When visiting any place for the first time you want to do your best with the locals and the culture.

You're a guest.

Whether it's someone'e home or if it's as vast as the scope of the entire country.

You want to experience all you can while being respectful.

So let's discuss hitting up America for the first time.

RedditorPraglikwanted to share some must knows for the people whole and visit our land.They asked:

"Americans of Reddit, what's something anyone visiting the US for the first time absolutely must know about or be aware of?"

Welcome to America. A few beginner rules...

No Money

Bribing Season 3 GIF by NETFLIXGiphy

"Do not under any circumstances try to bribe a cop depending on where you come from that might seem odd but trust me you will get in trouble if you try."


Stay Seated

"Don't get out of your car if you're pulled over by the police unless directed to do so. Police here take their own safety very seriously so they may see someone quickly getting out of the car as a sign of aggression. Coupled with the fact they carry guns and generally don’t have a track record of deescalation, it’s possible you might get shot."


Cold as...

"Drinks come with ice by default."


"And refills! Soda is cheap as hell. No one's coming to pour it into a glass for you, it's made on the spot and you can have as much as you want."


"And everybody wants to put lemon in them but they never wash the lemons you have to ask specifically for no lemon in your water."



"If the price says for example $5, you need to be aware that is $5 plus taxes."


"Plus extra recycling taxes on plastic water bottles in certain states (like California) So that pack of water bottles listed for $3 will cost over $5 after taxes."


"That’s literally false advertising. If a product is advertised (say on television) at a certain price, that’s how much you pay."



Music Video Mv GIF by Lady GagaGiphy

"Plus tip, if it’s served to you."


Tip. Tip. Tip. And tip properly. 20%.

Eat Up

diner dancing GIF by Justin TimberlakeGiphy

"24 hour Diners. According to stuff I read in Reddit, our diners are legendary. ETA: I’m American and I eat at them a lot. I was just surprised how much visitors from other countries love our diners so much."


Road Issues

"I think it’s really funny that the CA DMV official drivers manual says, 'do NOT make eye contact with another driver, this will make them MORE angry.'"


"If you screw up while driving put your hand up as a way to say sorry/my bad to the other driver. It diffuses situations because it shows them you didn’t mean to do that. Many times drivers think something was intentional when really it’s just human error."


"I live in SoCal, and the Los Angeles area has the most brutally aggressive drivers I know. Sure, other countries like Vietnam etc. are a free for all, but Los Angeles drivers literally want you dead."

User Deleted

Don't Listen

"The CD is not free, never accept something from someone on a street."


"People will follow you around and thrust the CD (usually their mixtape) in your hand and then as you’re walking away with a CD you didn’t even ask for they start telling you you need to pay for it and then they refuse to accept the CD back so they make you pay for it or they keep harassing you. Happened to me in Venice beach."


Nature Hunt



"But be respectful! Our parks are beautiful, but often dangerous! Stick to set paths, look up local wildlife, and get an idea of common dangers. A park in the northeast will have drastically different dangers than Utah. And always have plenty of water with you. States often have very gorgeous state parks, too."


break the chain

Applebees GIFGiphy

"Do not eat exclusively at chain restaurants then go home and talk about how American food sucks."


So much to do and see. What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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