah, easy on the cheese there!!"

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