Waiters Reveal The One Thing That Always Makes Them Judge Their Customers


If everyone had to work in food service, the world would be an entirely different place. If ya think your servers aren't judging you for your attitude or your weird order, think again. Pro tip: order from the menu, be nice, and remember that you aren't the only people who matter. Oh, and if you aren't going to tip? Stay home.

nickus782 asked servers of Reddit: Waiters/Waitresses, what's one thing you judge your table for ordering?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Western gluttony at its finest.

People at all-you-can eat buffets who just load up their plates and eat only a part of it. We always have to throw the rest away...

Also one guy would actually go to the buffet, choose something to "try", load up on it completely, go back to his table, try it and if he didn't like it he just threw the rest away. He repeated this four to five times.... absolute weirdo with no respect for the value of food.

Took my sweet time bringing his drinks etc to his table...


It is common in Chinese buffets here to have signs threatening to make you pay extra for any leftovers. Never seen it enforced though.


There's always one person...

When you make up off-menu sh*t and just expect us to accommodate you. A lot of the time we can, but I judge you hard.


I saw an online review for a place where a person was saying "this place is terrible, you can only order what's on the menu".

It's not your mom's house.


This blows my mind. I didn't know places WOULD go off-menu, ever... beyond like, "Leave off x," or "Can I have it done y way instead?"


Oh yeah, enough said.

Doesn't matter what the order is but if you come in to a restaurant within 30 minutes to close and sit down, I hate you.


If you order rudely.

I got to be honest, I never judged anyone for what they asked for when I was a waiter. I did however judge the SHI* out of them for the way they'd ask.

You could change every detail of your meal in some weird and obscure way and you're polite and understanding of the situation I don't mind. When you command me to do something however I sometimes say we can't do that, even if I know fully well we can.


Servers aren't babysitters.

I don't mind special orders.

I don't mind splitting the check 10 ways.

I don't care if you like your steak well done or if you like fussy cocktails.

I get judgey about parents coming to eat at the family restaurant where I work and getting sloppy drunk in front of their kids at 6:30 on a Tuesday night. I don't care if you have a DD, your kids shouldn't have to deal with that.

A drink or two with dinner is fine. I'm not a teetotaler. And I know the same people I'm watching getting sh*tfaced in front of their young children will have no idea why those same children don't respect their parents when they get older.


This. I waitressed years ago and an older (to me at the time!!) man and his friend got derrrrunk in front of the former man's son. The 2 guys were drunkenly hitting on me while the 12-13 yr old son sat there embarrassed and quiet. Not only was the kid embarrassed but yeah, he had to get in a car with those 2 losers later. I quit waitressing about 2 weeks after, never to return. Should have nipped that act in the bud but I was only 18 then, didn't have the confidence to confront them. AGREED. Sh*tfaced parent(s) in a restaurant are awful and worse, oblivious.


You know you can refuse service if you feel they are getting too drunk right?


And then you're facing a manager arguing with you about the definition of "Too" drunk, your name is listed in the negative yelp review and suddenly "Well, we hate to let you go, but..."


Buffet abusers.

To go box at an all you can eat buffet. Goes double for the inevitable "But I haven't even touched this!" Then you shouldn't have loaded up that plate with an entire extra meal to take home. Goes triple for the woman who went through this entire song and dance with me, with repeated explanations that to go boxes were absolutely not permitted, then snapped "Then give me a bag!" >.<

ETA: Sorry, was not as clear as I should have been. I have no grief with people who want to do take-out from a buffet! I'm talking about people who sit down, eat a full meal, then go load up another full meal on a plate and ask for a box to take it home as "leftovers" aka "free meal in addition to the one I paid for and already ate." Sometimes I'd hear them literally saying "I'm going to go pack a plate to take home for my son / daughter /husband." For the price of one meal, it's not "all you and anyone in your family can eat for the next three meals."


"All you can eat" does not mean "all you can eat and all you can carry home."


Just order a drink.

Served a few years ago.

Water with a request for lemons and sugar for a DIY free lemonade.


My favorite hot wing place constantly has their fountain area completely trashed because of the "lemonade people". They ask for a water cup, then stand there and use up the small bowl of sliced lemon that's supposed to be for iced tea. As a garnish.

But they'll leave squeezed lemons, sugar packets, straw papers, splattered water/lemonade, etc., all over the counter. The staff cleans regularly, but there always seems to be more of this lemonade leftover garbage.


This isn't a thing, lady.

I once had someone tell me they were allergic to dark meat chicken. Not chicken, just the dark meat.

She wanted the shredded chicken sandwich, with no dark meat. I told her it was all mixed together, and I could ask them to try and pick out just white meat, but there was no way I could guarantee no dark, as it's all in a bin together. That's then she told me that she was allergic to dark meat.

As a bio major at the time, I really wanted to ask her how her body differentiates between different levels of myoglobin in her meat to trigger an allergic reaction, not to mention the myoglobin in her own muscles. But instead I just suggested she order something else.


Similarly, when I worked for Papa John's, a woman ordered wings, but claimed she could only have "flats" because she was allergic to the "drums".



This is child abuse.

I had a table one with two kids, two moms and the mother's mother. One of the kids (extremely overweight) tried to order a water from me and his mother (also overweight) cut him off and asked him if he wanted pop instead. The kid said no, he kept asking for water and every adult at that table said no water, drink pop. Eventually his mom asked him if he wanted root beer and he slowly changed his to mind to it. I got him a water cause the poor kid was probably dehydrated.

Edit: When I brought the water, the kid chugged it and I asked if he wanted another and the mom said "no, he'll spoil his appetite"


This is so underrated. I hate when the parents deliberately take the kids down with them or make fun of them for not being overweight like them.


Poor kid sounds like he has Type 2 diabetes and was thirsty for water.



I only judged those who asked, "and could you hurry, I'm in a rush."

As if these other people who have been waiting long before you even came through the door should just be skipped over cause you're soooooo busy.


I used to work as a host at a very popular, high-volume restaurant that was two blocks away from the docks. Sometimes I had anywhere from a 45 minute to a two hour wait even at lunch, and someone would say, "But could you hurry, I'm on the cruise and it's leaving soon." Yeah, sir, you and everyone else in my waiting list.


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